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Location: Erie
Time Observed: 2/11/16
Water Conditions: Ice
Is there any ice on the bay or misery?
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 2/7/2016
Water Conditions: Clear and falling
Got out yesterday morning at first light. Was disappointed to see a bunch of people already out and about, but I realize that's just the name of the game. Saw absolutely no action, or even signs of life. Talked to a guy that told me Walnut was even worse... It definitely has been a strange season. Hopefully we'll get some rain / snow this week to get the levels back up. Tight lines.
Location: elk
Time Observed: 2/2/16
Water Conditions: good
tried the flats. saw no fish. 1 caught at old bridge on a minnow. went to west road stopped at two places & watched. saw 1 caught at rick road. will try later this week only down stream.
Location: Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 01/30 & 01/31
Water Conditions: Ice
Made the trip up to Presque Isle Bay this weekend, fished Saturday off the Chestnut side before moving to Misery for the evening. Caught a lot of perch and some gills back in Misery, had to move to find some bigger ones. The fish are following the schools of shad and baitfish. Sunday, fished off of Chestnut, bit was a little slower, but managed some jumbos later in the day. Ice is rapidly deteriorating. Video from the weekend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMkhN19U4u4
Location: Erie
Time Observed: 1-27-16
Water Conditions: Ice
Ice is safe but take caution on misery. Some spots are just barely 4 but it is clear ice. Chestnut is not safe, don't even try it. The first and second parking lots still don't look remotely safe. The stink hole is probably fish able but I didn't try it. Still doesn't look the safest. Be carefull!
Location: Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 1/24/16
Water Conditions: Hard
Fished the P. I. bay Sunday out of Chestnut street ramp. Walked out towards the channel and ended up in front of the new hotel about half way across the bay in about 20 f.o.w. Caught about 40 perch, Kept 11. Ice was around 8". Folks have been out there all week so I assume it's still good to go. http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=42.142642&lon=-80.097525&z=15.3&r=0&src=msa
Location: Erie
Time Observed: 1/28/16
Water Conditions: Ice
Anyone gone ice fishing? How thick is the ice on the bay and the peninsula?
Location: Bay
Time Observed: 1/23
Water Conditions: Hard
Doesn't anyone fish for Perch or Panfish anymore? Only steel and crome in the streams? Lets spend some $$$ on some Icefishing.
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 1/9/16
Water Conditions: Chocolate Milk
Longtime lurker and I figured it was time that I post a report. Stopped at Rick Rd. early Saturday morning while it was still dark, saw that the hole was frozen over so I went to Uncle Johns down by the mouth which was open and the water had a nice stain. Fished it for about an hour with zero luck before all the ice flows started. Ice flows didnt stop all morning so I gave up and went back to Rick Rd to get away from the ice flows. Snow/Ice melt caused the water to rise and turned Elk into chocolate milk. Fished hard all day and tried EVERYTHING (sacs, beads, buggers, nymphs, jigs). Saw a few other people but didnt see anyone else hook up all day. All and all a rough day on the water, but at least the Steelers won.
Location: west side
Time Observed: 1/3/2016
Water Conditions: higher but clear
Went up with my dad and brother caught 4 fish in about 3 hours good trip up small nymphs are best but sucker spawn and wooly buggers are always good.
Location: Polelock hole
Time Observed: 1/4/2016
Water Conditions: Good
Decided to head to elk in the Polelock hole. Plenty of active fish around. A lot of guys fishing the cricks and the fish are skiddish. Till next week!
Location: Upper elk
Time Observed: 1/3/16
Water Conditions: Good flow/clear
Fished upper elk Sunday morning. Fish weren't as active as they were on Friday. Picked at them with sucker spawn until early afternoon after that all they would take was a #16 flashback hares ear.
Location: East side
Time Observed: 1/2/26
Water Conditions: clear
No fish anywhere!!!!!!!! Worst I have seen it in years.
Location: Polelock hole
Time Observed: 1/1/2016
Water Conditions: Falling, merky
Decided to head to lower elk and had a decent day. I had 5 hook ups and caught 2. The key today was egg sacks and green sucker spawns.
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 12/30
Water Conditions: a bit high & dirty
Started high on Elk Wednesday morning. Minnow fishermen caught a few but only one hookup for me in three hours of fishing. Decided to make a move. Lots of fishermen on Upper Elk so headed lower and found an isolated spot near Girard. Landed four during the afternoon. Two fresh jacks and two older fish. All fish were landed on black jigs tipped with a wax worm. Nothing else seemed to work. Great day to be on the water for late December.