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Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 6/1/2020
Water Conditions:
Walleye fishing is slowly picking up with the temperature of the lake improving. During the day most anglers are picking fish up anywhere from 20-30 FOW. During the night anglers are pushing up to shore in 7-15 FOW. Remember always be careful at night with structure and logs floating. Also remember to pay attention to the weather to plan the best possible time to go out. Stay safe and healthy TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON!-Josh
Location: wallnut\trout run
Time Observed: 5-30-2020
Water Conditions: 1-3
Got on the water at 10:00pm to try some night trolling got 1walleye about 18" on a fluorescent orange deep diver 65feet back when the north wind blew us off the lake about 12:00 am.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 5/30/20
Water Conditions:
This spring has been up and down with temperature and weather, making fishing some what difficult. Most of the fish have been caught on the west side between 15-25 FOW during the day. Stick baits in chrome and black and purple have been doing well. Some anglers are jigging with a jig and a crawler or soft plastic during the day. Seems like most of the action has been happening at night in shallow trolling. Remember to always check the lake before making a trip out. This time of the year it can be unforgiving and weather can change quickly. Be safe and stay healthy. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 5/27/2020
Water Conditions: Calm
Put in at West Pier and fished the riprap on the north side of the bay in 3-8' of water. Caught several Large and Smallmouth bass, and a Drum. went out to the lake near four mile for an hour or so. Caught a little striper. Water temp on the lake was 59. Calm conditions. Biggest fish was 4lb 5 oz. Most productive baits were Purple with blue flake General and Finesse TRD on small Ned jig Head.
Location: Shades to beach 10
Time Observed: 5/23/2020
Water Conditions: Less than 1ft & foggy
We trolled around for 4 hours straight, marked very few fish, caught zippo. Boring day on the lake, not even a knock off. 1BIG1
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 5/16/2020
Water Conditions: Nasty
Put the boat in @ Lampe, against my better judgement decided to go trolling a bit, big mistake. 1 & 3 went to 2 to 4ft real quick, bad fog also. I managed to lose a down rigger weight and a dipsey setup. Should have just left. Oh well, live but don't learn as usual for me. 1BIG1
Location: Presque Isle
Time Observed: 4/11
Water Conditions: calm
Big Bass regulations now in effect For Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay, big bass regulations went into effect on April 18, and remain in effect until June 12. Minimum size is 15" with a creel limit of 1. For more information, please see the Regulations page. I BELIEVE THIS IS STILL 20" according to the PFBC rules
Location: Shades
Time Observed: 5/2/20
Water Conditions: 2ft building
Went out to try new yellow birds for possible walleye. No takers. Fished 15_30ft. Caught five nice smallest on flicker shade and I believe possible new state record. Fish looked over 8 lbs. Beast of a fish. Screwed up camera and no pics. Returned him to fight again. Water temp. Only 46. Waves and wind started to build and off lake by 12.30. Try again when temps come up. Wampus
Location: PI Bay
Time Observed: 5-1
Water Conditions: Cold and choppy
Fished the bay. Water temp 51. Smallies hitting cranks, trds and tubes
Location: Presque Isle
Time Observed: 4/4/2020
Water Conditions: High
Water levels in the bays are high with the creeks dumping out. Fishing action is hit and miss, but the perch seem to be hitting minnows. Guys fishing around me caught a few pike and small bass, but only one decent pike.
Location: 20 mile and chatauqua creek
Time Observed: 4/1/2020
Water Conditions: perfect
We only caught 1 chrome, several suckers,numerous steelhead smolts and (1 sturgeon it is April Fools!). Get the boat ready!!!!
Location: Erie Tribs
Time Observed: mar
Water Conditions: OK
Well if you did alot of stream walking you would catch fish, we probally caught mor than 50 small ones, but still fun, we dint get any real big ones. but have in the past, Hey Filletandrelease, nice fish I bet that was good in the smoker, in fact I know it will be. If it already hasent been smoked, Gregs guppy guide service strikes again, The kind of guys I like to fish with, Me and the boy did see first hand how rude some fisherman can be, but we overlooked the fools, any how Gregs guppy Guide are a great group of guys. Would fish with them anytime. and yes it is ok to keep a few for the smoker.
Location: Erie
Time Observed: today
Water Conditions: Folger's
Thanks. For those confused by the fake news, Elk is open to fish with a minimum size of 15 inches to protect the stockies. It closes to all fishing for about a day and a half prior to opening day. From opening day to Sept 7, the minimum size is 9 inches to allow harvest of the stocked trout while protecting the smaller steelhead smolts. The stocked trout taste better so let a few steelhead go to return in the fall!
Location: Erie tribs
Time Observed: When ever we want
Water Conditions:
Well said chrome. Some people dont like to read the nice book we get now for free or check out the website ;). Also about the fighting over holes it gets silly. Good luck all!
Location: Elk Creek
Time Observed: 3/19/20
Water Conditions: up and clearing
Fished upper elk at follys camp ground and caught numerous smolts and many jacks. Landed a one hen that was 18 inches. She ate a size 12 squirmy wormy in the chocolate milk water. Checked up above follys and found the water to be clearer up at the swing bridge and talked to several anglers who were catching fresh fish that swam up from last nights rain. As for all the other post regarding covid 19 and closed trout waters I haven't had a problem and the fish wardens haven't said anything to me so fish on until a fish warden says it is closed till opening day. Have a great day and tightlines