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Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 9/27/2022
Water Conditions: Flood Stage
This weeks high water events should allow a good amount of steelhead to make their way into the tributaries. Anticipate some good fishing when the creeks begin to drop!
Location: Walnut Creek Access Area
Time Observed: 9/20/2022
Water Conditions: Good
Walnut had a decent push of fish with Monday's rain. Water was dropping rapidly but still had decent flow and good color.
Location: Tribs
Time Observed: 9/17
Water Conditions: Gin clear
We came up and poked around the tributaries. Some fish around, but very low and clear and skittish, caught a few on squirmy wormies and 5x tippet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn3WAGzj7bU&t=3s
Location: North of dumping grounds
Time Observed: 9/17/22
Water Conditions: 1-2'
Launched out of Lampe a little after 8am. Started marking a lot of fish around 65' of water. Trolled East to West using 4 Dipseys and one downrigger. Only caught 4, 17-19" Walleye by 3 pm and called it a day. Everything we caught was on the deeper (60-65') bait, 3 on melon crawler harness and 1 on monkeypuke spoon.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 9/11/22
Water Conditions: Low and clear
I fished walnut yesterday, and it's still way to early for the steelhead. At the mouth there is a large group of steelhead, but that being said it is very low and pressured. I hooked 2 fish, both of which got off. There r some steelhead and browns upstream of the bridge, but those fish are highly pressured and will not bite. I would recommend not coming until there is a good rain which blows out the creeks and brings fish in. Tight lines.
Location: North West of Dumping Grounds
Time Observed: Saturday 9.3.2022
Water Conditions: 1 to 2 Ft. Waves then slight chop
Went out at 10:00 AM. 73 FOW we put out 6 rods. Ran our Flickers and Bandits to 55 and 58 ft. deep. We trolled East first then West. Went over MONSTER Schools suspended at 56 to 60 ft. Caught mainly all 21 to 28 inch Walleye except a 17 1/2". Trolling speed 2.24 to 2.45 MPH.
Location: Straight Outta Walnut
Time Observed: 9/4/22
Water Conditions: 1 ft or less Overcast
Went out Sunday morning for the first time this year and was marking lots of fish in 65-80 ft. Walleyes were mostly down about 55-60 ft. Caught some throwbacks and a few keepers. Seemed like the old tricks were not working anymore, bite was hard to come by compared to prior years and colors. Had best luck with copper spoons on north and south passes. East and west passes not as productive.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 9/3/2022-9/4/2022
Water Conditions: 0-1
55-70 fow… we found active fish at 67. Screen is loaded from 35’ down. Tough bite for how many fish are there. UV green on 5 colors when sunny and blue chrome when cloudy were our best baits. Lots of dinks so be vigilant or check your gear often.
Location: Straight off the point
Time Observed: 9/3
Water Conditions: Bumpy at first, then chop
The wind last week really screwed up the bite. We fished hard all day in the same area where we limited out in hours before the blow. Marked fish, but scattered. Suspended around 55', but not feeding. We threw the program at them and managed 13 for a long day. Caught a big ole cat, and hooked something that hit hard and sat on the bottom. Couldn't budge it until the hook pulled loose. Any submarines in Lake Erie?
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 8/27/2022
Water Conditions: Slight Chop
Hey guys it's Dan with Erie Walleye Charters. We launched out of East Ave boat launch yesterday and ran straight out just east of the dumping grounds. We immediately started marking fish in the 60-65ft range. Most of the walleye were suspended in 50-55ft. We had our limits in a couple of hours. Once again we kept it simple by running four #1 dipsys 120-130ft back. 2mph with double willow leaf worm harnesses caught every fish. If you're interested in getting out there let me know ASAP! We don't have much time left. Check out Eriewalleye.net or give me a call at 814-572-1650
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 8/25/22
Water Conditions: 1'chop then calm
2 man limit due north of walnut. 115'back on the dipseys with green and crome and red and crome willlow leafs. One stinger spoon and blue and crome willow leaf off riggers 55' down . fished 64' to 68' of water!
Location: NW of Walnut
Time Observed: 8/24/2022
Water Conditions: 1-2 with 3's
Started out in 55FOW, with few fish on the finder. Went to 60FOW, started marking fish at the 50 foot depth. Poles in the water 0945, 19 inch keeper within a couple of minutes. Threw a handful of 18's back hopeful for bigger fish. Bite started to slow around 1130-1145. Using Macks blue Smiley blades 1.5 inch with worms. 1 man limit with 24", 22", a couple 21's, the rest 19's. Had to work for this limit due to the water roughness!!! But, still a beautiful day on the Big Fish Bowl!
Location: Dump and headed West
Time Observed: 8.20.2022
Water Conditions: Slight Chop then Calm
Went out of Presque Isle straight North of the Dumping Grounds to 66 Ft. Of Water and headed due West Set my Auto Pilot to stay between 66 Ft. & 72 Ft. Using 5 Colors of 18# Lead Core Line & added 2 Ounce Snap Weight with 40 ft. leader + 50 Ft. Backing out too, that is 240 Ft. of line total. Ran large Berkley Flickers and Bandits. Ran off Planer Boards 150 Ft. off both sides of boat. Trolling Speed was 2.24 to 2.5 MPH. We could NOT get four lines in the water due to constant bits. Caught many that were 24 to 26 inches threw back all 15 to 17 inch Walleye except one that swallowed the entire 3 trebles all the way down and was bleeding bad. Caught at least 6 Monster Sheephead. Pain in the BUTT to reel in while trolling. Only fished from 11:30 AM until 3:30 PM Saturday. Great Day on Beautiful Lake Erie.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 8/20/22
Water Conditions: 1'chop then calm
fished about 2 1/2 hours in 61'. caught 12 walleye all off boards with deep diving plugs with a 3oz weight. we left early storms were coming!
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 8/19/22
Water Conditions: 1' to 2' then calm
3man limit by noon. one eye was 30". 2 Steelhead on stinger spoon. 110 back on dipsey's 3 1/2 setting. 40' off downrigger ball's 51' down. green and crome willow leafs.