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Recent News

Walleye are in season!

The current season for walleye in Lake Erie opened on May 1, 2017, with the Lake Erie Tributaries, Presque Isle Bay and Peninsula Waters having opened on May 6, 2017. Walleye season is now in full swing for Erie, PA! For more information regarding season changes, please visit the FishErie Regulations page.

2017 Perch and Walleye Limits Set

The PA Fish and Boat Commission has announced the 2017 Lake Erie creel limits for yellow perch and walleye. Both species limits will remain the same as 2016 - 30 per day for yellow perch and 6 per day for walleye. For more information, please visit the PA Fish and Boat Commission website.

2017 PA Trout Stocking Schedules Now Available

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) has released their Trout Stocking Schedules for 2017. To view, click here or download the PFBC app, "FishBoatPA." For more information from the PFBC, visit their website.

New Regulations for Pymatuning Reservoir Take Effect March 1

Effective March 1, the daily limit for crappie on both the PA and OH side of the Pymatuning Reservoir moves to 20 fish per day, with a nine-inch minimum size. For more information, click HERE.

Monthly Fly Tying Classes at FishUSA

FishUSA will be holding monthly fly tying classes for both beginner and advanced fly tiers. All classes are held on either the first Tuesday of the month (Beginners) or the third Thursday (Advanced), except for the July Beginners class, which will take place on Wednesday, July 5. All classes are 2 hours long, lasting from 6-8 PM each evening. Classes are limited to 12 seats and a flat registration fee of $10 for 12 classes is required. To register, please contact FishUSA or visit our Pro Shop, 6960 West Ridge Road, Fairview, PA 16415.

The following are the dates and species for the classes. 
April - Trout

 Beginner - April 4        
 Advanced - April 20
May - Trout

 Beginner - May 2

 Advanced - May 18
June - Bass

 Beginner - June 6

 Advanced - June 15
 July - Bass

 Beginner - July 5 (Wed.)

 Advanced - July 20
 August - Carp & Panfish

 Beginner - August 1

 Advanced - August 17
 September - Musky

 Beginner - September 5

 Advanced - September 21
 October - Steelhead Streamer

 Beginner - October 3

 Advanced - October 19
 November - Steelhead

 Beginner - November 7

 Advanced - November 16
 December - Steelhead

 Beginner - December 5

 Advanced - December 21