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dmrodannyo Location: 68 ' off the Hammermill stacks - point.
Time Observed: 9-19-14 O Danny O Perch Boat.
Water Conditions: S Winds, Waves from the East., Current from West!
Same location as yesterday different results. Full limits for all the warm passengers MOST fish were JUMBOS! Hope the good weather holds for the weekend, the big white boat will be out there.
dmrodannyo Location: 69 Deep off of point
Time Observed: 9-18-14 O Danny O Perch Boat
Water Conditions: 1' in the morning 2'-3' at end of trip
A lot of warm passengers caught a lot of limnits with a lot of JUMBOS today.
Pope Location: 65' off the Light
Time Observed: Wensday 9/17 am
Water Conditions: 1 to 3s close chop
Last trip of the season for us, pulled boat. 2 man limit in 2 1/2 hours, mostly jumbos. Many thanks to the reporters on this site for your information, or I would have fished way shallower. 1big1 out.
dmrodannyo Location: OFF THE POINT, DEEP
Water Conditions: CALM TO ROUGH
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: Point-65ft.
Time Observed: Today
Water Conditions: 1-2's
Same as Mon. 2 guys 2 limits. Not as many Jumbos today.
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: Point-65ft.
Time Observed: 9/15
Water Conditions: 1-2's
2 guys 2 limits 2 hrs.Mostly Jumbos.
Trader Jack Location: 70 fow
Time Observed: 9/15/14 - Edward John Perch Fishing
Water Conditions: Light Chop
Edward John Perch Fishing 9/15/14 AM Trip - Well, I wasn't really expecting much after some rough weather over the weekend. A bit on the chilly side with some light SW winds and a light chop. Capt. Justin and 1st Mate "Cuzz" put 39 anglers over a school of some very nice sized perch way out in 70 fow. A really good bite with lots of doubles and triples being caught all over the "Big Red Boat". The bite fell off the last hour but not before 39 anglers pulled 719 perch over the rail today with 7 anglers limiting out. Another fun outing. Keep on bitin'. <*(((((><
pawpawdan Location: 4mi to canadaway
Time Observed: 9-12-14
Water Conditions: low and clear in pa, faster in ny
arrived at dawn, got a 27" hen in pa. very close to the lake before 7 am. ventured east and saw fish in 7mi., 12mi., 20 mi., and chattauqua. all very close to the lake. only saw 1 other fish caught, it was at 20mi. it won't be long now, talked to the other guys out scouting, they saw limits at walnut mouth at day break.
highroller Location: out of walnut
Time Observed: sunday 9-14
Water Conditions: 1ft to calm
Found the perch pack west of the point in 67 -68 ft of water around the big red boat.First drop we picked up 2 limits of perch a few jumbos and some nice siver bass.Went trolling towards walnut only had one good fish on and broke off. Caught many siver bass while trolling in 68-73ft of water.Steelhead are being caught at walnut early morning and at night.
mountain-worm Location: Lake Erie, 68 ft., west of the point
Time Observed: Sunday 09-14-14
Water Conditions: 1ft.waves and less
Got out late, but still got a limit of nice large sized perch, and one big fat silver bass. Beautiful day to be on the water!
Fisher of Men Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Monday September 8
Water Conditions: 1-3ft occasional 4ft
Walleye Perch and Trout are still being caught off North East. Presque Isle, Walnut Run and Conneaut. I am hoping to go up several more times. Last trip we focused on walleye and we got one in the box, lost one at the boat and through a small one back. We fished 75ft. We talked to two boats who picked up their limits in 65ft. They were catching limits of walleyes in 95ft just off the mountain. Perch fishing is still going well The trout (steelhead and browns) will soon be staging outside the streams. A nice brown was picked up in 65ft of water. They are picking up a few in the streams now. Fishermen are on the wall of Walnut mostly in the morning and evening. I am not a charter boat. But if you're interested in fishing on my boat and share expenses let me know.
Trader Jack Location: Off Beach 10
Time Observed: 9/10/14 - AM Trip Edward John Perch Fishing
Water Conditions: Decent chop 1-2's to calm
Edward John Perch Fishing - 9/10/14 - Capt. Justin and 1st Mate Jason put us over a decent school of perch this morning in the usual area off Beach 10. The wind was an issue early on again today blowing 20+. This bunch of perch was not as numerous or as cooperative as we've had in the past couple of weeks. None the less, 19 fishermen pulled in 468 perch today. Three anglers limited out and several were in the mid-to-upper twenty's on count. A real nice haul before the approaching weather from the west. Keep on bitin'. <*(((((><
Trader Jack Location: 55 fow off Beach 10
Time Observed: 9/9/14 - Edward John Perch Fishing
Water Conditions: 2' chop with heavy wind to calm at noon
Edward John Perch Fishing - 9/9/14 - Its starting to get insane. The fishing is just phenomenal, every day now is better than the next over the last three weeks. Capt. "One-Drop" Justin and 1st Mate Joey put us over the same wild and wooly herd of perch we've been after all week. The wind was fierce (30+ mph) early on making things challenging.This bunch of perch is so aggressive they just might start jumping over the rail by themselves before the season is over. 10 to 15 foot thick school of perch on the radar screen just attacking anything that is thrown over. In 55 foot of water off Beach 10 again. We were able to head back to port early today with a "full-boat-limit" as 36 anglers hauled in 1,080 (one-thousand and eighty) perch. Excellent day. Keep on bitin'. <*(((((><
Time Observed: 9/9
Water Conditions: 2's
Limit 3hrs.54ft. Few Jumbos
Pope Location: 55' off the Condos
Time Observed: Monday 9/8 am
Water Conditions: 2' chop 74 degree water
We started in 57', marked fish, no biters. Moved to 55' smashed them. 3 limits 2 hours. Size was unimpressive, only a few jumbos. 1big1
dmrodannyo Location: Off of the stacks in 60' of water
Time Observed: From.Thursday Sept.4 to Sunday Sept.7.
Water Conditions: Choppy
After a challenging summer the O Danny O Perch Boat had 4 boat limits and one near boat limit fishing from Thursday 9/4 through Sunday 9/7, this is now our fall trip schedule. Friday we were limited @ 9:53 and on Sunday limited by 10:51. Lets hope the "full moon" does not break up the perch schools. The crew of the O-D-O sends condolences to the family of "Jo-Jo", a friend of all the crew on the O Danny O.
Trader Jack Location: 57 fow off Beach 10
Time Observed: 9/8/14 - Edward John Perch Fishing
Water Conditions: Started with a nice light chop, ended calm
Edward John Perch Fishing - 9/8/14 - Just another great ride, the never ending story of perch fishing on the Big Red Boat. It took a second drop, some anglers were done on the first drop at 9:05, but Capt. Justin and 1st Mate Jason parked us over one of the most aggressive schools of perch we've seen this season. Doubles and triples all over the boat. The first herd bugged out on us after a while, but the second herd stayed with us until we pulled anchor to head back. They were so relentless that 33 fishermen had no choice but to pull 912 (nine-hundred and twelve) perch over the rail today. 27 out of 33 anglers limited out. The perch were 10-feet-thick on the radar screen most of the morning, crazy. An awesome trip . . . Keep on bitin'. <*(((((><
AdamFel Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 9/7/2014
Water Conditions: Choppy
Went on my first charter today and had a blast. I caught 5 walleye one weighing 7.5 pounds, a steelhead, a sheepshead, and a few silver bass. My roommate caught 2 walleye, two perch, and a ton of silver bass. Can't wait to go back on a charter next year. Reports of steelhead fishing will be coming soon from the streams.
Pope Location: 57ft off Condos
Time Observed: Thursday 9/4 am
Water Conditions: 2s to 1s 74 degree water
Sounds like I should have been further West with EJ. We did 43 perch for 2 guys. The bite was feast or famine, caught them all in two twenty minute flurries. Fish were of decent size and conditions were beautiful, so I can't complain, but some times I still do. 1big1
Trader Jack Location: Edward John Perch Fishing
Time Observed: 9/4/14 JoJo the Fish Whisperer
Water Conditions: Beautiful
Edward John Perch Fishing - 9/4/14 - As great of a trip as this was today we were very saddened on the trip out this morning by news of the passing of our good friend and fishing buddy Joe Rensel, known to us on the Edward John as "JoJo the Fish Whisperer". I'm sure JoJo was enjoying watching us catch a full boat limit as he was passing over us on his way to his new fishing lake in the heavens. We missed him, particularly today. <*(((((><
Trader Jack Location: 59 fow off Presque Isle
Time Observed: 9-4-14 AM Trip Edward John Perch Fishing
Water Conditions: Light Chop to start (1's to 2's) ended calm
Edward John Perch Fishing - 9/4/14 AM Trip - Same story different day, but even better . . . Capt. Justin along with 1st mates Joey and Jason made three drops with the last one being perfection to say the least. 41 anglers limited out . . . yep, a full boat limit of 1,230 perch. Keep on bitin' . . . <*(((((><
brittman Location: northeast
Time Observed: 9-3
Water Conditions: 1-2
Walleye are stacked in the 90 ft range straight out of marina...boxed 15 today by noon... will be back out in the am for some more...
Trader Jack Location: 62 fow off Beach 10
Time Observed: 9/3/14 AM Trip - Edward John Perch Fishing
Water Conditions: Decent chop 1-2's to start ending light.
Edward John Perch Fishing - 9/3/14 AM Trip - What can I say, the story just keep going . . . great weather, great crew, great guys, great fishing . . . Capt. Justin and 1st Mate Jason corraled a nice herd of perch and were after them all morning long with several drops in the same area. When the battle was over we took no prisoners and 27 anglers put 519 perch in the coolers today with 9 full limits. The last drop was just awesome, lots of fun with some of the most aggressive fish of the season. They attacked us. Keep on bitin' . . . <*(((((><
skeinman Location: 20 mile
Time Observed: 8/31
Water Conditions:
Fished at mouth of stream early in the morning just at daylight. Casting lures and blue and silver worked. Ended up connecting on 2 steelhead which were only between 20 to 24''.A lot of casting and a tired arm for 23 fish. But just had to get the edge off before the real fishing turns on.
Trader Jack Location: 54 fow off Beach 10
Time Observed: 9/2/14 AM Trip - Edward John Perch Fishing
Water Conditions: 3-5's to start ending with 1-3's
Edward John Perch Fishing - 9/2/14 AM Trip - Rough waters once we got past the tip of the peninsula 3-5 ft. waves with a WSW wind blowing 15-18 mph. We got bashed around pretty good. Capt. "One-Drop" Justin and 1st Mate "Joey" anchored the big red boat in 54 fow off Beach 10, about a mile-and-a-half in from where we had been catching. Good bite to start and continued steady thru the entire morning. The biggest challenge we had was the wind and waves were beating us up making fishing a demand on your abilities at times. But, the perch were in a very cooperative mood today as 17 anglers hauled 348 perch over the rail. Nine anglers limited out. We got really drenched by rain on the way back in as we got back thru the channel and at the dock. I know I'm sounding kinda whiney, but I'd do it all over again tomorrow. Keep on bitin' . . . <*(((((><
Grouse2028 Location: from stacks to west of lighthouse
Time Observed: 9/1
Water Conditions: 1/2'
Looked everywhere for the perch caught 8 in 4 hours. Went back to perch pack off stacks in 61 feet and caught 40 in 1.5 hours from 1230-200pm. Tough bite.
wormburner Location: North East
Time Observed: 8/29/14
Water Conditions: SE winds building 1-2 footers later calmer
Ran out in front of Freeport 95 to 115 feet of water with most fish taken in 106 -106 feet. Limit of walleye and released a smaller one. Various setups, Lead core and dipsey divers #3 200 feet back. Lures, blue berry muffin spoon, Renoski in perch pattern and Reef Runner in purple flash and green flash. Fish 55 to 60 feet down.
Pope Location: Off Condos 56ft
Time Observed: Friday 8/29 am 7:45-9:45
Water Conditions: 1ft then less 73degree water
Caught fish from the get go, had three limits in two hours. The screen was black with perch, couldn't keep our lines in the water. Fish were on the smaller side, only 3 jumbos and only 2 white bass caught. Fun day. 1big1
Trader Jack Location: 57' of water off Beach 10
Time Observed: 8/28/14 - Edward John Perch Fishing - AM Trip
Water Conditions: Started Rough (3-4's) ended with a light chop
Edward John Perch Fishing - 8/28 AM Trip - Started off rough with 3' to 4' waves early with 15 mph north winds which made the morning ride out interesting. Capt. Justin and 1st Mate "Joey" anchored in 57' of water. The bite started off good with lots of perch being caught, particularly in the stern. It tapered off after a couple hours and we made a quick move to a second spot which was just a short flash and over in 10 min. The third drop was a charm as the entire boat was catching and a really good late morning bite helped 34 anglers finish the day with 548 perch. 10 anglers limited out. By the time we pulled anchor to head back the winds had died down and the lake just had a light chop. Good fishing today . . . Keep on bitin' . . . <*(((((><
Fisher of Men Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Tuesday and Wednesday August 26-27
Water Conditions: 1-3ft Tuesday, 2ft or less Weds
Tuesday fishing north of Elk in 61-71 FOW. Fish down 50-57. Caught a few good size walleye and missed a big steelie at the boat. Wednesday went perching in am, picked up 75 and one small walleye. Went walleye fishing and missed two. From the Radio chatter it sounded like the walleyes were few and far between. Be safe on the water. thunds2 send me ane email
thunds2 Location: Erie
Time Observed: 8/28
Water Conditions:
Wondering if anyone is needing a guy to fish with for walleye or perch this weekend Saturday-Monday. Working in the area and unfortunately didn't bring my boat down. Very experienced Lake Michigan angler. Willing to pay for gas. Call me or text 9206640303 or email
Pope Location: Off the Light 56ft
Time Observed: Tuesday 8/26
Water Conditions: 2ft capping
The two of us caught 32 perch in 3 1/2 hours fishing, not too good, but better than zero of a week ago. We had wind out of South, waves out of West, under current out of East, made line control near impossible. Fish were all on the smaller side, no jumbos. 1big1
Trader Jack Location: North of Presque Isle
Time Observed: Edward John - 8/26/14 AM Trip
Water Conditions: 1-2's to calm
Edward John Perch Fishing - 8/26 AM Trip - Started off with a pretty heavy chop (1's to 2's) and brisk SSE wind (15-20 mph)., Capt. "One-Drop" Justin and 1st Mate "Joey" parked the big red boat in 58' of water all alone west of the perch pack. The bite started off pretty steady and really picked up after a half hour. Everyone was catching and several doubles and triples were brought over the rail. The entire perch boat pack was surrounding us by that time. By noon the bite dropped off and the winds died but not before 35 anglers brought 505 perch over the rail. Great fishing, lots of fun today. Keep on bitin' . . . <*(((((><
Lovgren69 Location: NorthEast
Time Observed: 08/25/14
Water Conditions: 1-3's
Headed out and ran west to the area where we had good marks last week. Roughly 12 mi northwest of harbor. Empty screen for miles! What a difference a week makes! Searched to the west from 90-105 fow and found more of the same-empty screen. Moved in closer and scouted 75-80 fow and found very sparse marks so set lines and continued to troll west. Pulled 2 hogs (29" & 30"), dropped 1 (20'), and loads of white bass. Very slow day and very few fish marked. Ended up 22 miles west of the harbor when we pulled lines. Very long boat ride back into the waves. Guess the fish are scattering and headed back west
highroller Location: Out of walnut
Time Observed: 8/24/14
Water Conditions: 1-3 then 3-5
Started out north to the perch pack in 54fow only got a few. Wind picked up so we trolled east towards the point in 62-64 fow picked up 2 walleye and lost 1. Then the wind picked up so we started drifting and picked up more Perch and lost a small eye at the boat 8oz weight with worm harness and spoons off of the down riggers 55ft down. Fun day out on the big lake.
Grouse2028 Location: beach 11 then west
Time Observed: 8/24
Water Conditions: 1-2 then flat then2-3
Started at perch pack off point plenty of boats but few marks. Caught 2 fish then moved west several miles. Caught 75 keepers between 4 anglers. Nice class of fish. Only 1 white bass and it was huge. Wind blew us off anchor so we quit.
Fisher of Men Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Friday August 22
Water Conditions: 1ft or less
Got a late start. Perched NW of Walnut in 54 FOW. Got 2 limits easily. Very few white bass. Lots of dinks thrown back. Lake like glass. Heard most walleye fishermen getting 4 or more in deeper water. Be safe on water.
gypsum fisher Location: lampee
Time Observed: 8-23-14
Water Conditions: 3-5ft
near shore bouy said 1-2ft got to lampee to see white caps and 3-5 fts...almost all boats that came to launch .turned and went home ..we stayed for 3hrs to see if things calmed down before we went home