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stlhdr86jtl Joel's Bruised Spey 1/7/2004
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 1/7/2004

I generaly fish this fly on the swing, but I have hooked up dead drifting it. It's a really effective fly when the fish are on the gravel spawning.
Spyder20oz DO Special 9/2/2002
Pattern Type: Streamer

Submitted: 9/2/2002

I fish this fly for largemouth (in a larger size) and smallmouth bass in the river. I fish this fly like a streamer with a few quick strips then let it sink.
MightyMidge Steve's Fishinator 5/6/2002
Pattern Type: Streamer

Submitted: 5/6/2002

This pattern is ridiculously simple to tie, and for a good reason. You will lose alot of them, some in very big fish. It imitates a small minnow perfectly. The blue metalic underbody gives just the right flash to draw the fishes attention, and the
Fisherboy86 Improved Black Stone 3/27/2002
Pattern Type: Nymph

Submitted: 3/27/2002

tradfly Red Tag 11/22/2001
Pattern Type: Wet fly

Submitted: 11/22/2001

A very old easy pattern for all trout and salmon.
tradfly The Bullet Stone 11/21/2001
Pattern Type: Nymph

Submitted: 11/21/2001

This is one of my own patterns. Believe it or not this imitates a Stonefly nymph! Another variation I like is to use a gold cone-head, black Crystal Flash and brown marabou tail, and a brown hen hackle. The Estaz remains black pearl.
tradfly Jack O Lantern 10/23/2001
Pattern Type: Streamer

Submitted: 10/23/2001

A favorite fall Landlock Salmon streamer of mine. Works well for trout also.
Jabber Jaw Glow Yarn Sucker Spawn 9/28/2001
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 9/28/2001

egg sac Crystal Bugger 3/4/2001
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 3/4/2001

crossuover12 Black Egg Sucking Leech 8/4/2000
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 8/4/2000

Yankee Angler Tom's 60 Second Red Head 7/31/2000
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 7/31/2000

If I only had one fly to use all season that works for all species of fish that run the Salmon River, this would be it. It imitates a black stone fly nymph with an egghead. We are simply combining 2 favorite sources of food. The best part about this
Fly Fish Erie Wooly Bugger 7/19/2000
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 7/19/2000

What can you say about the Wooly Bugger that hasn't already been written? It catches all species of game fish in fresh water and in salt water. I've even caught stripers in the saltwater estuaries of Narraganset Bay, Rhode Island on them. Here's how
Dan Sucker Spawn 7/13/2000
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 7/13/2000

You can use any thread for this pattern, although many say angora is best. This pattern is tied in a variety of colors, with cream being the most popular. There are many varieties. Many do not use any tail. Some use fluorescent thread. A bead hea
Dan Glo Bug 7/13/2000
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 7/13/2000

This is one method of tying this pattern, and there are several others. I found this one to produce the most uniform ball.
MADAY Crystal Meth 7/13/2000
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 7/13/2000

People are addicted to crystal meythaline, and steelhead are addicted to these.
Fly Fish Erie Purple Egg Sucking Leech 7/6/2000
Pattern Type: Steelhead

Submitted: 7/6/2000