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Location: no. off walnut
Time Observed: 8/22/15
Water Conditions: 1 ft
went out to 54 ft. ,two guys =54 perch. they would come and go! some really nice jumbos.
Location: Lake Erie -off the point
Time Observed: Sun.8-23-15
Water Conditions: 1 foot waves
Got skunked...North to 55ft., we lost 1 nice jack at the boat. Moved west and in with the perch pack, nothing. Did see a couple perch caught, but that's it. Oh well, Perch 1 - See Spider 0, :) till next time.
Location: off elk
Time Observed: 8/23/15
Water Conditions: 1' 2' then calm
51' 54' off elk. we caught 6. lost 4 at the back of boat. all eyes were caught on meat.
Location: North East
Time Observed: 8/22/15
Water Conditions: Sunny South winds with 1 footers to flat calm
Trolled in 85 to 114 FOW near the state line. Boated 4 eyes, two on dipsey's and two on lead core in 95 to 105 FOW. Various plugs running down 50 to 55 feet down.
Location: Lake Erie, out of Lampe
Time Observed: Sat. 08-22-15
Water Conditions: Calm to half footers
Went north to about 50 foot, marked a bunch of fish, so I dropped some lines. Caught 3 gobies :( r.i.p.), picked up moved to 55 foot, started catching perch. Bite was slow but caught a few doubles and 1 triple. I ended up putting 17 nice sized perch in the cooler, got a nice tan, and released 1 large silver bass. "Gotta take more perch boating." :) till next time.
Location: off point
Time Observed: 8/19 late afternoon
Water Conditions: 2 to 3's
took the wife out did real well with almost 2 limits once they stopped at 20:45 it was over managed 54 fish in a couple of hours decent size some jumbos
Location: Due north out of Walnut Creek
Time Observed: 8/17/2015
Water Conditions: 2 ft'ers
Followed the compass North to 48 fow. There where three other boats there. We had a very slow start then the bite went fron "not" to "Hot". It was non stop action for an hour or so. The fish finder looked like a bunch of people waiting to get on space mountain at Disney World. Then the party was over and the bite was gone. Caught 34 perch, some jumbos, had a good time! What a blessing from the Lord!
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: 8/15/2015 Saturday
Water Conditions: 1-2ft
Took my wife perch fishing. She only lasted 1 1/2 hours Fished at 50 FOW straight off Walnut. Nothing in 30 minutes. Moved to west and into 53FOW. Caught 10 fish in 45minutes. Wife caught one close to 14" The perch fishing I think is picking up some.
Location: 55 fow off point
Time Observed: 8/17/15 Edward John
Water Conditions: Light chop
Edward John Perch Fishing - 8/17/15 am trip - What a great day for my first trip back on the Edward John this season. Perfect weather with a light chop. Capt. Chuck and 1st mate JP parked Big Red in 55' off the point. Bite started a little slow but picked up nicely and the battle was on and kept up for a quite a while before we had to make a slight move to keep after that hungry herd of perch. 22 anglers hauled 372 perch over the rail with 5 people limiting out today. In fact the bite was still there when we had to pull anchor to head back to port. Lots of fun with an excellent perch bite for much of the morning.
Location: Ohio line to west of Walnut
Time Observed: 8/15/2015
Water Conditions: 1-2' early, 1' until mid PM
Captain Ron the Tackletitan delivered on the walleyes for us once again as the 3 of us boated 18 by just after 2PM. 9 were landed by 9:15, but then we dealt with a mix of species and occasional tangled dipsies. Most were caught on harnesses in the morning with a few on cranks. We finished off the limits with spoons to limit the junk. Great day on Erie.
Location: off Walnut, The Point
Time Observed: 8/15 - 8/16
Water Conditions: 0.5 - 2.5 footers
off Walnut- Trolled for eyes most of the day Saturday, just an average Drum, two white bass, and a small yellow perch. Tried perch fishing for half an hour before we left and boated 8, none were too big. Sunday we trolled for a few hours in the morning, picked up quite a few big fish but not one walleye. Did have a very large Drum about break one of the rods in half after hitting a spoon and measured 30" 14 pounds, great fight and my best Drum to date so I really can't complain about Sunday! The Point- Trolled for about an hour and got a single jumbo perch.
Location: 52ft of point
Time Observed: 08/16/2015
Water Conditions:
We out to 52 ft. mid afternoon to a small pack. E J was just coming back in fished 4 hours had some beer and caught 45 nice perch many doubled and my son got his first triple. Great late afternoon on the water.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 8-16-15
Water Conditions: less than 1 ft
Went west 9 miles where I caught fish on Sat. Started trolling at 530 1st fish at 550 . Trolled until sunset. There were a lot of marks as time went by. Finished the trip with 4 in the box. Several white bass and 2 white perch. Lost a fish on a Bang O the lip pulled from the plug while bringing in the fish. This happened once before. Whit using Bang Os . Going to go out later today and see if we can catch a few more. Very easy ride in at dark .
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 8/16/15
Water Conditions: calm to 1'
started of the point in first trench. went out on hump looked north towards ont. line. we saw no boats, caught 2 eyes. moved to 53' off elk. we caught 3 more. calm day for a change. did not see many boats looking for eyes.
Location: North out of Walnut
Time Observed: 8/16/15
Water Conditions: Calm
Began fishing for perch in 48' due north of Walnut at 5:30pm. Fish seemed like they were going to turn on a few times but the bite didn't last. Quit at 7:15 with 14 jumbos in the bucket. Headed out to 70' and fished for walleye until sunset. Caught two in 63' off dipseys set on 3.5 125 and 150 back. Marked a ton of big fish between 62' and 65'. Beautiful evening!
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 8-15-15
Water Conditions: 1-2
went west out from elk creek caught 4 in 60 65 ft. 2 on worm harness and the other 2 on jr. thundersticks . Several white perch on the harness. 6 hrs not much to show for the effort. There were quite a few boats trolling in the area. Saw several nets go down once in a while. That's fishing
Location: WALNUT
Time Observed: SATURDAY, 8/15
Water Conditions: 2 FOOTERS
Found the pack due north out of Walnut early this morning in 48 fow. Bite started immediately. Thought we were going to limit early but it was one of those turn on, turn off the bite kind of day. Finally gave up around noon, with 85 perch between the 3 of us; just couldnt get those last 5. The size of these fish was nothing to write home about.
Location: off Walnut to Ohio Line, The Point, Misery Bay
Time Observed: 8/8 - 8/9
Water Conditions: 2-7' waves, some swells larger on Sat.
off Walnut to Ohio Line- Trolled for a few hours and caught a 22" 5# Steelhead plus a 20" Drum. After that waves kicked up very badly and we "enjoyed" the 2 hour drive back to port in Presque Isle Marina in 4-7' waves and almost got flipped over by a big swell approaching 10' off the point. The Point- Trolled two hours Sunday before the waves kicked up again and got a White Bass and average sized Drum. Misery Bay- Tried to flatline for Muskies but kept catching weeds so anchored and bait fished for a while and only caught two dink Yellow Perch and a tiny Golden Shiner.
Location: Off point and Shades
Time Observed: August 8,9
Water Conditions: Rough
Fished 3 hours on Saturday. Tried 4 different spots. 2 men 3 hours, zero fish. No perch, gobies, sheep head, white perch or silver bass. Ouch. Trolled for eyes for 3 hours on Sunday. One silver bass. 3' waves on lake.
Location: elk
Time Observed: 8/8/15
Water Conditions: 1' TO 3'
went out on first eye hunt. we fished 53' off elk. we caught 3 lost 2. wind picked up & they went to 2' to 4s'. took a hour to get back to elk. to rough to go fast. crew change there minds to go out sunday. sat on land & shot my bow. 2+ months till bow hunting.
Location: Off beach 9 - 54ft
Time Observed: 8/6 - 7am to 11am
Water Conditions: 2ft to flat - 77 degree surface temp
When you have to do something painful, make it quick and short, so here goes, 3 guys, 4 hours, 11 perch. It's NOT getting better. 1big1
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 8/2/15
Water Conditions: 1' TO 3'
we went to our honey hole off the clay banks. we marked lots of fish in 42'. started catching fish. lots of junk fish plus some nice perch. after a hour they stopped. move many times nothing. the perch are just hit or miss. will start for walleyes this week. will post report on this latter.
Location: Lake Erie, off the point
Time Observed: Sun. 08/02/15
Water Conditions: 1 to 3's
Went north out of Lampe to 45 ft.,same area as last trip, nothing. Moved a little deeper to 55 ft. The bite was slow, but put 16 nice perch in the cooler. Got to keep picking away, the small bags of fish add up, still good eating...yum. :) till next time.
Location: Off Virginia's Beach
Time Observed: 8-2-15 AM
Water Conditions: 2-3ft from west
Son got a call from a buddy Sat evening, he had 2 seats open Sunday Am and offered to us. As we are novice big board fishermen we jumped at the chance. Headed west out of Walnut this AM - Set up big boards and dipsys in 34 ft off Virginias Beach. Made 8 passes and netted 6 eye and 1 perch. All but 1 eye were on dipsys, 1.6-2.0 mph. black/purple and watermelon harness 125 ft back on 3 setting. Something broke the front hook of a Renosky. Went out to 52 feet and no luck.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 7/25
Water Conditions: 1-3ft
Got a late start, 1st pole in the water at 10:45. Headed straight north out of walnut to 68-72ft. Lots of marks but the bite was slow. DId manage to pick up 7 eyes all on meat off of dipseys and riggers. Lost 5 or 6 more at the boat. It's getting better
Location: off walnut
Time Observed: 7-29-15
Water Conditions: flat,no wind,hot
went straight off walnut to 48 ft ,found an underwater structure and every time we swung over it we got some nice perch! 3 of us ended up with 90 beauties!
Location: The Great Lake Erie
Time Observed: 7/29 Wed. evening
Water Conditions: Calmmmmmmmm
It's getting better! 47 ft. North of the point, same area as Sun & Mon. The bite was slow, but put 10 jumbo perch in the cooler . The captain of the "Yard Sailor " and his daughter Miss E, we're fishing just west of me and brought over 10 more jumbos. Thanks! Big round hazy moon in the sky, getting ready for Friday's blue moon. Marked a ton of fish and bait fish on the screen. :) till next time.