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Club meetings, tournaments and events still canceled or postponed
Most local club events, shows and banquets remain either canceled or postponed. Updates will be posted when new events are scheduled. 
Winter stocking in Erie area waters happened the week of Dec. 7
During the week of December 7, the PA Fish and Boat Commission stocked the East and West Basin Ponds, Lake Pleasant and the Gravel Pit. For more information, see the stocking schedule issued by the PFBC.
PA Fish & Boat Commission collecting steehead at Trout Run
The PA Fish and Boat Commission released its schedule for collecting steelhead at Trout Run for spawning. Collection dates are November 16, November 23, December 7, December 14, January 4, January 11, and January 25. Collection takes place at the foot of Avonia Road, typically in the early morning. Dates may changed due to weather conditions. The public is welcome to watch but cannot participate this year due to Covid restrictions. Also due to the current restrictions, the spawning that takes place at the Fairview Hatchery will be closed to the public.