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Location: trout run
Time Observed: 6/20/21
Water Conditions: calm
40' off trout run. managed to box 7 nice ones. lost 3 at the boat! you had to get it a foot off the bottom. all on meat. threw 6 dinks back.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Over the weekend
Water Conditions:
It was a mixed basket over the weekend. Some anglers struggled and some got their limit. One thing is for certain though, Every one that did get fish was west of walnut. While some caught fish in 20-30FOW some boats went out deep and reported catching fish out there also. Continue to watch the weather to pick the best possible day to fish and be safe. TIGHT LINES!
Location: walnut to elk
Time Observed: 6/13/21
Water Conditions: calm
Think the walleye went back to Ohio! Not one eye today. Fished from 25' to 46'. marked very few fish. Everyone else I talked to said the same thing!
Location: 3 to 4 miles West of Walnut
Time Observed: 6-10-2021
Water Conditions: Slight ripple, Water temp 69 to 70
40 ft of water, trolling worm harnesses with purple/silver(front/back), dark blue/silver, pink/silver, and perch colored/silver #3 twin Colorado blades. 2 man limit achieved in under 2 hours. Getting close to the bottom is the key. Lost several nice keepers at the boat! Funny thing was, we weren't marking ANY fish on the fish finder, but they were there. A very good morning!
Location: 3 miles West of Walnut
Time Observed: 6-9-2021
Water Conditions: Flat with slight chop at times.
Started to mark fish in 35 ft of water. Too many boats from shore to 35, so I started to troll out from 35. Caught 5 keepers on worm harnesses between 37 to 42 ft. Around 10 dinkers and 5 sheepshead. 4 keeper Walleyes were caught on a floating worm harness with twin #3 Colorado blades with purple front and silver back(Home made rig from Mikes Walleye Rigs). One was caught with purple(front/back) #4 Colorado blade(My home made rig). Huge Mayfly hatch in the afternoon, which shut the bite down. I couldn't get that 6th fish. Good day overall!
Location: On Lake Erie out in front of Elk Creek, Trout Run and Walnut Creek
Time Observed: 6.08.2021
Water Conditions: DEAD FLAT CALM! 68.75 Degree Water Temperature
Went out of Marina in Presque Isle at 7:30 AM. Went far west to Elk Creek, Trout Run, Walnut Creek. Tried 30 ft. depth and marked some fish, NOT many. Moved a little shallower to 27 ft. depth and marked more fish. We ran 8 total rods. 3 Rods on Planer Board on the Starboard side with Bandits and Flickers 180 Ft. Back. 1 Rod on single planer board with Bandit 160 Ft. Back two rods with Crawler Harnesses and one rod with Spoon. We did NOT catch anything on Crawler Harnesses or the spoon. We caught plenty on the Bandits and flickers and allot of those did not POP the line clips so we dragged allot of fish while we marked fish and were wondering why nothing was biting. So when we checked our lines all had a small walleye on. We ended with 3 nice keepers anyway. Returned to Marina at about 3:30 PM. The migration from Ohio east to PA seems behind last years migration. Good luck. PS again Shiny Purple & Chrome lures caught most fish.
Location: East Of Walnut Creek Access
Time Observed: 6.6.2021
Water Conditions: 1 Ft. Waves Water Temp 60.5 Degrees in 20 ft. of Water 57.7 Degrees in 45 Ft. Of Water
Went out at 10:30 AM on Sunday 6.6.2021. We seen many Boats Walleye fishing in 50 to 55 ft. of water so we went to that depth in line with the other boats for an hour or so and did NOT mark any fish at all. We moved to 38 ft. of water and marked some, not many fish. So we moved to 18 ft. to 20 ft. of water with warmer water temperature and marked ALLOT and caught Walleye suspended in 14ft to 16 ft. of water. Ran Bandits & Flickers, 3 lines were out at about 150 ft. back using flat lines. 3 other lines off a planer board. All Walleye caught were on Shiny Purple & Chrome Lures. Did catch one huge Sheep Head too. Went back to Marina in at 3:00 PM as fish quit biting.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 6/1/21
Water Conditions: Glass
Went out in the Kayak and tried for Walleye. Started out of Elk Creek and headed west. Ran deep diving plugs about 125 back on mono. Marked fish just couldn't get anything to bite. Went in close and tried jigging in about 15-17FOW only got junk fish. Water needs to warm up a little still at 61 degrees on surface temp. TIGHT LINES!
Location: Between Walnut & Presque Isle
Time Observed: 5.31.2021
Water Conditions: Calm, Water Temp 53.84 Degrees
Went out of Presque Isle North & West with Wife & Grand Daughter. Started fishing at 11:00 AM. Went out to 38 Ft. to 44 Ft. Depth of water running parallel to the shore going West. Trolled at 2.2 to 2.4 MPH. Marked fish right away at 24, 27, 29 ft. Ran Bandits & Flickers 150, 180 and 200 ft. of line out. Ran 3 flat lines and 3 Planer Board Lines. Caught 3 Nice Walleye 28", 25" and 24" Headed into Marina at 3:00 PM as no more bites were happening even though we were marking fish and trolling through them several times.
Location: Pennsylvania
Time Observed: 5/30/21
Water Conditions:
Don't for get this sunday 5/30/21 is Pennsylvania first free fish day of the year. This means you don't have to have a license that day to take advantage of the great fishing we have. TIGHT LINES
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 5/28/21
Water Conditions:
During the day continues to be a tough bite for Walleye anglers. Some anglers are getting fish out in 25+FOW trolling butterfly blades or deep diving plugs. Night trolling has been overall the best when the lake conditions are suitable. Continue to watch the weather for the best times to fish. TIGHT LINES !
Location: Shades Beach
Time Observed: 5/24/2021
Water Conditions: Calm
Caught 4 nice walleye right after dark directly east of the boat ramp. High lined bright rapala type lures about 75 feet behind the boat. Speed about 2.5. Water depth of 8-12 feet. Only downside was the large amount of weeds kept fouling the lures. Fished for about 1.5 hours after dark.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 5/24/21
Water Conditions:
Walleye anglers continue to do better at night on the westside trolling shallow. During the day is a grind for fish. Most anglers during the day are jigging but some fish are being picked up trolling. Continue to watch the water temps as the fishing can only get better. TIGHT LINES
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 05/22/21
Water Conditions:
The PA free fish day is 5/30/21 this year, to clear up from the last post. TIGHT LINES EVERYONE!
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 5/21/21
Water Conditions:
Weather for the weekend is looking pretty consist. Anglers are getting Walleye during the day but it can be a tough bite. Trolling at night can be more productive in shallows. This Sunday is also free fish day for any person that doesn't have a license. Take advantage of this and enjoy what Lake Erie has to offer. TIGHT LINES!