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Location: The Mountain
Time Observed: 9.15.2020
Water Conditions: VERY CALM/FLAT
Water temp was 68.2 Degrees. Water was Calm. Went out at Noon. Left Presque Isle and went to the Mountain. We were in 70 to 75 feet of water and marked Fish at 65 to 70 ft depth. Ran 4 rods on two down riggers with spoons and Bandits. Our lures were right in the midst of the fish. Could not get anything to bite. We marked thousands of fish. Caught one small fish. Fished until 6:00 PM gave up. Beautiful day, disappointed we did not catch anything.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 9/18/20
Water Conditions:
Walleye fishing is starting to wind down as fall gets closer and nights get colder. This doesn't mean you still can't get out and find walleye. A lot of anglers are finding success in 65-75 FOW. As for shore fishing, some anglers are getting steelhead at first light around the creek mouths and lower sections. Best presentations right now are small spoons and spinners along with single eggs. Continue to watch the weather to pick the best day to go out as weather really effects the fall fishing in the great lakes. Stay healthy and safe on the lake. TIGHT LINES -Josh
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 9-15-20
Water Conditions: Smooth in afternoon
Trolled between 65 to 77 FOW with spoons on #1 size Dipsies. Picked up handful of small walleye and lots of junk fish. No keepers. One small walleye I caught, spit up a small shiner. Got away from Dipsies, switched to lures on the long line. Couldn't find the depth and length during that troll. Caught nothing. Switched back to Dipsies with lures, caught 2 keepers(24 and 22 inch) on Berkley Flicker shad in silver and black. They wouldn't touch anything else I had out. Painting a lot of fish in 70-75 FOW, but it appears they were not active on lures and spoons. A nice day/early evening on the Fish Bowl, but also frustrating. A very beautiful sunset!
Location: West out of Walnut
Time Observed: 9/15
Water Conditions: Bumpy AM, Flat PM
Got out at 7:00 AM. Brisk south wind had lake stirred up and confused. Hard to get a good troll where the fish were, in a narrow depth band around 70' give or take. Biggest concentration of fish west, rolled over thousands of them, but the only ones who wanted to play were little guys. Tossed back dozens! Managed 6 keepers, all nice and fat, biggest 6 pounds. When lake flattened out, even the little ones stopped. Fish are there, but getting them in the box was tough. No steelies, not much junk, just juvenile eyes. Fished till 4. Good day of fishing. Won't be many left!
Location: 9/14
Time Observed: Lake Erie
Water Conditions:
65-75 FOW is were most of the walleye action continues to happen. The season is slowly coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you can't get out and get a limit of walleye. Anglers are starting to cast spoons off the beach for steelhead. The beginning of the season is always slow with a couple fish only being caught. Continue to watch the weather and choose the best day to fish. Stay safe and healthy. TIGHT LINES!!!
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 9/14/20
Water Conditions:
Walleye are still being found in 60-70 FOW and are holding in the 45 FOW range. With Fall rolling in, they'll start moving back in shallower. Steelhead fishing is just starting up and the streams will be filled soon enough. Keep an eye on the weather and waves when going out. Tight lines and stay safe!!
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 9/10
Water Conditions:
With the walleye season winding down and fall fast approaching. This doesn't mean you still can't go out and get walleye. Fish are still being caught in 66-70 FOW. Continue to watch the weather and pick the best day possible to get out on the water. Stay safe and healthy on the lake. -Josh
Location: Bay
Time Observed: Recent
Water Conditions: Changing
Little bit of this going on. A lot more small fish than anything but lots of action. Having multiple presentations is key at times. The bite can change every 10 minutes for the entire time they're biting. That means if you're not getting bit change it up. 9-15 fow top to bottom...
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 9/5/20
Water Conditions:
When anglers can get on the lake, its been good fishing. Most of the fish are coming out of 66-69 FOW. The last couple days have been rough on the lake. Continue to watch the weather to pick the best day to go out. Stay safe and healthy. TIGHT LINES
Location: North east pa
Time Observed: 9/3/202
Water Conditions: ?
Taking my young nephews fishing out of north east marina next weekend. Any suggestions for where to start for walleye & steelhead. I normally fish out of walnut and run dipseys, down riggers and side planers. Thanks.
Location: Northeast Marina
Time Observed: 9/1/2020
Water Conditions: Calm
Launched the boat at 2 and headed out to 55FOW. Started trolling NW with cranks, spoons and harnesses. Trolled out to 100FOW. Marked fish sporadically from 40-70. Ended up with only 4 nice walleye and lost one. Trolled all over. Fishing is slow everywhere from Geneva to Buffalo. We have fished Geneva, Ashtabula, Conneaut and in PA. Only got our 3 man limit a few times and that was in July. August was rough with the heat. It was a perfect afternoon on the water tho. Had a great time with my buddies as always.
Location: 8 miles NW Walnut
Time Observed: 9/1/20
Water Conditions: 1-2 Ft in morning, laid down in afternoon
Using #1 size dipsies with small and large spoons. Color of spoons purple with copper back and orange with silver/orange back. Fished in 60-70 FOW, caught many dinker walleyes and lots of white bass and sheepheads. No keepers! Went Northwest of the majority of boats, started to troll in 77-78 FOW and picked up a 23 inch walleye within 10 minutes. Got numerous hits and lost a couple of keepers at the boat. Action wasn't great, but at least I wasn't getting junk fish! Decided to troll back to Walnut, once in the boat traffic lane, the drinkers and junk fish started to hit. Got in 58-60 FOW(South of the boat traffic) finished up my limit of keeper walleyes. Unbelievable how many junk fish I caught using spoons.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 9/2/20
Water Conditions:
Most of the walleye action has been in 66-69 FOW on the west side. Best presentations have been lead core or divers. Some anglers have been getting a few steelhead mixed in with the walleye. Those fish have been coming off the riggers with spoons. Continue to watch the forecast for the best days. Stay safe and healthy on the lake. TIGHT LINES
Location: Shades beach
Time Observed: 8/31
Water Conditions: 1 foot chop
Caught several large walley with the largest just over 30”. Fish were in 63 foot of water. Fished 5 to 10 feet off bottom using small spoons Caught all but one on a single downriver. Beware the channel at the Shades Beach launch is getting very shallow, especially the north side.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 8/29/20
Water Conditions:
When the weather cooperates, the walleye bite is still good. Most anglers are fishing in 70 FOW or more. Lead core or divers are the most common way to fish deeper water. Purple or chartreuse have been the hot colors. Always check the weather before going out on the lake and stay safe and healthy. TIGHT LINES -Josh
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 8/27
Water Conditions:
Walleye fishing continues to be good to anglers with limits of fish being caught. Best presentations to use are 5 and 10 color lead core with deep or shallow divers. Also dipsy divers with harness's or spoons have been producing well. Watch for the weather and plan for the best day to get out on the lake. Stay safe and healthy! TIGHT LINES -Josh
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 8/24/20
Water Conditions: 1'-2' Waves
The walleye bite seems to be picking up even more with less short fish. Anywhere in the 60-70 FOW range has been producing very well. Leadcore with stickbaits and a dipsy with a spoon have been punching a lot of tickets. Stay safe and tight lines!
Location: NW Walnut
Time Observed: 8/22/20
Water Conditions: Choppy 1-2 ft
Started fishing in 65 ft heading towards deeper water. Picked up 4 walleyes in about 20 minutes. Couldn't keep 2 rods in the water at the same time. Caught 3 dinkers and a number of sheepshead, plus 3 steelhead that I lost about 15-20 feet from the boat. Using #1 Dipsy on #3 setting with 140-145 feet of line out using small and large spoons. Hot color for spoons in the small size was Double orange crush with silver back and for the large spoons was a Purple/shrimp color with copper back. All the action was trolling with the wind. When I turned around and headed upwind, the action stopped. Too much boat noise with the waves I assume. Eventually turned downwind trolling with the waves again and picked up my final 2 walleye in 15 minutes. Trolling with the wind was the key for me. Enjoyed having the Steelhead strip some line off of my reels. Hope I can get a couple of them in the boat tomorrow! Another fine day on the "Fish Bowl"!