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Location: Erie Tribs
Time Observed: 10-20-16
Water Conditions: High & muddy
Location: Walnut creek access
Time Observed: 10/18/16 and 10/19/16
Water Conditions: Merky..... low visibility
10/18/16 we got on water at 5 pm. Trolled walnut creek access in ten fow got two 20' walleye and a 4 lb small mouth. 10/19/16 we got on water at 7am trolled walnut creek again today.....17 foe got a 28 in steelie....a 25 in stellin....and one 18 in....had 6 on during the 11 hour day Great day on water.....good luck
Location: Lower Elk
Time Observed: 10/19/2016
Water Conditions: Gin Clear and low
showed up at the Tubes at 6am, already several guys fishing inside the tubes. walked up stream and found a few fish hiding in the brush. No takers but there were small pods of fish. Later drove down to the parking area near the mouth of elk. found a group of fish there being hounded by guys. watched a few minutes before getting disappointed and left for home. we need a rain dance!
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 10/18
Water Conditions: lowish
caught a really nice 12 lb brown she is in the smoker as i speak.
Location: Off elk
Time Observed: 10/15
Water Conditions: 1'
We trolled off elk from 830 am to 3 pm and had 9 steel head hook ups with 7 landed, 5 bass hook up and 4 landed with the one lost at the boat, we trolled from 6' to 18' of water, it was a great day on a friends boat, Good luck to all. Rick
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Saturday October 15
Water Conditions: 2ft
Trolled early for Steelies off Elk but saw very few caught. Went to the spot out in the first trench where we caught walleye last week. No marks no fish. Saw marks at 50 fow on the bottom. Anchored but no perch. Came back in to troll for trout. Saw a lot more being caught at 2pm both from shore and from boats. The trout fishing should get better this next week. I am putting my boat away. Time for archery!
Location: Tribs
Time Observed: 10/15 - 10/16
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Buddy and I went 14/23 this weekend in the creeks. Landed fish ranged from 19-27" and I lost one Saturday morning around 35-36" after a blistering run. All Steel, no Browns or Salmon. Fish were extremely skittish most of the time and a perfect presentation was key, especially after the sun came out. Nymphs and egg patterns worked for us. Catch & Release
Location: elk
Time Observed: 10-15-16
Water Conditions: low, clear
Hit the stream right at daybreak and was out of there within a half hour. Sucker spawn was awesome on the steelies. One ,two, three in a row were landed. 18 to 22''. Then it was off home to fire up the smoker. If you aren't hitting it at first light you may as well stay home as they aren't staying in long.
Location: Lake at Walnut
Time Observed: 10-14-16
Water Conditions: 2ft going out 1ft in
Two old guys decided to give perch fishing one last try. We fished in 70fow straight out of walnut past the buoy. We got our limit by 1:30. We caught every size from little to jumbo with some junk fished mixed in. Also caught 3 under size walleye. A beautiful day on the water and a nice drive home with the trees changing. Had a nice visit with a local man. He told us about an incident earlier when a boat trailer and van got jammed on the top of the dock. Bad day for that fisherman. Good luck. God is good.
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Wednesday October 12
Water Conditions: 1-3 ft
Decided to fish for trout off the streams. Picked up this 24" Steelie using a fluorescent orange reefrunner. about 30 back on an inline board runner 2.2mph. Lost two others. Fishconnection charter landed 5.
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 10-13-16
Water Conditions: low,clear
Landed 4 brown trout from 15-23" on Sucker Spawn fly + 1 steelhead of 24" right after day break.. Pretty good action with a cloudy sky this morning which helped the cause. Took 1 of each home for eating. Only 1 other fisherman was present for the morning landing 2 steelies on a fly. Not a bad day for a brief morning before going to work.
Location: Erie Shoreline
Time Observed: 10/6/2016
Water Conditions: Calm, Clear
Landed 6 from 15-25" on 1/8 - 1/4 oz Cleos + 1 brown trout of 25" that bit with its tail. Pretty good action with a cloudy sky much of the morning which helped the cause. Took 2 home for eating---delicious as always if bled and kept iced. Only 2 other fisherman were present for the morning with 1 landing a steelie on a fly under a bobber.
Location: Boating out of Walnut Marina
Time Observed: Friday October 7
Water Conditions: 2' or less
A lot of Walleye fishermen out today. We trolled for steelies off Trout. One hit. Saw a big one taken in about 15' FOW. Next we fished for walleye off Elk in 75-78 FOW. Used downriggers, lead core on boards and dipsies. Used plugs and meat. Fished 35-50 ft down. 14 walleye, one lost at boat. Two too small. 10 keepers 1 30" 9 1/2lb. www.fisherofmen.net
Location: 70' H2O, W. Weather Bouy
Time Observed: 10-7-16
Water Conditions: Bumpy then calmer
Finally a goob perch bite trip. Good No.s, and some near limits! Had several anchor drops and were then able to drift, caught fish using both methods. The trips are now running 8 to 3. The boat plans to run until the end of October.
Location: Walnut creek
Time Observed: 10/06/2016
Water Conditions: Warm,Low, and clear
Struggled to get down to the creek due to horrible path to creek conditions at stop sign and hole above. There are some fish and fresh coming in, but running down stream after day break. More guys than fish at this time. Did get 2 fish 7 & 5 pounders. Cooked with Ken's Marinade, excellent.
Location: Elk, Walnut and Trout
Time Observed: 10/7
Water Conditions: Low creeks / crowded mouths
Started at the railroad trestle on Elk and walked to Rt. 5 overpass. Very low and didn't see any fish until under the overpass. Four guys there. Then went to mouths at Elk, Trout, and Walnut. Guys lined up elbow to elbow at trout and Walnut. Could see fish in the creek at Walnut, but very crowded. Didn't see many caught. Lake was calm and saw some boats fishing near the mouths.
Location: first trench
Time Observed: 10/16
Water Conditions: 3 foot swells calming to 1 ft
Fished straight out of Walnut 6 miles. We boated 6 walleyes (27",22", down to 18"). 4 caught on fl orange worm harness, 2 caught on orange/white erie derie. Caught in 72 ft of water with divers set at 50ft. Beautiful day on the water.
Location: Erie Tribs
Time Observed: October 5 2016
Water Conditions: clear
Plenty of fish and plenty of room just take a walk you will find fish and room. Come on up and spend some money
Location: Lake Erie / Walnut Creek
Time Observed: 10/05/16
Water Conditions: Less than 2'
A friend and I fished Lake Erie from approximately 10am till 2pm trolling the shoreline between Trout Run and Walnut in attempts to catch a "staging" steelhead... to no prevail. Marked some stagers in 7'-10' but a wind out of the south was not advantageous to a good bite. We also attempted to fish the gin clear / low waters of Walnut. Did see an older fly fisherman land a nice 7# steely on a black wooly bugger. We need lots of rain and some much colder nights before the run really gets going. Remember the Pa Fish Commission has consumption advisories in effect (1) meal monthly. This is no joke ... everyone stay safe and tight lines to all.
Location: walnut creek
Time Observed: 10-5-2016
Water Conditions: calm
Went out last night tried trolling in front of trout run. Fished about an hour and didn't get anything. On the way back in I filmed the wall at walnut creek so you can see how the construction is progressing. This is the view from our boat. http://www.steelheadflyfishingtips.com
Location: Erie
Time Observed: 10/6/2016
Water Conditions: Non Existent
No Fish, No Room. Do not waste gas money or tree stand time.
Location: Trout run
Time Observed: Oct 2
Water Conditions:
Fishing isn't worth it yet. Went to trout run at h5:00 am for the morning bite and only saw three fish caught. Counted five pink salmons. Hooked a couple on orange and gold ko woblers. Must of had a big one on because it bend my hook straight. Pray for rain if your far
Location: Trout Run
Time Observed: 10-2-2016
Water Conditions: clear/calm
Me and my buddy made the first trip up as we feverishly trolled thru the water and weather conditions and posted up on the beach at the mouth of trout run 3:15 am. First two on the beach. Kicked back and waited till 5am. At that point you couldn't even cast without crossing a line or be crossed by someone from three spots down. As we fished till sunrise with glow in the dark eggs, our fly rods were anxiously waiting for us on the bank behind us. Propped up on our gear so to not get damaged we made our way back to the bank at sunrise only to find that someone had run into my fly rod and drug it 4' away from my gear and stepped on it and broke it at the second section. No notification or hey sorry man, how can I make this right. plain ignorant. Luckily the back up was in the truck and I squeezed back into my original spot. Couple of missed fish. Caught more people than fish. Had no room to cast, that's when I said enough is enough. Many good people there but the overwhelming amount of inconsideration is outweighing the ability to get out on the water and enjoy yourself.
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Monday October 3
Water Conditions: 1-2 ft
Walleyes are still being caught! A fair amount of boats were out for a Monday in October. Heard of one boat limiting out on walleyes. Saw at least half a dozen boats perching. We landed 5 walleye and lost 3 nice size ones as well. Same combo. 50' down on the ball 100' back shallow plugs. Other boats were using harnesses near the bottom. We were in 70-80 fow. www.fisherofmen.net
Location: Erie Tribs
Time Observed: 10/1/2016-10/2-2016
Water Conditions: Dirty but cleared
Got up early Saturday morning on the tail end of the rain, water was still slightly up and almost perfect. Some new fish came in with the last rain. Had many hookups, and caught a bunch, unfortunately started having issues with the drag on my fly reel. Best flies were olive and chartreuse woolly buggers, emerald shiner patterns, a slumpbuster, and eggs and stone fly nymphs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZjG9NQK5DM
Location: Tribs
Time Observed: 10/1 - 10/2
Water Conditions: 10/1: Perfect ; 10/2: Low and Clear
Went 3 for 4 this weekend plus an additional 8-10 uncommitted takes. Small nymphs and light tippet were the key. All the fish were great fighters at 19-26". Be back in two weeks. Catch & Release
Location: walnut creek
Time Observed: 1 October 2016
Water Conditions: fair
Good times, this guy took me for a run.
Location: Trout run and elk
Time Observed: 10/1/16
Water Conditions:
Yesterday was great. Slammed them at trout run on sucker spawn. Had atleast 10 hook ups but only landed 3. Tried again to day at daybreak and didn't see anything being caught. Tried elk on the ledge by the fallen tree and had many hook ups on single eggs and Pittsburgh slime (power bait) good luck all
Location: east side
Time Observed: 9/30, 10/1
Water Conditions: low, clear
Fished Fri., and got an 18" steelhead @16 mile falls. There were also fish @4 mile. I saw nothing @ 7, or 12. I fished Sat. morning until lunch, and caught 2 more @ 16 mile, saw 30 that wouldn't bite @ 4 mile (golf course). It was bright, sunny. These fish were bigger. Good luck everybody.
Location: walnut creek
Time Observed: 1 October 2016
Water Conditions: good
I had a nice morning. Caught one lost one plus a couple definite hits. I heard more complaints than anything about the number of people fishing and there's no fish but it was great fishing next to some friendly folks elbow to elbow. I don't know why people go out if they're not trying have fun. I enjoyed meeting some new people. A very nice gentleman helped me land my first one of the year and to top it off he set a great example for the young ones on the stream. My only suggestion is reading the part in the book about fishing etiquette for some... Better morale may mean better fishing. I feel blessed to be able to make it out on the stream. Fish is cleaned marinating and in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner.
Location: Walnut Marina
Time Observed: September 28
Water Conditions:
For Anglers and boaters. The surface temperature in the marina was 60F. At the mouth of Walnut is was 67F. Out in the first trench it was 70F Boaters, One of the launch ramp docks was damaged and was removed. Still have the one launch ramp and the two side docks for launching
Location: walnut creek
Time Observed: 9-27-2016
Water Conditions: low clear
For those of you that live out of town and want to know what walnut creek looks like with the construction going on at the wall, I did a video. Check it out.
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Wednesday September 28
Water Conditions: 1-3 ft
The walleye are still out there! Trolled in 65-75ft of water straight out from Trout run for 4 hours. Picked up 7 walleye, 5 were keepers. Picked them all up on the downriggers. Storm Madflash firetiger and perch colors, shallow divers, 100 ft back and 50 ft down. Also trolled in front of Trout Run early with no hits. Heard later they had a bunch of hits from shore at about 11am. I hope to be up next week for more walleye
Location: 3 miles off peninsula
Time Observed: 9/25/16
Water Conditions: 2 to 3' waves
Got out early trolling 60 to 76 foe got one eye 10 minutes after first line was in then nothing one silver bass at the end the eye was 20" caught around 37' down in 76 fow
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Sunday September 25
Water Conditions: 1-3 ft
Decided to go fishing after church on Sunday. After picking up some special lures and fill up the boat tank, I only had a couple hours to fish. We rode all the way out to the first trench. Only got 1 hour of actual fishing. Picked up two walleye and missed one. Might try again on Wednesday if the waves aren't too bad.
Location: Western Tribs
Time Observed: 9/24 - 9/25
Water Conditions: Low and extremely clear
Fished the western tribs Saturday all day and went 1 for 5 on Steelhead with 5-6 additional takes. Fish landed was 16-17", lost two around 27-30". Nothing this morning (Sunday). Egg sucking leeches and nymphs both produced. Not many fish around yet, most of the ones in the creeks have guys all over them, wait another couple weeks if you have a long drive, otherwise be prepared for combat fishing to the extreme.
Location: Tribs
Time Observed: 09/23/2016-09/24/2016
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Was getting desperate, so made the trip up to start my steelhead season. The reports aren't lying, only a few fish around yet, the run is behind schedule due to the warm temperatures and low water. Hopefully the cooler weather and rain over the next week will get things moving. Checked a few streams, 20 Mile Creek only has a handful of fish in it, 4 Mile has a few that I could see, did not see any fish in Cascade, Elk has a few and Walnut has a few. Some jacks and bigger fish mixed in. Despite this, wasn't a bad weekend to scratch the itch, managed to hook and catch a few, going six for ten over two days. Black and olive woolly buggers, emerald shiner streamers, mop flies, and small nymphs/ eggs were the better patterns. Good number of fish looking and following flies but deciding not to hit at last second. Some video from the weekend, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPGRkchu1IQ
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 8 /20
Water Conditions: 1 to 3
North west of walnut. 30 nice perch. 5 eyes from 17 to 27 on husky jerks.
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Thursday September 22
Water Conditions: 2 ft or less
Went hunting for perch today. First straight out from Walnut. Picked up only a few. Moved west toward Godfrey. Started in 56ft pick up a few. Then moved out to 58ft Did well from 11am-1pm. We got total of 79. A lot more walleye fishermen Thursday. I heard some good number of catches some who limited. Definitely more action.
Location: Near shore buoy
Time Observed: 9/22/16
Water Conditions: Ligh chop to calm
Got out around 5pm nothing turned on around 6:30 pm 23 nice size perch no junk between 2 of us turned off 730 pm 56 fow
Location: 60 fow ne of Walnut
Time Observed: 9-21-16
Water Conditions: choppy early 1ft late
Two old guys were ready to call it quits with about 7 perch. Moved a couple times and ended up where we started. Couldn't seem to get a bite for quite a long time. About 12:30 things got hot and heavy for a short time with some doubles and we ended up with 40 perch for the two of us. Most were nice size.Left for home about 2 pm. Good luck and God bless.