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IndiansCatcher19 Location: 16 mile, 20 mile, elk.
Time Observed: 11/15-11/16
Water Conditions: Slow and clear
Plenty of fish in holes. Caught our limit. Saturday, great fishing in that snow! Caught a mixture of males and females eggs on the male blew his load. Pumpkin patch was holding, 16 mile at and above the bridge. Saw all these horrible reports...was iffy to come up. Glad I trusted my gut. Water is slow and seems like every year its slower and slower. Some fish looked unhealthy with liasons (not lamprey marks) and saw some fish with damages fins. Pulaski fish def look healthier this year compared tp erie. Fish on!
johnthefisherman Location: East Side, then Upper Elk
Time Observed: 10/15/2014
Water Conditions: Slightly tinted
You'd think the water conditions woulda been about perfect yesterday, but I gotta agree with what the others are sayin here. I've been critical of the "Erie ain't what it used to be" thinking over the past few years, but now even I'm starting to agree. Fished Saturday, started out at 16 mile, caught one small one, had one other hook up there, moved to lower 20, some fish around, I saw one caught the whole time I was there, moved to uppper Elk, more of the same, almost everyone I talked to had similar experiences. Not sure what's going on here, if that many fish are really being kept, or we just haven't a big run in awhile. Good news is that, after this week, it appears it's going to warm back up again, and dump some rain, that should melt the snow, and really blow the streams out for a change, hopefully get some new fish in and up the streams. We really haven't had a big blow out this year, like one that sends the gauge into the 1000s, keeps the streams up for a few days, and really washes the leaves out.
bwolive Location: Middle Elk
Time Observed: 11/10/2014
Water Conditions: low and clear
Just want to confirm what you wrote skeinman. I remember those days very well when you would be kicking up fish just walking the stream. Also many days back then when you could hook two or three more on your walk out in water that people walk right by nowdays. We fished at everybody's Uncle John's On Nov 10. My brother landed two small browns and released them and two other hookups. I had one hookup all day.
tnt Location: 20 mile
Time Observed: 11-11-14
Water Conditions: clear
fishing this year has very spotty, skeinman is rite those days of fish swimming all around you could be gone. i do believe this year has been the worst so far, so lets wait and see
skeinman Location: 20, 16 mile
Time Observed: 11-10-14
Water Conditions: clear
Fishing definitely is slow and spotty this year. Fish seem fairly scarce compared to other years. Picked up a few, but released them all. Younger fish that need more time to grow. Not about filling my freezer like it is for many. Sure miss those times years ago when the streams were packed with fish. Didn't have to wander up and down the streams in search of fish, just stood in one spot and schools of fish were steadily running upstream right at your feet. Tell some guys that and they just look at you like your kidding, well if they could have seen it they would've been impressed. Guess time and conditions change a lot throughout the years.
pawpawdan Location: mckean, pa to dunkirk, ny
Time Observed: 11-10, 11
Water Conditions: gin clear, low
Only landed 3 fish over 2 days, hooked 5 others, all on 16 mi above rt. 5. elk and 16 very crowded, but the weather was great, and tues was Veterans' Day. Met a couple nice guys, Don and Nick, said there were basically trapped fish in trout run due to low flows. Every year's different, and this one's starting off pretty slow, at least for me. I been doing this for 18 yrs. fish were caught on egg sacks. anybody crushing 'em? anybody else seen the beaver dam on lamson? looks impassable.
Matt419 Location: Conneaut Harbor
Time Observed: November 3, 2014
Water Conditions: Breezy with little chop in the harbor
Fished the Conneaut Harbor near and in the Boat Slip----cast Joe's Fiies spinners--two of us went 4 for 4. Thankful for some action !
termite Location: lower walnut and middle elk
Time Observed: 10/31-11-3
Water Conditions: low clear, then stained
Fished Walnut from Manchester hole to wall, did well when creek came up some, 7-10 a day,released most. Caught on skein,minis, and single eggs. Fish were in holes and the fast water,if it was deep enuff,creek was mainly low. More people then fish. Fished Elk around legion and park. Found some fish, but not in great numbers, fish were in fast water and under tree limbs n small pockets. Overall was a good Nov trip. Didnt see any fish in great numbers, most was 20 - a large hole with many people.Key is to hit after the rain and fish spots that people walk past and have a good attitude.
Cowboy Location: Way up Elk; I-79
Time Observed: throughout October
Water Conditions: Low but fishable
Lots of fish daily - most people walking past fish in riffs.
CUThere12 Location: mouth of Elk Creek
Time Observed: 10/28/14
Water Conditions: surf calm early
started out beautiful warm day with southern wind, no waves able to fish lake. Husband landed 27" Steelhead. Used silver/blue spoon. But conditions started to change as cold front moved in, waves developed. Took break, went to car, come back and someone took my tan handmade fishing bag that was hanging on a stump on beach eastside of creek around 11am. Anyone have it? Really can't believe a true fishermen would now be a thief! Really hurts!! I made that bag and used it for over 30 years and can't believe someone would take something that didn't belong to them! I hope Karma gets you!
yoruready Location: Crooked Creek
Time Observed: 10/27/14
Water Conditions: low and clear
Terrific time to be on the water, fished 3 different sections of the Crooked Creek, probably walked about 3 miles in total. Fish scattered in pools/deep runs. Had plenty of hookups; landed over a dozen fish, took a few home for the smoker. All fish taken using single eggs, noodle rod & 6 lb Pline. Tried Elk in late afternoon on the way home, more people than fish, and the fish were very easily spooked. Need a lot of rain to get the creeks in better shape.
Steel Head Junkie Location: 20 mile
Time Observed: 10/27
Water Conditions: low & clear
great day to be on the water...parked at the Tomato Patch and found two holes holding fish, one above and one below the walk-in...otherwise very spotty...tough conditions...landed fish though...worked hard for them...hoping for more rain...much needed
Cowboy Location: Walnut, Elk, East Side
Time Observed: All weekend
Water Conditions: Good
Lots of fish on stringers by most everyone.