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Location: Walnut and elk
Time Observed: Sep 25 2016
Water Conditions: Fucking beyond low
Fished all weekend to only catch two steelhead. Went to walnut first because the previous night I stopped by Manchester and saw about fifty fish with five guys fishing. Got there Saturday morning at day break and it was already elbow to elbow. Tried everything, those fish were very spooked. Saw several occasions of snagging. Caught one fish in three hours of fishing. Went over to elk at the mouth and it was dead like always. The mouth of elk must have filled in with logs because every five casts I got a snag. It was also very muddy like always. Went to trout run to fish for three more hours without even a hit. Two pink salmon were in the creek. That night I went back to elk at the rocks and hooked one on a jig. Reports of fish all the way up to rt 5 on elk. Godfrey was slower then trout run. Didn't even see a fish in the creek. I feel like this week though we might have the "perfect" storm. With several days of rain and highs in the low seventies the steelhead will start coming. Good luck
Location: Western Tribs
Time Observed: 9/24 - 9/25
Water Conditions: Low and extremely clear
Fished the western tribs Saturday all day and went 1 for 5 on Steelhead with 5-6 additional takes. Fish landed was 16-17", lost two around 27-30". Nothing this morning (Sunday). Egg sucking leeches and nymphs both produced. Not many fish around yet, most of the ones in the creeks have guys all over them, wait another couple weeks if you have a long drive, otherwise be prepared for combat fishing to the extreme.
Location: Tribs
Time Observed: 09/23/2016-09/24/2016
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Was getting desperate, so made the trip up to start my steelhead season. The reports aren't lying, only a few fish around yet, the run is behind schedule due to the warm temperatures and low water. Hopefully the cooler weather and rain over the next week will get things moving. Checked a few streams, 20 Mile Creek only has a handful of fish in it, 4 Mile has a few that I could see, did not see any fish in Cascade, Elk has a few and Walnut has a few. Some jacks and bigger fish mixed in. Despite this, wasn't a bad weekend to scratch the itch, managed to hook and catch a few, going six for ten over two days. Black and olive woolly buggers, emerald shiner streamers, mop flies, and small nymphs/ eggs were the better patterns. Good number of fish looking and following flies but deciding not to hit at last second. Some video from the weekend, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPGRkchu1IQ
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 8 /20
Water Conditions: 1 to 3
North west of walnut. 30 nice perch. 5 eyes from 17 to 27 on husky jerks.
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Thursday September 22
Water Conditions: 2 ft or less
Went hunting for perch today. First straight out from Walnut. Picked up only a few. Moved west toward Godfrey. Started in 56ft pick up a few. Then moved out to 58ft Did well from 11am-1pm. We got total of 79. A lot more walleye fishermen Thursday. I heard some good number of catches some who limited. Definitely more action.
Location: Near shore buoy
Time Observed: 9/22/16
Water Conditions: Ligh chop to calm
Got out around 5pm nothing turned on around 6:30 pm 23 nice size perch no junk between 2 of us turned off 730 pm 56 fow
Location: 60 fow ne of Walnut
Time Observed: 9-21-16
Water Conditions: choppy early 1ft late
Two old guys were ready to call it quits with about 7 perch. Moved a couple times and ended up where we started. Couldn't seem to get a bite for quite a long time. About 12:30 things got hot and heavy for a short time with some doubles and we ended up with 40 perch for the two of us. Most were nice size.Left for home about 2 pm. Good luck and God bless.
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Friday September 16
Water Conditions: 2 ft or less
Started fishing in the perch pack about 55 ft NNW out of Walnut. Picked up 30. Then we went west toward the nets. We drifted and picked up 10 more. Finally we anchored in 57-58 ft of water near the nets. The screen was full and we had a flurry of bites. We ended up with 120. Most were really good size. I think the secret is to keep moving. I heard some walleye fishermen picking a few legal ones. I also heard a few trout picked up at the mouth of Walnut in the early morning.
Location: Elk, trout run,
Time Observed: Sep 14
Water Conditions: Very low.. Will get better
Keep your heads up guys! This rain coming up is promising for steelhead. And the colder nights are starting to show up. I fished early for three hours at daybreak at troutrun and hooked one brown on the fly rod that got off. Nothing in trout run creek yet. For those wondering, walnut is under construction still. The fence ends about fifty feet from the stop sign hole. Saw one jack at the stop sign hole. Tried to get it with the olive green wolybugger. Then three others came down and spooked it away. Typical walnut.... Elk was so low you could see the seaweed at the mouth.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 9/16/16
Water Conditions: 1' TO 3' then calm
started straight out of walnut in 51'. marked lots of fish. they were not very hungry. 10 am we moved to 55' west of walnut. just tons of fish on graph. they finally started biting around noon. we ended with28 big perch. they were there just not real hungry. nice day!
Location: 20 MILE
Time Observed: 9/14/16
Water Conditions: clear
Worked a few deeper pools today but no steelhead to be seen. But there were a few browns scattered about that were more than happy to take the nymphs I offered them. No real monsters as the largest for the day was 22 inches. Still a nice day on the stream as I caught and released 8 nice fish. Not bad for this early in the season with the low water conditions. As well as having the stream to myself mostly.
Location: West of Weather Bouy
Time Observed: Labor Day to 9-13
Water Conditions: Everything
We fished this area at various depths and had good No.s, at all depths, 50 to 60'. A few keeper walleyes were also boated along with a lot of small eyes, please handle these with care. It will be interesting to see what the full moon will have on the catch this weekend. The perch continue to move around a lot.
Location: 5 miles NW of Walnut
Time Observed: 9-13,2013
Water Conditions: 2-4 then 1-3
We were about two miles west of the pack and all by ourselves. The bite never stopped and we ended with 80 perch for the three of us. I think fishing with the pack is the wrong thing to do. The perch must turn off from all the noise.
Location: Boating out of Walnut Marina
Time Observed: Tuesday September 13
Water Conditions: 1-2 ft
Perch fishing was not as good today as the last few days. We got a couple dozen. There were boats getting 40-50 perch. But it was slow. We fished almost due North of Walnut. Perhaps we should have tried further West. O well, it was still a nice day on the water.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 9-12-16
Water Conditions: chop early calm coming in
The two old guys felt blessed to be able to still fish at their age. Limited out in about 4 hours in 55 ft n.e. out of walnut. There were lots of boats in the pack there. Very few junk fish. Another beautiful day to log in our memory banks. (What's left of them.) God bless you all.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 9/12/16
Water Conditions: 1' 2' then calm
fished 56' north west of walnut. fished hit real good until 9:30 then they slowed down. every one pulled anchor & went to other perch pack east of us. we stayed the fish turned back on at 11:30 we limited out. great day.
Location: 55 Ft out of Walnut
Time Observed: 9-9-16
Water Conditions: 3 ft going out 1 ft in
Two old timers limited out on perch from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. No junk fish. A beautiful day on the water. God is good.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 9-3 thru 9-5
Water Conditions: ruff to 1'
Saturday was bumpy and we went a west troll from the nut to the ohio line in 70-72' of water, 6 eyes landed and one steel. Sunday found us headind north east to north side of first trench where we fished 75' and had a blast, 50 hook up on steel only to land 26, 6 eyes only to land 4, we kept 11 steel and released the others, kept the eyes, on monday we went back only to catch 10 eyes and keep 6 , hooked 10 steel only to land 4 and keep 1, lost 6 plugs and two spoons to the tackle busting steel, good luck to all
Location: 5 Miles NW of Walnut
Time Observed: 9-7-2016
Water Conditions: 2-4's plus
Had a good day for perch and even netted a 27" Walleye. Got 47 perch and would have had more but we ran out of minnows after I fell over and tipped the minnow bucket. That's three nice walleye while perch fishing! We also have been catching a lot of very small (10-11") walleye. That's pretty encouraging for the future.
Location: Off the condos 60'
Time Observed: 9/7/16
Water Conditions: 2-4, S.W.
Worked the same No.s as Monday, the wavy conditions proved a little challenging, everyone had good No.s, with many near limits of fish of every size! The goldens and salteds from Poor Richards were again working well.
Location: Off the Point, 90-120 FOW
Time Observed: 9/4
Water Conditions: Calm
Trolled in 90-120 FOW all day for Steelhead. Only one chromer brought to the boat, at 20", revived and released afterwards. Had two Walleye (16" and 21") hitchhike on the riggers for a while. Threw the 16" back and had the 21" for dinner. May have had a couple more hits, but if so, they were off before I could grab the rod. All action on spoons 40-80' back on downriggers. Back in two weeks, can't wait for the Fall nearshore season!
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: September 5th Labor Day
Water Conditions: 1-2 ft
Friends Though the Labor Day weekend often marks the end of Summer, the fishing on Lake Erie is just heating up I took my son and a couple friends yesterday and in a little over 6 hours we caught 107 perch. We started straight out of Walnut in the pack in 53ft of water. We got 30 fish and then they shut off. We moved several miles west, almost off Godfrey in 49ft of water and caught the rest. Some were decent size. Most were caught right on the bottom. Even caught a few undersized walleye and a sheephead. The walleye fishermen seem to be getting 4-7 fish per boat. They were in close to the pack and out as far as 75ft. Some were off Walnut and as far west as the Ohio border.
Location: off the lighthouse
Time Observed: 9/5/16
Water Conditions: 1-3 ft
We planned to fish on this date months ago out of my little 18ft boat. A bum leg forced us to go with the comfort of a headboat. Perch Pirate is running using the old DannyO boat which I always liked. What a good call! The captain and first mate were great and the whole boat caught their limit with real good size. They know how to fillet too. Now if they would start at about 9:00 am .....
Location: elk
Time Observed: 9/6/16
Water Conditions: 1' 2'
51' east of elk. two of us limited out. lay minnow right on bottom.
Location: Walnut - 53 - 70
Time Observed: 9/3
Water Conditions: 1' or less
Went out for Eyes, got 6 small ones and a boat load of Large Sheeps - 60 - 70', gave up on trolling. Joined Perch pack in 53' FOW at noon, sat 10 min, then non-stop - 4 person limit - Fish finder had 10' of perch on the bottom! It was Catching vs Fishing, Most medium size - 9-11 inches.
Location: Off Condos 56' - 60"
Time Observed: 9-3-4-5
Water Conditions: nice
Fished this area for three days using Poor Richards goldens and salted, both worked well. Saturdays catch was O.K., Sundays was good, Monday was a full boat limit out! The fish were "in the mud and up to 6' +- off the bottom, you had to work for them. All sizes up to jumbos were caught. The fish would "come and go" all of the trips, you had to be patient! I hope this Is the start of fall perch fishing!
Location: 50-60 FOW of Point
Time Observed: 9/3/16
Water Conditions: calm
Went out to 50' off the point with several other boats. Nothing. Went to 60' and got one perch. Weather was perfect but no fish.
Location: NW of point, 60 ft. of h2o
Time Observed: 8-30-16
Water Conditions: Perfect
The 3rd and 4th trips of the Erie Vets Center-Sons of Lake Eries veterans trip took place on this date. The morning trip saw a nice mess of perch caught aboard the Perch Pirate but the evening trip to the same No.s was not as productive. The vets were from the WW2 era to the current active duty vets, they all had a good time! Next years trips are already being planned. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 8/30/31
Water Conditions: 1' 2' then calm
started with the pack off walnut. fish on screen but not many takers. moved to 53' just east of elk. lots more fish on graph. ended up with a tow man limit. fish were big. no junk fish at all. no walleye either.
Location: Boating out of Walnut Marina
Time Observed: Tuesday August 30
Water Conditions: 1-2 ft
Fished for perch today out of Walnut. We picked up just over a hundred. Started north out of Walnut in 53 ft and them moved west. Most fish caught by lay minnow on bottom and just lifting it a little. Lots of boats were out.
Location: 51-52 ft
Time Observed: straight out walnut
Water Conditions: calm
mon evening 5-7:30....... 3 limits of perch .....nice fish between 9-11inches and a couple 13s........ a few small ones that swallowed the hook ..... gold shiners or salted minnows both worked well.... fish were right on the bottom and dragging also caught a lot of fish ....... i think its about to get good just like last year sept. should be really good
Location: lake erie
Time Observed: august
Water Conditions:
no emerald shiners in area. what is preferred perch bait?