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BARRYGOFISHIN Location: Cowell's Beach 45ft
Time Observed: 5/23
Water Conditions: Perfect
Slow perch bite but ended with 22. Another boat 30 ft from me limited. Lots of Jumbos.
johnthefisherman Location: Bay, stacks and cribs
Time Observed: 05/16-05/17
Water Conditions: Crystal Clear
Saturday, caught 37 bass total, 2 over 5 pounds, about 50/50 on largemouth and smallies in the bay, had good luck with a green pumpkin tube, and skipping rainbow trout colored senkos under the docks. Went out to the main lake, and hammered them on the tube, jerkbaits, and drop shots. Sunday, it seemed to slow down a bit, caught some smallies on the main lake as well as two drum, went back in the bay and caught all largemouth. All in all, a great weekend to be out.
dmrodannyo Location: Channel to cribs and off the point to 52 ft. of water
Time Observed: Friday 15 through Sunday 17
Water Conditions: Mostly calm
The O DANNY O fished shallow friday and saturday got some nice fish but no great numbers. The sunday Captain decided to go deeper off the point and found the JUMBOS in 52 foot of water, with most of the anglers limiting out.
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: off cribs 45ft
Time Observed: 5/15
Water Conditions: slight chop
Caught 10 Jumbo perch.Slow bite.fished 3 hrs.
dmrodannyo Location: Erie channel to cribs
Time Observed: may 8&9
Water Conditions: Calm both days a little south wind.
The ODANNYO has started the 2015 season early by catching some nice perch but no limits yet, the perch post spawn locations change daily until the perch and minnows start to school up and lake water temps level off. For trip info call us at 814-450-3571.
Time Observed: 5/8-5/9
Water Conditions: Flat-slight chop
Yesterday caught 18 bass 2 eye biggest 8.8lbsBlades & spoons.Today went 7of 9 on the lakers with wife.Biggest 15lbs.Spin n glows & dipsie spoons.
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: w's-freeport
Time Observed: 5/4
Water Conditions: calm to 2's
Caught another 19 same program,and yesterday forgot to add Walleye 30" released.
Time Observed: 5/3/14
Water Conditions: Great
Caught 20 smallies.3 hrs. Blades & jiggin spoons. 30 ft. water
pikepredator2 Location: lower elk at uncle johns
Time Observed: wed. 15 april
Water Conditions: nice flow and stain
fished from the wall at unk johns to the tubes. landed 2 and lost 2. lots of smolts and 1 sucker. this is my last steelhead trip before the trout guys fill the streams. see ya next october.
mossyoak01 Location: sixteen mile.../upper elk
Time Observed: 4/13/15
Water Conditions: good/clearing
Fished upper elk and all ran into was tons of suckers. Went to mouth of sixteen mile and caught 2 nice steelys and lost several. Caught on flies egg pattern/stoneflie type. Good for the smoker. Last trip up till fall.
shadeyg Location: Lake Aurther
Time Observed: 04/12/2015
Water Conditions: Calm
Water temp 49 degrees....light wind....Fished small minnows....bite was light
yoruready Location: Elk
Time Observed: 4/12/15
Water Conditions: Good flow, nice tint, but clearing
Decided to make one final steelhead trip for the season, fished Sunday for 5 hours, saw plenty of jacks, not as many larger steelies as I anticipated. Managed to get several hookups, landed 6 fish, kept a couple of 9 lb. fish for the smoker, great day to be on the stream. caught most fish on orange egg sacs, two caught on a white streamer.
twillerd Location: Conneaut Creek
Time Observed: Saturday and Sunday
Water Conditions: muddy, clearing, clear
well another wonderful 2 days on the water. started out Saturday afternoon muddy water but still ended up catching 8. Went to a small stream that feeds the main river caught 9 in about an hour and a half. went back out Sunday morning ending up in six in about 2 hours. fished again Sunday afternoon and got 4 more. All in all probably had about 40 hook ups. sucker spawn glow bugs.
hogang Location: Walnut, 4,7, 12 mile
Time Observed: 4/10/15
Water Conditions: Muddy / Stained - 1 ft visibility
Not many fish landed, total of 5 for three of us, this number approaches 20 in the fall season. Lots of Jacks. Thought walnut would produce; however does not appear many fish have decided to visit the Manchester Hole. Headed east to find muddy water and not many more fish. 4 mile appeared most promising however not ideal for fly rods at the mouth (wind and deep water). Not much company on the water which made for enjoyable day. Enjoy trout / bass season everyone.
fisherofmen376 Location: westside
Time Observed: 4/8/ 4/9
Water Conditions: good
not that many fish. Caught a few on elk, a few on walnut. More jacks than older bigger fish.