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Eggstacy egg

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simple but deadly fly pattern for trout and steelhead


  1. : Eggstacy yarn from Flybox uk in any color
  2. : scud hook or barbless grub/scud hook
  3. : 12/0 veevus thread
  4. : 7/64-5/32 slotted tungsten beads or 3.0-4.0 slotted tungsten bead


  1. Place hook in vise. If you are using a barbed hook smash the barb down so you can get the bead on the hook. I prefer a slotted tungsten bead in orange, pink or chartreuse
  2. Wrap the thread in front of the bead and place the bead 2-3 eye lengths behind the eye of the hook and secure it in place by doing x wraps
  3. Once the bead is tied down well move to in front of the bead. To make the egg take a small section of eggstacy yarn from fly box uk in any color. White, orange, peach, pink and red are my favorite colors. This material is kinda hard to find but just type eggstacy yarn into google and you can order it from several places. Holsingers fly shop has it online and in stock.
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