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Jack O Lantern

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A favorite fall Landlock Salmon streamer of mine. Works well for trout also.


  1. Body : Flat Gold Tinsel
  2. Underwing : Sparse Yellow Polar Bear, little longer than hook
  3. Wing : Three orange saddles tied flat over the underwing
  4. Wing (Topping) : Two black saddles tied upright on top
  5. Cheeks : Short Jungle Cock


  1. Fasten your thread. Tie in the flat tinsel at the eye wind down and then back up. Tie in the Yellow Polar Bear (SPARSE), this should extend only a little beyond the hook bend. Lay on flat the three orange saddles over the bear. The same length. Tie in the black saddles normally (back to back). Tie in the short Jungle Cock cheeks. Form head and tie off.
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