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Glo Bug

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This is one method of tying this pattern, and there are several others. I found this one to produce the most uniform ball.


  1. Body : Glo Bug yarn


  1. Tie on slightly forward of center and make a manual half-hitch. Cut two pieces of yarn each about 2" in length. Lay one piece on one side of the shank, tie on with one or two loops over, then one in front and one in back (making a figure 8). Tie on other piece of yarn on the opposite side in the same manner. Put a drop of head cement in the center. Tie off, whip finish and cement the head. After the thread is tied-off, you cut the yarn to form the ball. The trick to this pattern is cutting the yarn correctly. Cut each piece of yarn close and directly parallel to the hook shank. A heavy scissors helps. If you cut at an angle to the shank, or cut one side further from the shank than the other, the ball will be uneven. The further you cut from the shank, the larger the diameter of the ball. Trim as necessary. If you want to add a "dot" of a different color, cut a third piece of yarn of a different color. Peel off most of the yarn so the contrasting piece is about one-quarter its original thickness. Lay this contrasting piece on one of the other pieces when it is tied in. For larger hooks, you may need one and one-half pieces of yarn on each side.
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