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White death variation

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This is a variation of the white death that I have been fishing for the last few seasons and with great success. Hook: Barbless tube fly hook 2-4 from moonlit hooks Weight: .20 or .25 lead wire Tail and Back: white zonker strip Body: medium silver polar chenille Thread: Your choice of bright uv colored thread for tying the tail and back in Black thread for the head Cement: nail polish of uv resin Place hook in vise and smash down the barb if there is one that you are using one with a hook barb such as the daiichi x point hooks. Cover the whole straight shank in your choice of lead and slide it back. Attach you bright colored thread personally I use pink, red and orange behind the eye of the hook and slide the lead forward and secure it in place. If you want the lead to stay in place add some super glue before you slide the lead forward. Once the lead is covered attack a small section of white zonker as your tail and make sure you have enough to pull over the body. Fur and all should hang slightly off the hook bend but experiment with different lengths. Once the fur is tied down attach a short section of polar chenille and tie the bright colored thread off. Attach your black thread behind the eye and wrap the polar chenille forward leaving room for a hook eye size thread head at the front of the fly. Tie the rabbit strip down and cut off any excess that is left. Cover the rabbit with thread wraps and create a nice head on the fly. Tie the black thread off and coat with your choice of head cement. Tips for fishing this fly: I typically run this fly on a two fly rig with this fly being the trailer behind a egg or stonefly. Tie some up and catch some fish.



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