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deep-fried smallmouth bass

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  1. 3-4 pounds' worth of bass (see notes)
  2. sunflower oil (not rafinated)
  3. spices of your choice and salt


  1. Use the bass that are 25cm or shorter in length (it may be a gotcha, since this breed is not in every lake, but you can use any other good-tasting fish of similar size for this recepe). Scale and gut, remove heads, if you want. Stack the fishes in the upright position (fins up) into a duck baking pot or something to that effect. Add your favorite spices after you complete each layer of fish in the pot. After all the pot if full or all fish you have is in it, pour the oil into it until it covers the fish (mind how much you put the pot, so that it does not boil over - always leave at least an inch between the top layer of fish and the brim of the pot). It's important to pack fish tightly, hence, you'll use less oil and get more cooked. Cover and put on the stove. Bring oil to a boil and slowly simmer for 3-4 hours (depends on just how slowly you simmer and how much you are cooking). The fish is done when you cannot feel the bones, so it may take a couple of time to try and see if you are getting there. After you're done, wait for it to cool and use in the same way you'd use sardines in oil you buy at your local store. Oil that's drained can be stored away for the next session. If you like it and plan doing this frequently, then there is no point using new oil every time (throwing away 2-3 cups of oil is just wasteful). In any case, the oil with the remaining fish crumbs in it (there will be crumbs, because this fish will be virtually falling apart - very gentle after this cooking technique) can be used as a gravy for mashed potatoes and fried caviar patties.
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