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Location: Leboeuf Lake
Time Observed: 7/18/2019
Water Conditions: Calm, Stained
Fished Lake Leboeuf in afternoon. Parking lot and boat launch in decent shape considering all the flooding this past spring. Trolled flatfish and jointed raps around perimeter. No takers. Ran shad raps on bottom bouncers through deeper holes. Caught one bluegill. Little to no weed growth observed.
Location: Conneaut Lake
Time Observed: 7/14/2019
Water Conditions: Calm
Caught a few slab crappie, a couple nice pumpkinseeds, and a gar pike trolling a perch shad rap. Hotspot was just off shore from hotel. Marked lots of fish.
Location: clay banks
Time Observed: 7/15/19
Water Conditions: calm
two man limit today in my spot off the clay banks. all on meat. most on dipsey's. 5 on riggers! nice day for a change!
Location: lake and bay
Time Observed: 7/15/2019
Water Conditions: Good
Walleye anglers are continuing to get fish anywhere from 30-50 FOW. The best producing lures seem to be spoons on dipsy divers. Anglers are also using worm harnesses on bottom bouncers in shallower water. The fishing in the bay continues to be good for largemouth along with panfish. Continue to watch the weather to plan for the best day to go out. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: Lake and Bay
Time Observed: 07/10/2019
Water Conditions: Good
The lake turned over and brought cold water to the surface; topwater temp varies from mid to high 60's. Walleye are still being caught in 40-60 FOW. Fish are being caught on plugs, harnesses and small spoons while walleye can still be caught jigging in shallower water. -Jake
Location: The dump
Time Observed: from wed. night to saturday night
Water Conditions: ideal for drifting
The numbers of eyes caught with some limits is increasing as is the size of the eyes caught! Several TROPHYS were caught during this period. Once again Erie Dearies and Colorado spinners of ALL colors were working well. The high winds on Sunday spoiled a perfect July 4th. fishing experience. For trip info call 814-746-5809
Location: lake and bay
Time Observed: 7/8/2019
Water Conditions: NE wind 3-4ft waves
Some wave action today on Lake Erie with 3-4 waves and wind out of the Northeast. Walleye anglers continue to push further out into the 50-60 FOW. Some anglers are still finding success in shallower water 30-40 FOW. Harnesses on bottom bouncers and dipsy divers seemed to be working the best over the weekend. As for the Bay and PI, Panfish and Largemouth are in full swing. Plan you trip according to the weather and be safe on the water. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: lake and bay
Time Observed: 7/6/2019
Water Conditions: fair
Walleye anglers are starting to push out a little deeper into 40-60 FOW. You can still pick some fish up in 30 FOW, you just have to deal with more junk fish. As for the bay anglers are getting into nice largemouth along with some remaining smallmouth. Continue to watch the weather and carefully plan your fishing trip according to that. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: Lake and Bay
Time Observed: 07/05/2019
Water Conditions: Good
The Walleye bite is still on Fire, 40-50 FOW has has been producing the best. The Perch are moving around but Anglers were reporting catching them in 50-55 FOW. The Lake will be rather calm today and tomorrow with waves one foot or less. Tight Lines. -Nick
Location: Lake and Bay
Time Observed: 7/3/2019
Water Conditions: Good
Anglers are getting a number of bigger fish in the 40-60 FOW range! most are using crawler harnesses and dispy divers with smaller spoons! Tomorrow is fish for free day so offer to take someone out to go fishing! Be safe on the water and check the weather before going out! -Brandon
Location: Point to Light
Time Observed: 6/30/19 7am til 11am
Water Conditions: 2 and 3 ft close chop
I'm sorry to break up the we "limited" out streak that everyone else reports on this site (not!) but we got 7 eyes between us. All were 24" and up. Dipseys and meat took most of them, downriggers and Dream Weaver spoons did fine also. That's it,Fort Pitt. 1big1
Location: Lake and Bay
Time Observed: 7/2/2019
Water Conditions: Good
Walleye seem to be moving deeper as the water temps are starting to raise and fish come from the western basin! Angler have been getting a majority of fish off jet divers and spoons but plugs and harnesses will work! There are still small mouth in Presque Isle Bay with an occasional bonus walleye! Make sure you check the weather before making a trip out- Brandon
Location: South Side of DUMP
Time Observed: Last Weekend
Water Conditions: Ideal for drifting!
The numbers of "eyes" caught and the number of limits caught are increasing nicely as western basin fish are migrating and the anglers are learning the western basin methods of fishing for eyes with Erie Dearies and willow leaf rigs . The simple trick is the spinners have to keep moving, you are not perch fishing anymore! Jumbo perch are also attacking the rigs using this method of fishing. For info on the coming weekend trips you can call the Perch Pirate at 814-746-5809.
Location: PI,Lake
Time Observed: 7/1/19
Water Conditions: Good
Most of the walleye action is happening in 40-60 FOW right now. Stick baits and worm harnesses are both doing good right now. The bay and PI are producing Largemouth and Panfish along with a few Smallmouth left behind. Remember pay attention to weather when going out and be safe on the lake. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON! -Josh
Location: Northeast. Freeport to NY line
Time Observed: 6/28 to 6/30
Water Conditions: flat to 3'
LImits 3 days. 6:30 to about 11:00 each day. Crawler harnesses and A plugs, 3-4 ounce weights 50-80' behind boat, 40to 55' depth. Most between 17 and 22", one 28", couple of 24". Our buddies got 2 pigs, 30 and 31".
Location: elk to the clay banks
Time Observed: 6/30/19
Water Conditions: 1' to 3' early. then 1'
we ended up with 18 eyes. all on meat. dipseys worked the best today. releaseing the riggers when we went over fish produced also!
Location: North of point
Time Observed: 6/27/19
Water Conditions: 1ft
Fished50 to 55 north of point. 3 man limit on dipsy 66 to70 on 3 setting 60 on 1 setting . All on harrness 1.7 mph. Has anyone been fishing north east would like a report for north east. Thanks.
Location: elk
Time Observed: 6/28/19
Water Conditions: calm
2 man limit by 9:30am. 38' to 43'. most action came off dipseys. all on meat!!!
Location: Lake and Bay
Time Observed: 6/27/2019
Water Conditions: Good
Walleye anglers continue to catch numbers of fish in 35-50 FOW while marking schools of fish. Most are using spoons, plugs and harnesses. Occasionally anglers have found perch while catching eyes. Pier fishing has still been good for anglers going after bass with the chance of hooking a bonus walleye! Make sure to check the weather before going out and always have a PFD readily accessible! -Brandon
Location: Lake and Bay
Time Observed: 6/26/2019
Water Conditions: Good
With the lake being flat calm the last few days, anglers walleye fishing have been able to produce quick limits in 30-65 FOW using dipsy divers, plugs and spoons! Bass fishing has been productive inside Thompson's Bay. - Brandon
Location: Weather Bouy to dump to 55' h2o
Time Observed: last weekend
Water Conditions: windy from every direction
The winds were all over the compass the past weekend but the drifts produced nice numbers of fish
Location: trout run
Time Observed: 6/22/19
Water Conditions: 1' to 2' then calm
first trip for new boat. everything went well. we caught 21 walleye. most on meat. great day!
Location: Tribs, Bay, Inland
Time Observed: 6/22/2019
Water Conditions: Good
The lake should be very favorable today and going into Sunday. Walleye fishing has been on fire in 35-40 FOW. Most anglers are dragging harnesses, spoons on jet divers and plugs off of boards. Anglers have gotten a variety of fish within PI Bay! Be safe on the water this weekend and we hope to see you in the Pro Shop! -Brandon
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 6/21/19
Water Conditions: -
Nick T. in the FishUSA Pro Shop reeled in a tagged walleye around a month ago. Reports are now coming in that a second tagged walleye has been caught. The most recent tagged walleye was caught in 45 feet of water off of the Brocton Water Tower out of Dunkirk, NY. A reminder to all anglers that Project iTag is a GLATOS project funded by the Erie PA Charter Boat Association, the Erie Sport Fishing Association and the S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie. If you do happen to catch a tagged fish, you are asked to contact the PA Fish Commision Biologist by calling the iTAG Hotline (814-474-1515) to supply vital research information and collect more information about your fish. Good luck and stay safe!
Location: Lake and Bay
Time Observed: 6/21/2019
Water Conditions: Good
Walleye fishing has been good in 30-45 FOW most fish are on the bottom, anglers have been catching fish with spoons, worm harnesses and plugs. Bass are starting to move to deeper water but can still be found in the bay. Inland lakes are producing good numbers of panfish and other species of fish. The weather looks good going forward into this weekend! Be sure to check before making a drive up! - Brandon