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Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/13/2019
Water Conditions: Blown Out
We received a lot of rain yesterday, causing all the streams to blow out. While they are dropping now, they will likely be unfishable today. Couple this with a wind advisory that will last until mid-afternoon, and you have a pretty ugly day to be out fishing. After the rains moved through, we received a little bit of snow and ice, so travel safely if going out. Temperatures will remain below freezing today, but rise into the 40's for tomorrow and Friday. Those who are able to still find ice have been rewarded with nice catches of sunnies, gills, and perch, but the ice fishing opportunities continue to remain few and far between. Jigging Raps, both jigged through the ice and cast and retrieved from shore, and flutter spoons tipped with soft plastics or maggots have been producing.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/12/2019
Water Conditions: Rising
After reaching a relatively low water level yesterday, the streams are starting to rise as we'll be receiving a good dose of rain throughout the day. They are likely to reach high, or even blown out stages by the late-afternoon. After this rain moves through, we're looking at some warmer conditions for the next few days, with temperatures into the 40's as we near the end of the week. That should offer some good opportunities for folks to chase steelhead again. There is currently decent ice on Lake Pleasant and Misery Bay is fishable. Other areas are getting thin, and with temps expected to rise, the ice thickness will continue to decrease going into the weekend.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/11/2019
Water Conditions: Dropping
Temperatures have been fluctuating above and below freezing for some time now, and they will continue to do so throughout this week. The ice reports are still all over the place, but most of the ice appears to be gone or unsafe at this time. Reiterating from our Friday report, the best information you can get is to go and see what the conditions are like for yourself. The streams have dropped and those who were able to get after steelhead report getting into a few. There should be some decent windows of relatively warm temperatures coming up, so there should continue to be some opportunities to hook into some steel. If you're trying it, look to sacs and jigs for this time of year.
Location: Elk Creek
Time Observed: 2/9/19
Water Conditions: Dropping and clearing
There was a small window of near perfect water conditions last evening (Friday). The wind and plummeting air temps were brutal, but the creek was dropping into ideal flow range and tinged with color but not muddy. This doesn't happen often this time of year but when it does the fishing can be great. Sure enough, the fish were active and hungry. We did well in the Sterrettania area. We got into them right away. The action lasted from 4pm until dusk and was enough to keep our minds off our frozen fingers.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/8/2019
Water Conditions: Messy
We're at the time of year when conditions and reports are changing faster than you can blink. The single best thing that you can do to get the most accurate report is to go to the area you would like to fish and see what the conditions are like for yourself. When reading other's reports (including this one), please check the time of day the report was published. We typically post our reports between 7:30 - 8:30 am each day. Despite how you prefer to fish, there is a gale warning in affect until 4:00 pm this afternoon. After the winds die down, colder temperatures will move into the region for the afternoon. Ice fishing is probably out of the question for this weekend for most anglers, but the steelhead streams are clearing and should offer a chance for folks to get out. Safe travels this weekend and best of luck on the water!
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/7/2019
Water Conditions: Messy
Conditions are much the same from the last few days. Some folks are still finding fishable ice in PI, but the majority has broken up, become unstable, or too thin. Those who have been able to get are still reporting decent catches of perch and panfish, with some crappie mixed in. There's been a lot of reports stating that the fish are around in strong numbers but have been reluctant to bite in some situations. The tribs have dropped considerably but are still relatively high and muddy. With another round of rain moving through the area today, expect flows to stay elevated through tomorrow. However, they should be fishable this weekend and between the streams being locked up with ice for a long time, the high flows preventing anglers from getting out, and the possibility of fresh fish moving in on the high water, we're betting that there will be some fish willing to strike.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/6/2019
Water Conditions: Messy
Ice is still present in many areas, but its pretty thin and patchy at this point. Temperatures will be in the 40's again today with rain, which will further weaken any remaining ice. Over the next few days, temperatures will continue to fluctuate above and below freezing, so any ice re-formation is going to be spotty. The streams were coming down, but a steady rain today will likely cause blown-out conditions at least until tomorrow. With all the changing conditions, today is going to be one of those days where its best to stay home and prep gear.
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 2/5/2019
Water Conditions: Messy
Some folks were still able to ice fish yesterday in beautiful weather conditions. The ice is getting thin in many areas and will continue to do so today and tomorrow, before some colder weather sets in for the weekend and slows the ice melt. There are reports that many areas are starting to develop open water or the ice is breaking into large chunks. The streams are high and muddy right now, but the flows are continuing to break up shelf ice. There should be fishable and open water by the weekend for steelhead anglers. With the streams being largely locked up, we haven't had many reports from steelhead anglers in awhile, so it will be interesting to see what the fishing is like once it opens.
Location: Erie misery bay
Time Observed: 2/3 2019
Water Conditions: Ice covered
Fished Misery Bay Sunday along weed edge Clam milki jig and spin Chekai....so so bite was busy a lot of dink’s also ice. Around 10 ins but 2 ins of standing water in spots...
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 2/4/19
Water Conditions: Messy
Conditions are all over the place today following the strong warmup from the weekend. Many places that once had good ice are now thin or there is open water. Presque Isle, Misery, and Horseshoe had safe ice yesterday afternoon, but another few days of high temps will likely make conditions unsafe. If anything, make sure to take the spud bar and keep a safe distance between other anglers. There is a lot of standing water on top of the ice right now, so just use caution. The streams are blown out following the strong meltoff. Many tribs still have shelf ice, but that is likely to be gone by tomorrow. By mid- to late-week, we should have some steelhead opportunities opening again in the tribs.
Location: Pi
Time Observed: 2/2
Water Conditions: Clear
Fished the bay from 8 to 12 ended up with 4 nice perch 5 crappie and about 25 hand sized gills. Nice day to be out.
Location: bay harbor
Time Observed: 2/2/19
Water Conditions: 9 to 10 inches of ice.
same thing as friday. fish all over the camera. they just won't bite. after sunday the ice will go fast!!!
Location: liberty park
Time Observed: 2/1/19
Water Conditions: 9 to 10 inches of ice.
fished from sun up till 1:30. never stopped seeing fish on my camera. Only caught 3. they wouldn't bite!!!!
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 2/1/2019
Water Conditions: Iced Over
Reports are pretty similar to yesterday. Perch fishing continues to be decent in PI, Horseshoe, Misery, and sporadically off of Chestnut. Some of the shallow water areas in about 5 FOW and near break lines have been productive for folks. Walleye are also being taken through the ice in PI at a fairly consistent rate, so it looks like the record fishing from the summer is spilling over. We should have good ice all weekend, despite temperatures into the 40's on Sunday. Shore ice may thin with the warming temps, so make sure to take the spud bar out when the temps rise. Stay safe and happy fishing this weekend!
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 1/31/2019
Water Conditions: Iced Over
We haven't heard reports of anywhere that doesn't have safe ice at this point (not counting some of the streams). All reports indicate at least 4"+, with many bodies of water having 7-8" and even more in some locations. Perch and panfish are being caught with decent regularity in Presque Isle, Misery, and Horseshoe. Chestnut has been hit or miss for folks. Eaton still isn't reporting an overwhelming number of fish, but Arthur and Pyma have been good for crappie, walleye, and pike. Temps are expected to rise into the 40's over the weekend, but we should still have good ice and nice weather to get out.
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 1/30/2019
Water Conditions: Iced Over
The deep freeze is here. With high temperatures in the single digits and wind chills from the negative teens to negative twenties, its going to be best to stay home and warm today. If you are braving the cold, make sure to take extra precaution in case of emergencies. While many people won't be going today, the extreme cold will help to freeze up any remaining thin ice. It's going to last through tomorrow and even though the weekend is looking to bring temperatures into the 30's and 40's, we should have pretty solid ice. Travel safely and stay warm out there!
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 1/29/2019
Water Conditions: Iced Over
With all the snow we received, there is still a few areas of thin ice and slush in the same locations reported yesterday. But overall, the reports indicate decent ice conditions in most areas. Definitely make sure to take your spud bar and safety gear, and don't put too much weight on a small area of ice. Things should lock up pretty well after the sub-zero cold front moves through mid-week. If you are braving the cold, make sure to take extra precautions with warm gear, leave an extra blanket in the car, and let someone know where you are fishing and when you expect to return. Car, cell phone, and other batteries will be dying quickly with this cold, and you don't want to be left without any form of communication.
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 1/28/2019
Water Conditions: Iced Over
The Lake Erie shoreline received about 8 inches of snow over the weekend, with the snow belt areas receiving about 4-6 inches. Most water bodies have refrozen and there is fishable ice. Reports from Lake Arthur, Eaton, Pyma, Wilhelm Misery, and Horseshoe are state that there is safe ice in most areas. The mid-sections of Presque Isle Bay, Stink Hole, and Chestnut likely still have areas of thin ice, so make sure to take the spud bar and safety gear. The snow that fell this weekend is causing some slush and is insulating some water from freezing solid. With temperatures falling below zero over the next few days, we should have good ice all through next weekend.
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 1/25/2019
Water Conditions: Icing Over
The fluctuating temperature and weather the past few days has made for some unpredictable ice conditions. Some areas still have good ice, while some locations within Presque Isle, like Chestnut, have areas of open water. We're expected to have high temperatures below freezing for the next week, so things should start locking back up, but at this time you'll want to take extra precaution when going out. There is supposed to be several ships coming into Don Jon next week that would impact some ice fishing areas in the Bay, but we'll see if that changes with the next round of freezing temperatures. Again, please use caution this weekend and best of luck out there!
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 1/24/2019
Water Conditions: Variable
With yesterday's warmup and rain, there is some reported open water in PI. There is also quite a bit of standing water that pooled up on top of the ice, making it look like there is open water. Regardless of the case, please use caution if going out on the ice today and take your safety gear. The streams are largely blown out following the thaw and runoff. Temps will be dipping back below freezing today through the weekend, so expect things to lock up again. Ice anglers should still have ample opportunities to get out.
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 1/23/2019
Water Conditions: Ice Over
There is a solid 4-5 inches of good ice out of Chestnut. Reports from Misery bay and Horseshoe Pond are that perch fishing is pretty strong at this time, with a lot of fish being taken of jigs and live minnows. Eaton and Pyma have good ice as well, but reports are that crappie and panfish are much more cooperative than at Eaton. Despite the warmup into the 40s today, it shouldn't do much to hinder the ice fishing crowd. Temps will drop below freezing after today and will be there for the foreseeable future. It's a good time to be an ice angler!
Location: Lakes, Ponds, Bays
Time Observed: 1/22/2019
Water Conditions: Iced Over
Just about all the lakes and ponds in the area have fishable ice. Some of the areas in Presque Isle are still thin, so be careful if venturing to new locations. Even the shore along Lake Erie is freezing. Despite a warmup into the 40's tomorrow, the temperatures will drop back into the teens and 20's by the weekend and we're not anticipating much regression in ice formation over that time. Reports from Misery are that there is a good number of perch, and they're taking jigs and live minnows. Eaton has good ice but still reports aren't indicating an overwhelmingly good bite. The steelhead streams are pretty much completely locked up at this point, and even when folks can find open water, the fishing has been slow. We're just at that point of the season.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 1/18/2019
Water Conditions: Icing Over
The ice is here! Horseshoe Pond has about 4" of fishable ice and anglers are catching some perch. Misery had about 1.5" yesterday and should be fishing by the weekend. Eaton Reservoir has a good layer of ice and some slush, but the reports are saying that fishing has been a little slow. With low temperatures into the single digits over the weekend, just about all areas will be fishable. We're expecting anywhere from 4-12" of snow in the area over the weekend as well, so safe travels and make sure to pack warm gear. Good luck!
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 1/17/2019
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Not much has changed in the streams since yesterday. Cold temperatures into the teens last night is continuing to ice up the water. Shelf and shore ice is widespread and open water for steelhead is somewhat limited. We could potentially see high temps a little above freezing today and tomorrow, but it won't be enough to thaw much before very cold weather sets in late in the weekend. Those cold temperatures are definitely encouraging steady ice formation on the inland bodies of water and we'll have a lot of options for ice fishing by the weekend. The Presque Isle lagoons and bays are setting up as well with most recent reports of 1-3" of ice.