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Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 8-16-2019
Water Conditions: good
Walleye fishing continues to be good. With most anglers pushing deeper, the average depth is 55-65 FOW. Most presentations seem to be working with dipsy divers and spoons being the number one choice for anglers. Remember always watch the weather and plan your trip out on Lake Erie according to it. FISH ON AND TIGHT LINES -Josh
Location: Conneaut OH and east
Time Observed: 8/11/19
Water Conditions: sw wind 2 ft waves
Set up in 65 fow N of Conneaut trolled NE to 79 fow 3 hours 24 walleye and 2 steelhead . Steady catch full distance we finished at the 08.5 N THE 26.5 W . Ran Dispys size 1 on settings of #3 @155 ,#2 @ 132 and #1@110 All caught fish on spoons color did not to matter.
Location: Erie
Time Observed: 8/11
Water Conditions: 1ft.
Thanks to Tony @ Erie Doghouse Charters for making a great afternoon trip. Steady fish, there were 2 over 25" out of the 21 landed.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 8/11/2019
Water Conditions: 1-2
Got on at 3:00 all the morning boats where coming off and buzz the fish where very neutral most folks with short boxes. One boat was west and found very active fish and filled their box we went west and out to 70 feet and tried to set up but could not keep lines in catching one after another For a hour, but once we trolled out of the active fish it was slow. Went back into the biters and it was game on again. Continues to be a interesting year, one to keep you thinking. Be safe, stay down and tight.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 8-9-2019
Water Conditions:
Small craft advisory today on Lake Erie. When walleye anglers are able to get on the lake the fishing continues to be good. Any where from 45-60 FOW. Spoons seem to be the most consistent way to catch fish but plugs and harness's work also. Always check the weather and be safe on the lake. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: west of weather bouy to dump 50- 55 ' h2o
Time Observed: last wed. to sunday
Water Conditions: variable
The strong east winds from Wed.to Friday proved to be somewhat challenging for the "first timers" when it comes to the drift fishing that is practiced on the boat. Those quick to learn the cast count and drag method are either starting to or are limiting out on the large school of eyes that we are after. Good numbers of "eyes" are being caught on all trips! For trip info call 814-746-5809.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 8-7-2019
Water Conditions:
Fishing has been good for walleye anglers. Most of the action is happening ins 45-65 FOW. A bunch of presentations are working for catching fish from plugs, harness's to drift fishing and jigging. Continue to watch the weather as Lake Erie can pick up fast and get nasty with in minutes. Enjoy this great resource we have and be safe. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: At of Walnut
Time Observed: August 2
Water Conditions: 1ft increasing to 2-4ft
Limiting out (24) is getting a bit tougher. Boats were at all sorts of depths. We got 18 in the box. We were using meat on green/silver, blue/silver and orange harnesses. Dipsies were 120-130 on outside 80-90 on inside. We also caught a bunch on the down rigger 50 down and 60 back. Used Superman spoon. We trolled 45ft - 65ft. Did best in 50-55ft. Lots of boats. Have a safe day on the water.
Location: Lake and Bay
Time Observed: 8/1/19
Water Conditions: 2 foot or less
Fishing conditions are staying relativity steady with the walleye still biting hot and heavy! Fish are being caught on plugs harnesses and spoons! People have also reported casting Erie Dearies off of break walls with great success. Jigging is also hot with boats generally sticking to 30-40 foot of water! Goodluck out there and stay safe! Jake from the FishUSA Proshop
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 7/31/2019
Water Conditions: 1-3 Feet
Erie walleye fishing has still been on fire! Fish are being caught in 30- 60 foot of water using plugs, harnesses and spoons. Larger fish are being caught drifting or trolling bottom bouncers at slower speeds. Jigging is still a hot technique with fisherman generally sticking to 30' for most success! Goodluck on the water! ~ Jake from FishUSA Proshop
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 6/30/2019
Water Conditions: showers/thunderstorms
Showers and thunderstorms this morning with wind out of the South. Most of the action the last week has been a little deeper. Anglers have been targeting 40-55 FOW with plugs or harness's. Remember to always check the weather before you go out as Lake Erie can pick up fast and get dangerous. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7/26/2019
Water Conditions: Calm
Still rookies at the walleye game, but caught 5 in about 3 hours on the water on friday. Happy with that. Locals up camp are saying that all fish right now are locals though. The big walleye migration is not here yet. Anyone have more info on that? How big is this migration, and when does it typically come around this way?
Location: At of Walnut
Time Observed: July 26 and 27
Water Conditions: 2ft or less
Everyone seemed to be fishing this past weekend. Boat ramp was backed up both Friday and Saturday. Catching fish from sunrise til about 10 or 11am. Slows down after that. We used harnesses. Silver and green, 3 1/2 135 back, 2 90 back. We went deeper on Saturday to 60+ ft and got less junk fish. Lots of boats using boards and riggers. All seemed successful. There was a variety of colors mentioned on the radio. Truly if a novice like me can catch limits (24) everyday, anyone can. Stop at FishUSA or Poor Richards or other shops and get the latest scoop. Be safe on the water.
Location: East of Hammermill
Time Observed: 7/27/2019
Water Conditions: 1-2 foot
Flatlined three-way-rig 50-60 FOW. Limited out in three hours. Good results for first time out.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 7-27-2019
Water Conditions: sw wind 1ft or less
Walleye fishing continues to be awesome. Fish are starting to slide out deeper into 45-55 FOW. Seems like all presentations are producing whether you are trolling plugs or drifting harness's. Always check the weather before going out as Lake Erie's weather can switch at a split second. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: Out of Walnut
Time Observed: 07-24-2019
Water Conditions: 3-5 settling down eventually to 1ft or less
As reported, 3-5s early. Settled down to 1-3ft by noon when we launched the second time. 51-53 FOW. markings 41-48ft. 4 limited out by 5:30pm. Everyone on meat. best bite was off condos. Be safe on the water, don't go out when waves are too high. Know you boat. Fishing is to be fun and safe, not torture.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Wed. 7-24-19
Water Conditions: 2-4s then 1-2 footers
A little rough in the beginning, but took 6 nice walleye for a boat ride. 50 - 53 f.o.w., willow leafs with meat, tried out some new Kastaway magnetic divers. Worked like a charm. As always, great time on the fish bowl.
Location: lake
Time Observed: 7/23/2019
Water Conditions: 2-4ft waves
Anglers are still fishing all over the place for walleye. Some are shallow. However, most are out a little deeper. 30-50 FOW seems to be the ticket. Stick baits and worm harness's are both working very well in a number of different colors. Always watch the weather before going out and remember to be safe. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: Off of the point to the Dump.
Time Observed: Thursday to last nite.
Water Conditions: Fishable to stormy.
The variable weather the last several days proved challenging even for a 44 ft. boat. Got blown off Saturday morning but when the lake was fishable good numbers of "eyes" were recorded with many limits by those who are adjusting to drift fishing. The colors of Colorado spinners and Erie Dearies was always changing as well as the depth of the fish. We are hoping that the weather will settle for the coming week to provide good fishing ! For info call 814 746 5809.
Location: lake
Time Observed: 7/22/2019
Water Conditions: Raining on and off
The walleye fishing continues to be the best in years when the lake is fish able. Anglers continue to get fish in 30-50 FOW on stickbaits and worm harness's. Remember to always check the weather conditions before going out as Lake Erie can pick up fast. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON!-Josh
Location: Leboeuf Lake
Time Observed: 7/18/2019
Water Conditions: Calm, Stained
Fished Lake Leboeuf in afternoon. Parking lot and boat launch in decent shape considering all the flooding this past spring. Trolled flatfish and jointed raps around perimeter. No takers. Ran shad raps on bottom bouncers through deeper holes. Caught one bluegill. Little to no weed growth observed.