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The Bullet Stone

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This is one of my own patterns. Believe it or not this imitates a Stonefly nymph! Another variation I like is to use a gold cone-head, black Crystal Flash and brown marabou tail, and a brown hen hackle. The Estaz remains black pearl.


  1. Tail : copper Crystal Flash, shorter black marabou
  2. Body : Black pearl Estaz
  3. Collar : Sparse black hen
  4. Head : Copper conehead


  1. Slide the cone-head on the hook and wind on the thread to form a base.

    Tie on two long strands of copper Crystal Flash.

    Add another shorter tail of black marabou over the Crystal Flash. The marabou should be as long as the hook shank.

    Tie in the black pearl Estaz. Wind 4 or 5 turns forward to the cone-head.

    Wind two or three turns and tie off behind the cone-head.
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