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BARRYGOFISHIN Location: Off Point 70 ft.
Time Observed: 7/22
Water Conditions: Flat
Limit by 9. 4 on in-line boards stealth core renoskys.150 back 3 set dipsies Renoskys. Beat the heat but not the bugs.
scesser Location: Condos
Time Observed: Sunday
Water Conditions: 1-2 footers
Got a late start Sunday, started in 60'off Condos, went East, picked up 3 Eyes right away on worm rigs, green & purple with Dipseys - set on 3 - 160 - 180, continued East, no luck other than Jumbo Sheeps and Silver bass, headed back West, picked up 5 more in original spot off Condos 65 - 70 - also had luck on Green ReefRunner and Watermellon RR off boards and worm rigs off Dipseys.
Pope Location: Off beach 9 56' and 52'
Time Observed: Monday 7/21 am
Water Conditions: Flat
We struck out pretty bad yesterday. No sheep, no silver, only 13 perch. Just never found any that wanted to eat. Oh well, that's fishing. 1big1
Perchin23 Location: Off point
Time Observed: 7/21/14 pm
Water Conditions: Calm
Fished just west of the point in 54 ft of water and caught 4 limits in just under 3 hours. Many doubles. Most good sized fish with a few dinks silver bass and sheaphead mixed in. Overall a great day on the water.
Trader Jack Location: 49' west of Lighthouse
Time Observed: Aboard the Edward John - 7/21/14 AM Trip
Water Conditions: Calm flat, very light SW breeze
Edward John Perch Fishing - 7/21/14 AM Trip - Very mild and calm with a light SW wind. Capt. Justin and 1st Mate "Cuzz" anchored the EJ in 49' of water west of the lighthouse. Started slow and then the silver bass attacked, triples and doubles everywhere on the boat. You could not get your bait to the bottom without the silvers picking it up. Lots of action for everyone as 40 anglers brought in almost 300 yellow perch and 5-600 silver bass.. We had a two hour stretch mid-morning where it was non-stop catching action on the entire boat. Lots of fun. Keep on 'bitin . . . <*(((((><
eriefishforeman Location: Out of Walnut
Time Observed: 07-10-14 to 07-18-14
Water Conditions: All of the above
Our first trip to the BIG pond this year turned out to be a very good one. At 12.05 pm on July 18 we netted our 122nd & final Walleye of our 1st of two week long trips scheduled for this summer. Over 1/2 of our fish came off the boards while towing mad flash Thundersticks off of weighted braid & 5 color lead core. The rest off them came via a set of walker107mm divers pulling Renosky & yozuri plugs in mainly a rainbow trout pattern. We also caught quite a few on meat with watermelon harness'. Unfortunately we lost 2 out of 8 1/2 days of fishing due to high winds. By the way, all fish were caught in 52'-65' fow.
10bears Location: walnut
Time Observed: 7/21/14
Water Conditions: real calm
went n.w. to 53' we ended up with 2 limits of nice perch. going out in am. on tuesday for walleyes. will post catch on tuesday eve.
mountain-worm Location: Lake Erie. the point
Time Observed: Sun. 07-20-14
Water Conditions: 1 ft. and less
Perch bite was slow. Tried at 52 ft,55, then 60, moved further west, then back in to 52 foot. Managed to catch my limit, but it took forever. Little schools would move through and you would catch a few at a time. Always a good day fishing.
highroller Location: Out of walnut
Time Observed: 7/19/14
Water Conditions: Rain 1-3
Started at 58' for perch no luck tryed trolling water was to rough then we stared to drift fish got 3 eyes off of bottom bouncers and worm harnes 1 was 7.5 lbs other's were smaller still a fun day on the big lake.
Pope Location: Beach 9@52'
Time Observed: Friday 7/18 am
Water Conditions: 3' to 1s - 72 degree water
We caught 52 perch and triple that number in silver bass. I have never seen so many silvers as this year, unreal numbers. Had a steady bite from 8 til 10:45, then they completely shut off, left 11:30. 1big1
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: Off Point
Time Observed: 7/17-7/18
Water Conditions: 1-2's
2 DaysBy self limited by 8am.Mostly 5 color lead core with shallow renoskys.Couple rigger bites @ 48 down. Wire bites 140 back 3 set.Also caught Lake trout.
captaingeorge Location: Conneaut
Time Observed: 7/16
Water Conditions: flat
Fished for 3 hours landed 5 lost 2 at boat. Way too hot and lake was very calm. purple reef runner 180 back on planer board and watermelon harness 150 back on dipsey brought all action in. 2 of them were 8 lb+.. Best of luck to all
Lovgren69 Location: Walnut / Point
Time Observed: 7/12 & 7/13
Water Conditions: Sat: calm Sun: 3-5's
Got a late jump sat afternoon and didn't get out on lake until about 4pm. Hot and sunny, lake was flat. Couldn't really figure out a program-ran west out to the first trench and set up in about 78ft and trolled East back into about 60ft. Pulled 9 fish and dropped a couple boat side. Nothing on dipseys and meat, a cpl on dipseys & spoons, a cpl each on clean Reef Runners off the boards 200back, and 5-color cores w/ Bagleys took a few. Was a slow pick and no depths seemed better than the others. Caught fish in 75ft and as close in as 58ft. Sunday should've stayed in bed-we were one of the few boats to venture out in the am! Launched and ran NW off the point to about 80 feet and set up. Marks were widely scattered. Lake continued to build and got pretty nasty out there. We pulled one fish and dropped 2 before my crew decided that they had enough of that.
Pope Location: Beach 9 @ 52'
Time Observed: Saturday 7/12 8 to 11am
Water Conditions: Flat to 1's 74 degree water temp
We did 3 limits of perch, 3 hours. Slower bite than Thursday, but much bigger fish. 1big1
pikepredator2 Location: LAKE, WEST OF POINT
Time Observed: SATURDAY, 12 JULY
Water Conditions: 1s
Decided on a late afternoon outing today. Put in about 3p.m. Heard they were biting at the cribs again so took a ride over there but nothing was happening there. Spotted the perch pack in about 42fow off the light house. Dropped anchor there and 2 hours later left with 3 limits of perch. Alot of junk again but I kept 10 nice white perch, pretty good when they're fried right up. Had a few hours of daylight left and we had my dipsey rods so we headed out north to 60 ft and started setting the 2 dipseys along with one flat line. Ended up with 5 nice eyes, all came on the harnesses even tho we had a few good hits on the reef runner being flat lined. Turned out to be a really good evening.
10bears Location: walnut
Time Observed: 7/12
Water Conditions: calm to 1'
went n.w. out of walnut to 53' of water. three of us limited on perch. also caught a 20" walleye. lots of people perch fishing by us. all were catching perch.
10bears Location: N.W. of walnut
Time Observed: 7/10 & 7/11
Water Conditions: calm 7/11
went out thursday am. we were going to do perch first then go for eyes later. the lake ended up with 2' to 4' by the time we had two limits of nice perch. friday in the am. two of us were n.w. of walnut in 59' to 65'. we ended up with 8 eyes. two were around 8lbs. perch pack were in 53' of water south of us. we herd on radio they crushed the perch. three of us are going to try for perch on saturday in the am. post report saturday. sounds like it will be a nice day.
Fisher of Men Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: July 10th
Water Conditions: 2ft or less building to 1-3ft
Finally got up to the big pond. Fished for perch. Per some advice went to 55fow off condos. Little to nothing. Moved to pack NW of Walnut 55+FOW. Did OK. One shipmate got sick. Had to come in early. 30 good size perch. Fairly steady hits. Lots of junk with perch. Stay right on bottom to get perch. Heard several limited out on walleyes. Just north of PAC and further west. Always think safety on the water. Blessings
Pope Location: Beach 9 @ 50'
Time Observed: 7/10 8m til 10am
Water Conditions: 1'-2ft chop East wind 72 degree water
Crushed em. 3 limits in less than two hours, many silvers and sheephead mixed in. 1big1
Trader Jack Location: Aboard the Edward John - 38' off PI lighthouse
Time Observed: 7/10/14 AM Trip
Water Conditions: Started with light chop ended with 3's + east wind
Edward John Perch Fishing - 7/10 AM Trip - Stated off with a nice light chop and light east wind. Capt. "One-Drop" Justin and 1st Mate "Joey" parked the big red boat in 38' of water off the lighthouse west of the perch pack. The bite started off good and it was pretty steady most of the morning. We had to sort thru the silver bass and occasional sheephead but they were not as bothersome today. By late morning the bite dropped off when the east winds picked up but not before 32 anglers brought 765 perch over the rail with 9 people limiting out. Lots of happy anglers today. Keep on bitin' . . . <*(((((><
captaingeorge Location: Conneaut
Time Observed: 7/6/14
Water Conditions: 2-4ft
Fished northwest out of conneaut 65-70 FOW. Dipseys on all 120-170 back reef runners on outside and worm harness on inside most eyes came off the meat. Fishing shut down at 130 we left with 12 etes and 2 silvers. NO SHEEPHEAD!
seaswirl Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7-4 7-5
Water Conditions: breezy 7-4 7-5 nice
Fished northwest in 58-60 FOW most fish came off of worm harnesses many silvers and sheeps head. Managed 9 decent eyes. 7-5 started in 65 FOW. limit 12 eyes all but 2 off of worm harnesses. 2 off of plugs
Grouse2028 Location: off walnut
Time Observed: 7/5
Water Conditions: 1-2'
Landed 14 eyes between 17-28". Lost 3 at boat. 52-60'. Bite shut down around 2pm.
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: McCord's Point
Time Observed: 7/6
Water Conditions: 2's goin to 4's
Limited in 2 hrs.Bl/Pur Renoskys.48 -62 ft. water.3 on 5 color LC.In line board.Rest 100 back wire.
10bears Location: godfry to condos
Time Observed: 7/5/14
Water Conditions: 1' to 3'
started off trout run in 39' nothing moved many times. lots of sheep head & silver bass & 1 small mouth. went off condos in 50'. there were so many silver bass it was hard to get line to the bottom. went back off walnut in 53'. started getting nice perch. finished with 28 slabs. only saw 5 other boats perching. everone else were after walleyes. hope to see some reports on that soon.
Pope Location: 48'&52' Beach 9
Time Observed: Saturday 7/5 7:30 til noon
Water Conditions: 2s or less 72 degree water NW wind
We caught well over a hundred fish, of which only 36 were perch, the rest were silvers. Tried to go deeper to lose them, didn't work. Everything shut down at 11:15, we pulled anchor at noon. 1big1
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: Shades
Time Observed: 7/5
Water Conditions: 1-2's
Got 4 eyes.100 back 3 set wire.Bl/pur Renosky.58-63 ft.
10bears Location: trout run
Time Observed: 7/3/14
Water Conditions: calm to 2'-4'
two of us started just east of trout run. fish would not bite but they were there. moved many times trying to find hungry fish. ended up strait off trout run in 39'. started catching nice perch then wind switched from s.w. to n.w. inside 30 minutes the lake went from calm to 1'to 3'. by the time we left they were 2'to 4'. just goes to show this lake can get rough quick. ended up with 30 nice perch. will be out on saturday.
Trader Jack Location: Just off Beach 10
Time Observed: 7/2/14 am Trip aboard the Edward John
Water Conditions: Light chop
7/2/14 am trip. The fish are a bitin' . . .on the Edward John. Capt. Brian parked the EJ over a real nice herd of cooperative yellow perch just off of Beach 10 this morning a little outside of the pack. Capt. Justin, as acting first mate, dropped the anchor and the fun was on for 31 anglers. Started a bit slow and the silver bass were really after us early, dominating the catch and keeping us all very busy. But as the morning went on the perch took over and we were able to bring in 583 for the day. Eleven anglers limited out on perch. As a bonus, Denny Hetrick, along with his limit of perch, pulled in a real nice walleye on a sabiki rig mid-morning. A really fun trip with a nice steady bite. <*(((((><
pikepredator2 Location: 31 FOW, BEACHES 11-10
Time Observed: SUNDAY, 6/29
Water Conditions: 1s
After yesterdays reports, had no intentions of going out today. Buddy called me last night to go out on his boat as he needed somebody to fish with. Decided WTF, got up and went. Dropped anchor in 31 FOW at 7 a.m. and both of us limited by 10:30. Shallow enough to throw the dinks back, kept everything 10 inches and over. One boat right beside us picked up and left at 8:30 with 3 limits.
10bears Location: condos
Time Observed: 6/28/14
Water Conditions: soupie to calm
went on first trip for walleye. trolled in 58' of water. marked fish but no takers. went out deep & caught a 20" then we caught 3 hogs. all were caught on meat. we caught a few silver bass. after the quick flurry in 70' we lost two more that was it. other people did better than us. it was nice & hot but it was fun & its only going to get better.
rfink Location: 46 feet trout run
Time Observed: 6/28
Water Conditions: Calm
Marked a lot of fish tried several different things finally started catching them with Bagley perch color 75 feet of line 4 oz weight another 75 feet of line straight out the back ended up with 5 lost 2at the boat good day but hot.
Edward John Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 6/28 am/pm
Water Conditions: Beautiful
Lane Brown and his father/son church group from Titusville did a great job on the morning trip. They hauled in around 300 fish, a mixed bag of yellows, white perch and silver bass. A 16" smallie took top honors. Fathers and sons all had a great day. The pm trip run by Captain Sean Nekoloff, home on leave from the Coast Guard, put 38 anglers over a pile of perch and finished up with about 900 perch. All fish coming in 24' to 39' feet of water. Thanks to all who sail with us. we appreciate your business and friendship. Capt John
Grouse2028 Location: off beach 10 37ft.
Time Observed: 6/28
Water Conditions: light south wind then flat
also surprised to see the very shallow pack. Looked around 40 feet didn't see anything move closer to shore found marks anchored what about 37 '45 keepers. Fish from 7 30 to 11:30 a.m..
gypsum fisher Location: off point 50ft
Time Observed: 6-28-14
Water Conditions: calm
my buddie max and I wen out this morning and started to troll in 45ft and out to 50 we got 5 nice eyes and sunburn (ouch) but great day on water ...using harness and crawlers till we ran out (I only bought 1 dozen) then went to Berkley power bait plastic worms they worked well
Otter Party Location: ~30' off Beach 10
Time Observed: 6/28/14
Water Conditions: Flatish
We were surprised to find the Perch pack so close to shore this morning. We hung around the two big charter boats off Beach 10 for around three hours and only caught a small Sheephead and marked three fish the whole time. We only saw a few fish pulled over the side of the large white charter. Here's hoping for a more productive evening fishing experience.
mountain-worm Location: 34 feet off beach 10
Time Observed: Sat. 06/28/14
Water Conditions: FLAT
Went out for a quickie. Bite was on and off, got half a limit, then moved deeper, nothing, then shallow, 22 ft. caught 1. Should have stayed put! Oh well, still a nice day out there. Was time to head in. Water is starting warm fast with this hot sun.
Pope Location: Beach 9+10 32' to 55'
Time Observed: Friday 6/27 7:30- 12pm
Water Conditions: Flat to 1's Water 70 degrees
We pretty much got skunked on perch, too few to mention. I did a little research and I now believe the fish are so shallow because they are spawning. Due to the ice of last winter, they are way late this year. Shouldn't last too long, and things will get back to normal, if there is such a thing. 1big1
JG Location: Beach 10
Time Observed: 6/26/2014
Water Conditions: Calm
After the rain moved trough the night before, the pack went shallow. Started off in 42ft of water off the point catching silver bass. Was surprised to see the EJ close to shore. Moved in to 30' of water and the bite was on. Limited out on perch by 10am. Still lots of junk fish, had to stay above the bottom for the yellows to hit first.
pikepredator2 Location: VARIOUS DROPS OUT OF EAST AVE.
Time Observed: THURSDAY, 6/26
Water Conditions: 2-3s EARLY, CALMING LATER
Decided to do a little of both today, perch and eyes. Wanted to head towards condos and 1st trench but my main motor just wasn't sounding right and didn't want to get caught that far west. Headed straight off of point to 60 ft and trolled 2 dipseys with meat harnesses and 2 flat lines with reef runners. All we could pick up were silver bass, even on the RRs, so after about 3 hours we headed for the perch pack. Surprised to find everyone, including the John, in about 31 foot of water off of beach 10. Fished around several spots here, but didn't pick up a whole lot. Even headed back out to 55 feet with no luck. Came back to the pack and decided to stay a bit deeper and dropped in 41 foot of water. The bite was on even though it was pretty late in the morning. 2 of us almost limited before they shut down. Unbelievable amount of junk fish, I'm talkin doubles on sheep head and silver bass. Easily caught 20 heads today.
bkos1 Location: Walnut Eyes
Time Observed: 06/22/14
Water Conditions: 1-2s
Made our first trip up this season and we left with 10 walleye. We went out to the clay banks 45FOW marking most fish 20 feet down. 8 of our eyes were caught on a Reef Runner deep diver (pink lemonade) 100' off an inline board. This was the first time we ever used the inline boards and Reef Runner. Great combo for the day. Too bad we only had one Reef Runner in our tackle box. Good Luck
captaingeorge Location: Conneaut
Time Observed: 6/22/14
Water Conditions: 1-2ft
Fished 45-50 FOW sunday from about 6am till 2pm. Caught 10 walleye and 2 white bass. All eyes were avg size no hogs. Been hearing from the camp that off the point ppl are catching nice sized fish up to 30 inches. Anyways, caught most fish on black n purple worm harness 125 ft back using jet divers. Most fish suspended at 20 FOW. Caught a few on the boards running medium sized reef runner 165 ft back. Lets keep these walleye post goin people alot of ppl depend on these reports wether or not to make the trip up.
gypsum fisher Location: out off point
Time Observed: sat-sun
Water Conditions: rollers
took the wife and granddaughter out 3..grandaughter got the big one at 12.5......went out sunday to close to the same spot with my buddy..we got 17 all together .. having trouble this year finding the cooperative fish
turkeymandan Location: Off Point 60 ft
Time Observed: 6/13 6/14
Water Conditions: waves 3 to 4 subsiding to 2 footers
Well I'm not quite sure how this site happened to become a perch site I originally was interested in all the walleye reports but maybe people are withholding that info so they can have the lake to themselves but I got news it's a big lake with plenty of fish so let's share the wealth people. I was able to get on the lake at 6:30 in the evening and did not mark very many fish nor did I see another boat. I put 4 boards out with snap weights and 2 leadcores with flicker shads and harnesses. After 20 mins of trolling my buddy realed in a board that looked iffy to our surprise an 8 lb walleye came to the net. We continued trolling with the wind and caught 3 more dandy walleyes along with white bass and smallmouth. We turned the boat into the wind and repeated our first pass and two boards were pulling hard backwards at the same time. We brought a 30 and 29 inch walleye into the boat. No. 7 flicker shad pro in slick racy did most of the damage harness black/purple blade w copper backing white red beads did well also. Anyway in an hour and a half we caught a 26,27,28,29 and 30 inch walleye what a way to end the day. Get out there people and have some fun it's a great fishery with many fish to be caught.
Starcraft88 Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 6/19 thru 6/23
Water Conditions: flat to 3'
Fished for Walleye,yes this is a Walleye report.6/19 Trolled west in 36'caught 6 keepers between the Nut and Elk,2.0 mph,riggers w/meat on Water melon harness.Used this program till 6/22. Did well. 6/23 went due N to 48' trolled stacked riggers,meat, watermelon, caught fish at 12' deep and 30' deep. The fish havnt "settled" into a bunch and havnt spawned. Caught females ready to explode w/eggs.
fishing nut Location: Ohh the point of PI
Time Observed: 6-20/6-21
Water Conditions: 10-15
6-20 Fished on the EJ Friday evening with the bite being spotty. Between my son, dad and myself we ended up with 20 perch and a white bass. I think the boat wounded up with 174 fish for the night. 6-21 Sat we were on the O Danny O and my son was the only one of us that caught anything. He ended up with a white bass. I think there were about 10-15 perch caught on Sat.
Accountant Location: Presque Isle pay west of the perry monument
Time Observed: 6/21/14
Water Conditions: Calm
Waded in presque isle bay for the first time ever and enjoyed myself. Caught a mixture of largemouth and smallmouth bass. Was a bit frustrated by the amount of seadweed that was in the bay and caused problems on most casts. I had more success of tube worms and some on crankbaits
highroller Location: Out of walnut
Time Observed: 6-21/6-22
Water Conditions: 1-3
6-21: started around 2:00pm at trout run 41ft perch caught they were hit and miss never did move just wated for them to bite caught 40 between 2 guys. Started trolling after getting many junk finally found the walleye in 45ft got 3 lost 1 at the boat 24" was average dipsy 100 back 2.2speed one caught off of the down rigger 30" down then went trolling same area Sunday morning got 2 more only all morning long same location but heard on the radio more walleye being caught east off walnut. Great day on the big lake always lots of fun.
NAsteelheader Location: 40fow
Time Observed: 6-22-14
Water Conditions: 1-3s
Fished 40 fow nowhere near any packs. went out in morning, marked some fish, decided to drop anchor and see what happen. Best day ever!!!! Dropped first line at 8am had 4 man limit by 11am. Awesome day
10bears Location: condos
Time Observed: 6/22/14
Water Conditions: calm to 2'
started off trout run. caught 4 perch right away then it shut off. drove to godfry marked nothing near bottom. took a run to the condos. went out to 50' started to mark fish all over the bottom. tossed anchor & started catching perch right away. then they stoped. 15 minutes later they started to bight again. thats the way it went most of the day. ended uo with 45 nice perch. there were some nice slabs. east wind maid the bite weird. nice day!