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Location: walnut
Time Observed: 8/2/15
Water Conditions: 1' TO 3'
we went to our honey hole off the clay banks. we marked lots of fish in 42'. started catching fish. lots of junk fish plus some nice perch. after a hour they stopped. move many times nothing. the perch are just hit or miss. will start for walleyes this week. will post report on this latter.
Location: Lake Erie, off the point
Time Observed: Sun. 08/02/15
Water Conditions: 1 to 3's
Went north out of Lampe to 45 ft.,same area as last trip, nothing. Moved a little deeper to 55 ft. The bite was slow, but put 16 nice perch in the cooler. Got to keep picking away, the small bags of fish add up, still good eating...yum. :) till next time.
Location: Off Virginia's Beach
Time Observed: 8-2-15 AM
Water Conditions: 2-3ft from west
Son got a call from a buddy Sat evening, he had 2 seats open Sunday Am and offered to us. As we are novice big board fishermen we jumped at the chance. Headed west out of Walnut this AM - Set up big boards and dipsys in 34 ft off Virginias Beach. Made 8 passes and netted 6 eye and 1 perch. All but 1 eye were on dipsys, 1.6-2.0 mph. black/purple and watermelon harness 125 ft back on 3 setting. Something broke the front hook of a Renosky. Went out to 52 feet and no luck.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 7/25
Water Conditions: 1-3ft
Got a late start, 1st pole in the water at 10:45. Headed straight north out of walnut to 68-72ft. Lots of marks but the bite was slow. DId manage to pick up 7 eyes all on meat off of dipseys and riggers. Lost 5 or 6 more at the boat. It's getting better
Location: off walnut
Time Observed: 7-29-15
Water Conditions: flat,no wind,hot
went straight off walnut to 48 ft ,found an underwater structure and every time we swung over it we got some nice perch! 3 of us ended up with 90 beauties!
Location: The Great Lake Erie
Time Observed: 7/29 Wed. evening
Water Conditions: Calmmmmmmmm
It's getting better! 47 ft. North of the point, same area as Sun & Mon. The bite was slow, but put 10 jumbo perch in the cooler . The captain of the "Yard Sailor " and his daughter Miss E, we're fishing just west of me and brought over 10 more jumbos. Thanks! Big round hazy moon in the sky, getting ready for Friday's blue moon. Marked a ton of fish and bait fish on the screen. :) till next time.
Location: Off the Light various depths
Time Observed: 7/27- 7 to 10:30 am
Water Conditions: Flat - 74 degree surface temp
We had a good day water wise, no waves banging us around, and caught some perch too,...... we only needed 54 more to get our 2 man limit. 1big1
Location: Trout Run 74'
Time Observed: 7/27/15
Water Conditions: 1 foot or less
Ran a small program (2 dipseys, 2 flat lines). Yielded 6 walleye hookups, boated 3. A lot of junk. Things picking up.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Sin 7/26 & Monday 7/27
Water Conditions: 1 ft and less
Cruised the bay over to PI days For a while, then to 44ft off the point, only fished for a few minutes, but caught 4 nice perch. Went back out to 43 ft. Monday and we caught 14 nice perch and 1 goat, then they shut down. Kept marking alot, just weren't hungry. Can only get better! :) till next time.
Location: west of godfrey
Time Observed: 7/26/15
Water Conditions: calm to 1'
took my nephew & his 8year old daughter perching. we went to same spot we fished saturday in 42'. we caught 37 slab perch & 1 26' walleye. was a good weekend of fishing.
Location: 42 fow off trout run
Time Observed: 7/26/2015
Water Conditions: 1 ft er less
The wife and I perch fished for 3 hours in the pm and bucketed 24 perch. Was strong bite, then no bite then some bite and so on... moved to 45 fow and bagged a nasty sheep. What to do?! Went back in close to 42 fow and finished there. It's getting better. A blessing indeed. Heres a nice eye from another trip few years ago...
Location: The Mountain, off Walnut
Time Observed: 7/25 - 7/26
Water Conditions: 1-3 footers
The Mountain- Trolled for 8 hours in 130 FOW. Got a pair of 12" White Bass, a 16" Drum, and a solid 20" 5 pound Steelhead. Moved in to 50-55 FOW after that and picked up a nice 30" 11 pound Walleye. Off Walnut- Trolled for 6 hours around 70 FOW and pulled out 2 Eyes (26" 8 pounds and 28" 9 pounds) plus a dink 8" White Perch. After the Walleye which we caught fairly quick after starting, fish just stopped biting. Walleye season is finally starting to pick up for us trolling newbs :)
Location: godfrey,elk
Time Observed: 7/25/15
Water Conditions: 1' 2'
with info from trout run bait shop we set up in 43' between godfrey & elk. started catching perch at once. then the junk fish started. we moved once. still the same,junk fish. went back to were we started. we left with 70 big perch. best day so far for us three this year.
Location: OFF THE POINT, 60-75 FOW
Time Observed: SATURDAY, 7/26
Water Conditions: ROUGH 3-4S
Expecting a calmer lake tonight as NOAA was calling for waves 2 ft. or less. Wind picked up and we were trolling in 3 to 4s. This was an evening troll and we ran the same program as yesterday with less than stellar results. Switching up all evening and managed 2 eyes, a smaller one on a harness and dipsy and a hawg off the boards with a Rapala Tail Dancer. Also had a couple of big hits but no fish on. All fish and hits were in the 60s fow range. And just for some general info, we had a ton of smaller marks on the bottom in 60 ft. off Shades. Perch? Might be worth a look if you're heading out tomorrow.
Location: off condos
Time Observed: 7/25
Water Conditions: 2 to 4 ft
Started off in 74 fow ended up with 3 hook ups and 3 eyes landed nothing big though 19in ave. Ended up in the perch pack and ws picking through the numerous sheephead , silver bass and left at 11 with 15 nice perch, not to bad today
Location: North East of Godfrey
Time Observed: 7/23/15
Water Conditions: 1-3 ft. waves
Drift trolled in 40 fow north of Godfey Run. One limit of walleyes on three way swivels and spinners. 9AM to 1:30 PM
Time Observed: FRIDAY 7/24
Water Conditions: NICE. 1 FT. ROLLERS
First rod in about 7am. Thought it was going to be a great day today, 5 eyes on in an hour and a half. Lost the 1st one, boated 4. Then they just shut down. All fish today on Reef Runners either flat lined or on in-line planers, nothing on meat harnesses. All caught 74-75 fow.
Location: Conneaut to PA Line
Time Observed: 7/19/15
Water Conditions: West Wind - Waves less than 2'
7am: Out to 65-75 FOW Trolling with the wind, using a variety of stick baits on the boards. Had 10 Eyes in the box by 10am about 1/2 were Hogs, others were average. Limited with 18 by 12:30 back to the dock... we didn't have the perch gear with us.
Location: Light/Condos area
Time Observed: 7am-11am both days
Water Conditions: 1 to 3' both days
Here is my nothing to report post. 7/20 - 14 perch, 7/23 - 10 perch and one accidental 30" walleye. Works out to 3 guys fishing 8 hours to catch 24 perch, which is one fish per man per hour, pitiful. 1big1
Location: South Side of 1st Trench
Time Observed: 7/23/15
Water Conditions: 1-3 footers out of the west
I think the reason no one is posting is because there is nothing to post about. Tried it all tonight, boards, dipseys, and flat lines. Ran reef runners, thundersticks, bagleys and meat (all depths). Trolled from Godfrey to west of the condos from 75' in to 55'. All we caught were a few silver bass and a citation sheepshead. The fishing has been terrible and not just tonight. Surface water temp is 72 degrees. Can anyone enlighten us to where the fish are. May try our luck for some perch over the weekend but the reports have likewise been poor. Been a slow year.
Location: PI lighthouse to GE stack
Time Observed: Tue. 7/21
Water Conditions: 3 to 4
Took the ODannyO morning run. Fishing was super slow. We moved around and at one point the EJ and ODO crossed paths going opposite directions. They must not have been getting them either. The Capt. said they were there, just not hiting. That's why they call it fishing not catching, eh? Gotta pay them dues. Next time, we smack em.
Location: Lighthouse @ 64'
Time Observed: 7/17 7:30-11am
Water Conditions: 2' + choppy 71 degree water
The waves weren't big, but they were coming sideways the whole time, which was a pain in the butt. Three of us caught 46 perch, 1- 24" walleye, 2 sheephead and 3 dink perch. 1big1
Location: Walnut Ramp
Time Observed: 7/13/2015
Water Conditions: Calm-1 ft.
We went in at Walnut around 11 am and fished till about 7 pm. We went to the first trench, 60-75 fow. Live bait caught one 30" Eye. Some perch, some drum and white bass were in a little shallower.
Location: North East Marina
Time Observed: 7/10/15 & 7/12/15
Water Conditions: partly cloudy to sunny
7/10/15 west of Marina in aprox 40 FOW near Freeport landed two eyes and lost one at the boat with flat fish style bait and reef runner on LC running close to the bottom (this is why one broke of due to frayed line). Water a bit choppy with NW winds On 7/12 east of the marina near state line in 60 - 80 FOW landed 4 , two were 28 inchers. Using both LC and dipsey divers with various plugs (renoski landed 2) in 30 to 40 foot range. Water calm with SW winds.
Time Observed: 7/11/15
Water Conditions: FLAT
Location: off walnut
Time Observed: 7-11-15
Water Conditions: flat
went out to 65 ft, did not mark anything. Decided to drift and started to pick up some perch. Dropped anchor and ended up with 35 big perch.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 7/12/15
Water Conditions: calm to 1'
fished sat. one perch one silverbass. went sunday tried 68' nothing. went in to 65' started catching perch. they would bite in spurts. all 4 of us would start catching fish then they would stop. they did this all morning. by 1 pm we had 65 to 70 perch. not bad as compared to saturday.
Location: Walnut, the Point, the Bay
Time Observed: 7/11 - 7/12
Water Conditions: Calm to slightly choppy
Walnut- trolled for 12 hours Saturday in around 70-76 FOW. Nothing but a white bass, pair of Drum, pair of White Perch, and a dink Yellow Perch. Went through every reef runner, crawler harness, and spoon I had, Walleye just were not responding to anything. the Point- Trolled for 3 hours in around 70-74 FOW. Lost a small white bass, and that was it, from the sound of the radio nobody was doing all that well today. the Bay- Pulled out 4 fish drifting with with crawlers and shiners. 2 small Drum and 2 perch (one of the perch was a solid 14" and fat and was released unharmed). Also messed around trolling with a reef runner in the channel on the way in about 60 feet back when no boats were around and pulled out a 12 pound Drum in a few minutes, thing fought like a Muskie it was so fat!
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Sun. 07-12-15
Water Conditions: calm
East to Shades, 60 ft., got 3 perch. :) till next time!
Location: 70 feet off the Point
Time Observed: 11 JULY 2015
Water Conditions: Calm 1 footers
Got out later than we wanted on buddy's boat. First rod in at 6:30 pm. Started deep and worked our way in as sun went down. Boated 5 eyes, lost 1. Right around 63 fow. Reef Runners and harnesses hooked 5 out of the 6. Not a bad evening in spite of losing the net overboard and the nav lights going out.
Location: Lighthouse +Condos @ 62'
Time Observed: 7/11 7:30 to 11am
Water Conditions: 6" to flat 71 degrees
Two of us caught 58 perch, 1 silver bass, 1 gobie and 2 throw back dinks. All were caught between 8 and 10:30. Key thing today was cutting the minnows in half, our catch rate went way up. 1big1
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Sat. 07-11-15
Water Conditions: calm
Went out north to 62 ft. ...nothing.....Went east to Shades, 60 ft., got 11 nice perch, then that was it. :) till tomorrow!
Location: Walnut 28 40 ft
Time Observed: 7-3-4
Water Conditions: mixed
Trolled west towards elk creek marked a lot of fish few takers. 7-3 3 walleyes and several white bass on bang-Os 7-4 same location approx 40' deep managed 6 walleyes 3 went 28"-31" theothers approx. 20" range. will be back the week of the 20th
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Mon. 07-06-15
Water Conditions: calm
Out of Lampe, went north to 50 ft. , nothing. Went east to Shades, 45-55 ft. We managed to put 9 perch in the cooler. Not sure if I'm bragging or complaining. ...lol...oh well :) till next time!
Location: Off the Light 50'to58'
Time Observed: 6/29+7/2+7/6 AMs
Water Conditions: Variable but decent
On 6/29- 5 perch, 7/2- 1 perch, 7/6- 12 perch. I don't know what's going on but it ain't good. 1big1
Location: Condos to the "Ws"
Time Observed: 7-1 - 7-5
Water Conditions: EVERYTING
The North to East winds started last wed nite and the FULL MOON shown every nite. Some fish were caught on every trip, but no large No.s. Fish were hard to scope and they seemed to have LOCKJAW! Calm conditions are needed. It will get better!
Location: trout run
Time Observed: 7/6/15
Water Conditions: calm
great weather. nice and calm. fish were there but would not bite. left at noon with 10 perch.
Location: lake Erie
Time Observed: Sun. 07-05-15
Water Conditions: calm
Nothing off the point, Went east, got 2 perch, 1/2 dozen gobies, and a nice tan...lol :) till tomorrow
Location: The Bay, The Mountain, off Walnut to Beach 5
Time Observed: 7/3 - 7/5
Water Conditions: Calm
The Bay- Drifted with modified worm harnesses and jigged for several hours and caught a few nice Drum plus a White Bass, White Perch, and a 'Gill. Bass numbers seem to be decreasing with the Summer, as usual. The Mountain- Trolled for 8 hours in 80-130 FOW and only caught three fish. Two of which were 12" and 15" White Bass. The last, thankfully was a big 7 pound Steelhead that gave a great fight and broke water a dozen times. off Walnut to Beach 5- Trolled for 7 hours in 25-30 FOW and caught 8 fish. Walleye were unresponsive and we were catching mainly Drum with a few White Bass and a pair of Yellow Perch. Drum were still nice sizes though with the largest measuring 28" 10 pounds on a Reef Runner.
Time Observed: SUNDAY 7/5/2015
Water Conditions: CALM TO 1 FT
Buddy's graph wasn't working but we heard they were catching them at Shades so we headed there. No other boats around and we had no idea of the depth but we dropped anchor anyway to give it a try. We lucked out big time! Fish turned on quick and hit off and on all morning. 4 limits caught from 8:30 to 12:30. Very few other boats around us but looked like a large pack down around Sherwood. No sign of the John or Danny, figured they were off the light house with that pack.