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Location: Erie Shoreline
Time Observed: 5/14/2024
Water Conditions: Calm
The shore bite for walleye has been excellent in the dusk, nighttime, and early morning hours. Casting shallow stickbaits and plugs is the ticket. The night trolling bite has also been good out of Walnut. Good luck!
Location: Walnut Creek Marina
Time Observed: this weekend
Water Conditions:
Any update on walleye actions during the day? I would like to head up this Sat to troll a little.
Location: any one getting perch in the lake
Time Observed: still getting eyes of walnut
Water Conditions: calm
any one getting perch in the lake
Location: Lower elk
Time Observed: 4/2/2024
Water Conditions: Blown out
Very high and brown this afternoon.
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 3/15/2024
Water Conditions: Rising
The tribs are on a slow rise, but have good flow and color at the moment. They will probably continue to rise and color will become more stained, but if they plateau out and begin to drop again conditions will be solid. You will find mostly dark fish with the occasional stray fresh one mixed in this late in our steelhead season. There is still potential for good fishing though. Remember, you will catch smolts while steelhead fishing in the spring. Handle them with care as they are extremely fragile!
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 3/1/2024
Water Conditions: Good Flow, Good Color
Conditions are solid this morning and it’s a beautiful day, lots of sun with a high of 52. Flows are good and the tribs have a nice green tint to them. Beads, egg pattern flies, egg sacs, and jigs are all good options. Should be a solid day of fishing!
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 2.26.2024
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
It’s starting to feel like spring with several days of over 50 degree highs forecasted for this week and plenty of sunshine. Pretty obscure for the end of February in NW PA! We finally had some decent rain to put some water in the tribs this weekend and provide solid fishing, but we’re now back down to low and clear flows. Mostly old fish with the odd fresh one dotted around.
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 2.9.2024
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Not much change since our last report, conditions are very low and clear. However, no chance of there being slush this morning, with a first light air temp of 50 degrees! It feels more like April than February. We are forecasted to get some rain tomorrow, but it doesn’t look to be anything significant. Fingers crossed for better conditions soon!
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 2.7.2024
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Mornings have been chilly, which has some slush on the tribs to start the day. It will burn off as soon as the sun gets high. Another day in the mid 40s with mostly bluebird skies, but the tribs are still very low and clear. The good news is fishing pressure is light, so if you find some fish you will likely have them to yourself.
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 2.5.2024
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
The tribs are low and clear, and it looks like they’ll be staying that way until at least the weekend with not much rain in the forecast. The greatest numbers of fish are in the upper stretches of the creeks. Small beads, egg sacks, single eggs, and jigs are all good options.
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 2/2/2024
Water Conditions: Clear, Decent Flow
Conditions have settled to pretty low and clear again, but fishing is still good. There are lots of fish around, not a ton of fresh fish, but focusing efforts on the upper reaches of the tribs is producing very good numbers. This warm weather has them active and biting!
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 1.31.2024
Water Conditions: Good
Tribs are looking good today. Walnut is a bit on the clear side but with good flow and still a hint of that lovely green/gray tint. Fish are hungry after this thaw! Good luck.
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 1.29.2024
Water Conditions: Good Flow, Muddy
Walnut has good flow, but is still pretty dirty. Expect it to clear up quite a bit into good conditions by the afternoon. Elk might need a little more time, but the upper stretches will be fishable soon!
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: 1/26/2024
Water Conditions: Blown Out
Tribs are open but totally blown out still. There is lots of ice on the banks that’s going to continue to melt and prevent flows from rapidly dropping. Stay patient, we’ll be fishing before we know it!
Location: lower elk
Time Observed: 1/16/2024
Water Conditions: Frozen over
ice from bank to bank