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Erie Area and Lake Erie Weather


Fishing in the region is heavily dependent on the weather. The ability of Lake Erie to rapidly change from calm to stormy is well-known to veterans of the lake. Mariners should take heed of all marine warnings and "keep an eye on the sky." Fishing in the streams is also heavily dependent on the flow and clarity of the water, which is typically governed by the amount and intensity of recent rains or snow melt.

Erie's weather almost always approaches from the west. If it is raining in Eastern Ohio, odds are it will soon be raining in Western Pennsylvania.

Official wind and wave reports for the Lake Erie waters often do not accurately reflect actual conditions on the Lake. Additionally, the conditions in one part of the lake, say off Walnut Creek Access, could be substantially different than the conditions off another part, like the North East Marina. A call to a bait shop or marina may be your best source for information about actual conditions on the lake at your launch site.

The following links provide information about weather in the region.


Weather Conditions and Forecasts

  1. Current Conditions at Erie - From NOAA
  2. Erie Area Conditions and Forecast - From the National Weather Service
  3. Erie Area Conditions and Forecast - From Weather Underground
  4. Erie Area Conditions and Forecast - From US Weather Pages (Includes almanac and moon phases)
  5. Erie Area Conditions and Forecast - From Weather.com
  6. Erie Area Conditions and Forecast - From Accuweather
  7. Erie Area Forecast - From NWS
  8. Regional Radar at Buffalo - From NWS
  9. Regional Radar at Cleveland - (Our weather generally comes from the west)
  10. Google Satellite Image
  11. Road Conditions in Northwest Pennsylvania - From the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  12. Road Conditions in Ohio - From the Ohio Department of Transportation
  13. Erie Climate Summary - Includes recent rain amounts (from NWS - text only)
  14. USGS Gauges for Pennsylvania (Excludes waters in the Ohio River basin)
  15. Corps of Engineers Stream Gauges Select the Pittsburgh District, then the Allegheny River Basin, for information on Oil Creek, French Creek and others, including streams in southern Erie County
  16. USGS Water Gage on Brandy Run (A small tributary to Elk Creek)
  17. USGS Water Gage on Cattaraugus Creek at Gowanda, NY
  18. USGS Water Gage on Grand River near Painsville, Ohio
  19. USGS Water Gage on Oil Creek at Rouseville (US Corps of Engineers Page)
  20. USGS Water Gage on Walnut Creek (Lower Walnut Creek PAF&BC Project Water)


Marine Weather Products

  1. Near Shore Lake Erie Marine Forecast - From the NWS
  2. Off Shore Lake Erie Marine Forecast - From the NWS
  3. Buoys off Presque Isle - Click on the "Near Shore Buoy" link; the bouy off Walnut Creek is not currently deployed
  4. Current Lake Erie Water Levels at Erie, PA - From NOAA's Center for Operational Oceaongraphic Products and Services (the listing of stations is HERE)
  5. Conditions at the Dunkirk, New York Buoy
  6. Conditions at Conneaut Harbor - (The map is HERE)
  7. Lake Erie Operational Forecast System
  8. Surface Water Temperatures at the Port of Lake Erie