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Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 3/21/2023
Water Conditions: Good
Elk and Walnut Creeks continue to provide solid steelhead fishing, most fresh fish at the moment are on the smaller side, but there are plenty of quality sized dropbacks hanging around. Be aware of smolt stockings as well. If you do catch a smolt, be sure to handle them with care!
Location: Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 3/20/2023
Water Conditions: Slight Chop, cold
Panfish fishing in the bay continues to be good, and should stay that way with the warm weather forecasted ahead. A slip float with a Bobby Garland plastic never fails!
Location: Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 2/14/2023
Water Conditions: Ice Free
Although ice fishing may have been relatively non-existent this year, an early spring means excellent perch and crappie fishing on the bay will be upon us in no time!
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 1/29/2023
Water Conditions: Perfect
Steelhead fishing continues to remain good on the west side Erie tributaries with consistently good flows and a good mix of fresh and dropback fish. A short cold spell may put fishing on the tribs at a halt for a short time
Location: Elk / walnut
Time Observed: 1-15-23
Water Conditions: Average little color
Ice flows most of the morning and mid afternoon was amazed at the lack of fish compared to a week ago no hookups
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 1/8/2023
Water Conditions: Perfect
The Erie tribs are loaded with steel from top to bottom and water conditions look like they'll remain in good shape for a while. Now is a great time to be steelhead fishing in Erie! Good luck out there!
Location: NW PA
Time Observed: 12/28/2022
Water Conditions: Frozen
We want to encourage everyone to use extreme caution when venturing out on the first ice of the year! We're all chomping at the bit to get out there, but this warm-up isn't going to do our newly formed ice any favors. Be safe!
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 9/92022
Water Conditions: Good
A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do ! LOL
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 12/17/2022
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Low and clear conditions combined with very cold weather made for some lethargic steelhead over the weekend. Downsizing line and bait presentation was the ticket and put lots of fish in the net Saturday!
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 12/9/2022 Weekend
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Looks like we will likely have low and clear conditions on the Erie tributaries throughout the weekend, with the potential for some rain/snow mix on Sunday. There is no lack of fish; however, with both Elk and Walnut putting up good numbers.
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 12/8/2022
Water Conditions: clear
Most steelhead I've ever seen (but not caught). At least the fish population is not a concern.
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 12/4/2022
Water Conditions: Perfect
Elk Creek displayed prime conditions almost all of this past weekend. The rain Saturday morning caused water levels to rise and make fishing tough for that afternoon, but had it perfect again for Sunday. Good mix of fresh fish and dropbacks.
Location: Elk creek Struchen flats
Time Observed: 11/27/2022
Water Conditions: High and Muddy
With some light rain, a bit high and murky water, fishing was decent until a guy holding a hunting rifle chased around people fishing on creek warning them they are disturbing his hunting field. The woods across the parking is posted for hunting. Fish safe everyone.
Location: Elk Creek
Time Observed: 11/19-11/20
Water Conditions: Slushy
This past weekend we were faced with very cold temperatures and abundant snowfall. Despite the cold, Elk Creek fished well on Saturday. Flow and color were prime and slush had not yet formed. Flow and color remained perfect Sunday but the creek was covered in slush all day making fishing extremely difficult.
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 11/13/2022
Water Conditions: High and Stained
As soon as the stream levels would fall this weekend, consistent rain or snow melt would cause them to rise right back up and become stained again. This made fishing challenging, but good numbers of fish in the streams made it possible to grind out a handful of bites.