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Location: PI,Bay,tribs
Time Observed: 3/25/2019
Water Conditions: clear
Fish are scattered throughout all the tribs of Lake Erie right now. There are a decent amount of fresh jacks in the lower sections of some creeks. They have dumped a lot of smolts in so be gentle when releasing them. The PI and bay are giving up some perch and pan fish. Mixed in with those fish are also steelhead in the bay. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON!
Location: Erie tribs
Time Observed: 3/23
Water Conditions: Low an clear
Had to do some searching an fish were very spooky but found a few nice ones for the smoker. Tight lines all
Location: 3/23/2019
Time Observed: 3/23/2019
Water Conditions: Low, Clear
The stream conditions remain low and clear heading into the weekend. The steelhead have been hitting just about everywhere on minnow and egg patterns. The bay is starting to pick up on perch fishing and Pymatuning has been steady for perch and crappie.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/22/2019
Water Conditions: Low, Clear
The streams will be low and clear today and will remain that way for the next few days. There are still a good number of fish biting on the west side tribs. There are some perch being caught on the Presque Isle side of the bay and there are some steelhead mixed in. The crappie and perch are hitting at Pymatuning Lake mostly in the shallow bays. The walleye bite is slowly starting and will continue getting better as it warms up.
Location: Tribs, Bay and Inland
Time Observed: 3/21/2019
Water Conditions: Clear
The stream conditions will be low and clear today with maybe a little color from the rain last night. There has been good fishing on the west side creeks and its been hit and miss on the east side tribs. The bay is thawed out for the most part and large portions of the inland lakes. The perch bite on the bay has been a bit slow by most reports but this should pick up soon. Pymatuning is about ready to be really good fishing. There have been reports of anglers getting perch and crappies but these spots have been kept quiet.
Location: Tribs
Time Observed: 3/20/2019
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Streams continue to drop and clear up, but the fishing has remained fair to good. Most anglers have hooked into a few on each outing with a mix of singles, sacs, minnows, and jigs. There are fish actively spawning at this time, and with temperatures expected to be up to 50 degrees over the next few days, the water temperatures will rise and encourage more spawning. Along with all the smolts now in the streams, please use caution and handle all fish with care.
Location: Lake Erie tribs,Pi
Time Observed: 3-19-2019
Water Conditions: low and clear
There are fish spread through out the all of the lake Erie tribs from the east side to the west side of town. Anglers have been catching a mixed bag of fresh fish and chrome fish. Smolts are also in with them so be careful when catching and releasing them they are our future steelhead. The bay and PI guys are catching some perch in the bay along with fresh steelhead. Ticket to success in the bay is spot hoping to find the fish. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON!
Location: erie tribs
Time Observed: 3-18-2019
Water Conditions: good
All of the Erie tribs are fish able from the east to the west side of town. Smolts have been dropped in some of the creeks now. Be gentle with these little guys they are our future steelhead. With the ice disappearing open water is available to fish. Anglers are catching perch and steelhead in the bay.
Location: Upper Elk
Time Observed: 3/16 - 3/17
Water Conditions: good but getting low
Water was a little high on Saturday and dropped to almost perfect levels Sunday. Caught several fish at a number of different locations. Fish were in usual locations. Lots of smolts in most areas. Make sure to handle with care. Not overly crowded and talked with a lot of friendly fishermen (and women).
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/17/2019
Water Conditions: Good
Stream conditions should be good the next few days. The fishing has been good on the west side creeks and should remain good. They are still mostly catching fish on jigs and egg sacks. The bay is mostly open and there is so open water inland. The spring panfish season is starting to get underway.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/15/2019
Water Conditions: Poor
The conditions for most of the creeks today appear to be higher water than most anglers would prefer. The creeks may recede and become fishable by mid afternoon. The bay should be completely open water within the next couple of days and the spring panfishing season should be begin soon. There are reports that most of Pymatuning Lake is open water now so that should begin very shortly.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/14/2019
Water Conditions: Good
The ice fishing appears to be over for the year with the warm temps. The spring panfishing should start the next week or two after everything thaws out. There were several reports of anglers doing well fishing the west side tributaries yesterday. Most anglers were floating egg sacks and jigging.
Location: Erie Tribs
Time Observed: Mar 9
Water Conditions: Some ice
Well we did good, but the conditions we not the best but we got some for the grill, 5 guys a couple fish a piece,That is not a waste as some have said, oh by the way I buy my license and I eat fish,I help replenish the fish,The waste is when they die in 5 years and sink to the bottom of the stream.none of our fish is wasted. Good fishing and to each his own.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/13/2019
Water Conditions: Good
Stream conditions appear to be good this morning. With rain and warm weather in the upcoming days there should be a good push of fish running. The jig bite continues to be the most consistent. Ice fishing is coming to an end and is very unstable where is ice. With the warm weather and rain this will be gone this week and it will start the early spring fishing.
Location: Lake Erie Tribs, PA
Time Observed: 3/12/2019
Water Conditions: Fishable
The Lake Erie tribs should still be on the drop today. With most coming into shape and being able to fish. Some might have a slight off color hue to them. Most of them though should fish from the east to the west side of town. Most of the ice is not safe any more. If you do find ice please proceed with caution. Some inland lakes still have some ice but the season is wrapping up for the most part. TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON!
Location: Erie tribs
Time Observed: 3/7- 9
Water Conditions: Slim
Had a good time with gregs guppie guide really had to work for them with the ice cover managed to get a couple for the grill tho. Good luck all
Location: tribs,lakes,Pi
Time Observed: 3/11/19
Water Conditions: High water
With the rain from yesterday the lake Erie tribs are still high and off colored. Some of the tribs could be fishable by mid afternoon and later in the day. All of the ice in the bay is not safe any more. The first and second parking lot on the bay has been affected by flooding.
Location: Erie tribs
Time Observed: 3/9
Water Conditions: Clear, but icy
Had to search to find some open water, but found a few an got someone their first steelhead. Always a great trip, even with conditions being far from perfect. Tight lines all.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/9/2019
Water Conditions: Warming Up
The fishing conditions remain the same today as the last few days in terms of the ice. As for the streams, they are surprisingly starting to clear up. As of this morning, anglers are starting to return to the access areas of Elk Creek. Lake Chautauqua is still producing perch, walleye, and some crappie.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/8/2019
Water Conditions: Ice
The fishing conditions remain the same today as the last few days. The creeks are iced over for the most part. Misery Bay and Marina Lake still has ice anglers on it. Lake Chautauqua remains on fire for perch, walleye and some crappie are being reported.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/7/2019
Water Conditions: Ice
There were no reports in the store yesterday of anglers fishing the creeks. Until we have a warm spell it may be tough fish the tribs unless you break up the ice. Marina Lake and Misery Bay are were most anglers are fishing for panfish. The final stretch of ice fishing appears to be here and the Chautauqua Lake walleye bit will continue to be good until it closes in a week in a half.
Location: Erie Sport Show
Time Observed: March 1 &2
Water Conditions:
Captains John and Bob and First Mate Nancy wish to thank all the old and new anglers who fished on the boat and who stopped by and visited us at the "AKA Walleye Pirate" booth at the show. Much discussion was of the 2018 drift season and the "Western Basin" Method of Cast, Count and Drag fishing that boated over 3,500 "Eyes" of which over 1,700 +- were boxed! The anglers who learned this method of fishing generally left the boat with their limit! The boat also landed over 600 jumbo perch and a large no. of trash fish! The boats crew hopes to have the boat in the water, weather depending, by the middle of May.
Location: Tribs, Bay, Inland
Time Observed: 3/6/2019
Water Conditions: Ice
Most of the creeks remain locked up and are going to stay that way into the beginning of next week. Presque Isle Bay remains fishable on Misery Bay, Marina Lake in some spots and on Horseshoe Pond. Pymatuning is continuing to produce a good amount of crappie and perch. We have been getting countless reports of the walleye bit on Lake Chautauqua. Specifically in front of the creek mouths with perch also biting in shallow water.
Location: Tribs, Bay, Inland
Time Observed: 3/5/2019
Water Conditions: Ice
Most of the creeks are locked and will remain frozen for the next week until we get a thaw. Presque Isle Bay has been fishable on Misery Bay, Marina Lake in spots and Horseshoe Pond. Pymatuning has been producing a good amount of crappie and perch. Lake Chautauqua has been producing a lot of walleye in front of the creek mouths and perch in shallow water.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/4/2019
Water Conditions: Icing Over
Presque Isle has refrozen since being wide open early last week. The ice is thin, but folks have been out on it. There has been few reports since things refroze, so we'll have more updates as folks get back out on the ice. If you're planning to go out, take the spud bar, safety equipment, and use caution. The streams are refreezing as well and most slower pools will likely be locked up by mid-week. Before this most recent cold spell, steelhead fishing was decent on jigs, eggs, and sacs. Whether you're a local or visiting our area, remember that snagging steelhead IS ILLEGAL and that people are watching while you fish. Unfortunately, we saw some first-hand snagging behavior over the weekend. Please respect these fish and our fishery!
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 3/1/19
Water Conditions: Icy
Most of the streams are locked up at this point and will most likely not be fishable through the weekend. The only good report as this time is the ice fishing on Lake Chautauqua has been heating up for panfish and walleye. Most of the panfish are being caught in 10 FOW or less and the walleye anglers seem to be anywhere from 20-40 FOW.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/28/2019
Water Conditions: Slushy
Most of the creeks today are going to be slushy from the cold and snow we have had in recent days. We had a few anglers come in that fished Elk Creek yesterday with some good success. The bay is mostly still unfishable through the ice, however, hopefully the ice will grow from the incoming cold temperatures and we should be able to get on the bay by sometime next week. There still a few anglers fishing Marina Lake and some of the inland lakes.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/27/2019
Water Conditions: Poor
The bay for the most part is not fishsable through the ice. There is slight hope we could see ice fishing again next week. There are still guys fishing inland on lakes such as Chautauqua. Steelhead fishing has been good for the last week on upper Elk Creek and some fish are being caught on lower Walnut Creek. The jig bite has been very good and really any minnow pattern has been producing.
Location: Tribs, Lakes, PI
Time Observed: 2/25/2019
Water Conditions: Moderate
The big story this weekend was the intense winds that started late Saturday and are still raging as of this report (8:45 am Monday). Until the storm came through, there was a number of anglers out on the streams and ice, with decent catches being reported all around. Steelhead were being caught throughout the streams, mainly near the mouths, on a variety of baits. Perch and panfish were being pulled through the ice with decent regularity on the regular ice lures tipped with maggots. Once the storm set in, most folks got off the water and there's been almost no one fishing since late Saturday. The winds should subside throughout the day today and we should have a better idea of what the conditions look like tomorrow morning.