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Location: PI and Bay
Time Observed: 3/1/21
Water Conditions:
If you are going to go out on the ice please use extreme caution. After the warm weather over the weekend, shore ice can be unsafe. TIGHT LINES !
Location: PI and Lake Erie tribs
Time Observed: 02/26/21
Water Conditions:
After the last couple warm days, some of the upper sections of tributaries have opened up. Some steelhead anglers are taking advantage of this. As for ice fishing, please be careful as soft spots can happen and shore ice can become very unsafe due to temps rising. TIGHT LINES!
Location: west of chestnut
Time Observed: 2/24/21
Water Conditions: 8" of ice
took home 22 nice perch. many small ones too! big ones didn't start hitting till 10am. be careful after friday. ice could be unsafe soon!!!!
Location: PI and Bay
Time Observed: 02/24/21
Water Conditions: Frozen
Not much has changed in the last few days with fishing. The rain that the Erie area received made the snow on the ice slushy. With that in mind continue to be careful when walking out on the ice. Anglers are still catching small perch with a few jumbos in the mix. Watch the up coming weather for the best days to fish. TIGHT LINES!
Location: PI and Bay
Time Observed: 2/22/21
Water Conditions: FROZEN
Over the weekend there was a decent amount of pressure on the bay. Some anglers did well and others didn't get so lucky. The one compliant that all the anglers had was the amount of shorts you had to catch in order to keep a fish. Bigger fish should be coming into the bay soon until then TIGHT LINES and be safe.
Location: east of chestnut
Time Observed: 2/18 and 2/19
Water Conditions: 8" of ice
out about 600 yards. kept 12 slabs friday and 8 saturday! lots of small ones also!!!
Location: PI and creeks
Time Observed: 2/18/21
Water Conditions: FROZEN
Anglers continue to try and find decent perch in the bay. The amount of shorts caught to keepers is getting worse. For steelhead anglers most of the creeks and fishable water is still locked up. Continue to watch the 7 day forecast to pick the best days to fish. TIGHT LINES
Location: The bay
Time Observed: 2/12-2/14
Water Conditions: 6 inches of ice
Picture of all the huts on the bay over the weekend.
Location: Lake Erie and PI
Time Observed: 02/15/2021
Water Conditions:
Over the weekend anglers fished the bay. Most anglers reported that smaller perch were being caught with a 1 to 10 ratio to get bigger perch. Surrounding inland lakes are fishing also. Remember to always wear your picks and bring your spud bar. No ice is safe ice! TIGHT LINES -Josh
Location: yacht club
Time Observed: 2/13/21
Water Conditions: 6" of hard ice
Had fun catching tons of 5" to 6" perch! Ended up with 5 slabs!
Location: Lake Erie and PI
Time Observed: 2/12/21
Water Conditions:
Anglers are out on the bay fishing now along with misery and horseshoe. Ice conditions are any where from 4-6 inches of ice. Most anglers are getting a lot of shorts with some keepers in the bay. This should change shortly. Remember to spud your way out still and that no ice is safe ice. TIGHT LINES
Location: Presque Isle 3rd parking lot
Time Observed: 2/11/21
Water Conditions: 5" Ice
Fished straight out from 3rd parking lot. Started @ 12 ft. and caught about 15 small Perch. Made a 100yard move to 14 ft. and caught alot of smaller perch mixed in with some medium and a couple jumbos. The perch were really feeding. I spent the whole day on the ice and really enjoyed finally getting out on the hard water!
Location: yacht club
Time Observed: 2/9/21
Water Conditions: calm
6 inches of hard ice. lots of little ones
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 02/09/21
Water Conditions:
With temps below freezing the last few night in the Erie area, good ice should be forming again on the PI. Anglers were also fishing off chestnut in the bay trying there luck for perch. Steelhead fishing has paused at the moment. Most streams are slushed or locked up. Continue to watch the weather to plan the best day to go out and fish. -TIGHT LINES
Location: PI
Time Observed: 2/5/21
Water Conditions:
The ice tournament that was on the PI was cancelled today due to unsafe ice. It was moved to Lake Arthur. If you are going to be going out on the ice over the weekend be careful and spud bar everything. TIGHT LINES -Josh
Location: Lake Erie tribs and PI
Time Observed: 2/3/21
Water Conditions:
Misery bay and horseshoe pond have had anglers on it for about a week now. Panfish and some perch have been what most anglers are targeting. Remember to spud bar your way out still as ice can be unpredictable. As for steelhead fishing, when anglers can find open water fish have been biting. Continue to watch the weather and pick the best days to go out. TIGHT LINES -Josh