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Tim252 Location: Lake East Side
Time Observed: Sat19th
Water Conditions: Icy
Was out this am and was fishing with a gentleman had talked with the past couple of times out, no fish:< But in my haste to leave left my bucket with my fishing stuff in it by the car, if you happened to pick it up please left me know the jig box is kind of sentimental. Thanks for any help!
empty net Location: lower Elk
Time Observed: 4/17-18
Water Conditions: off color to clear
Buddy and myself started at Walnut Thursday morning with no luck. Headed to lower Elk and found a nice slug of fish at the head of a large pool. Had good action on mostly spawned out drop backs and a few fresh jacks. Jigs tipped with wax and red worms did most of the damage. Since the action was steady and no other fishermen were around, we didn't fish anywhere else. Did not catch any smolts and only got a few suckers prior to leaving Friday afternoon. A great end to another steelhead season.
hogang Location: Elk & Walnut
Time Observed: 4/17
Water Conditions: off color and nice flow
Hit both West (Elk & Walnut) and East tribs with a couple of snaggers from Uniontown. Water quality was good. Between us we landed about 15 chromes, 30 suckers, 5 browns, and countless smolts. Met some nice people that were just happy to be fishing and some other folks that didn't know what day it was. The normal places didn't produce so we had to move to find them. Spring run appeared to be down from previous years. Bugger like patterns worked best.
JKarick97 Location: Conneauttee Creek
Time Observed: 4/16/2014
Water Conditions: Calm, but cold.
Myself and 3 of my buddies fished a section of Conneauttee Creek this morning from 9:00am - 12:30pm. Water conditions were a bit tricky, considering that it had stormed pretty bad the previous day, we knew the water would be merky and moving. But all in all....Pretty decent day. Together, we brought home 4 beautiful Rainbow trout, with one of them being almost 18 inches. Tried Nightcrawler's, but just didn't seem to get into anything. Today, the bait of choice was Garlic Powerbait. Cant wait to go again tomorrow!
Skein Stain Location: Elk & Walnut
Time Observed: 4-10
Water Conditions: Pretty Darn Good
Hit up Folly's before lunch, the water conditions were ideal not many viewable fish or active, but did manage to land two silverbacks. After lunch we hit up Manchester (between the falls). My buddy landed one... my luck had run out... Also ran into Steelhead Jesus on the Nut... He yanked and banked a few suckers out of the hole and caught five freshies 'down around the bend'??? The smolt were active... almost made it un-enjoyable. Look forward to seeing them all grown up in a few years. All metalheads were caught on single eggs.
Steel Head Junkie Location: Elk - Girard Park
Time Observed: 4/12/2014
Water Conditions: up and slightly muddy
We were at camp in Franklin, PA for Opening Day and the streams were high and muddy...made the executive decision to run up to the Elk and try our luck...Folly's had cars parked up to 98 so the "Steelhead Fisherman of the Year" for 2013 sent us to Girard Park..we had it all to ourselves for most of the day and we CRUSHED and my brother landed 5 steelies (missed 8-10 more), 2 nice browns..20+ inches, smolts, suckers, 1/2 dozen carp..had a opening day ever
pawpawdan Location: mckean to canadaway
Time Observed: 4/10, 11/2014
Water Conditions: small tribs clean, big ones too high
Fished around in pa. thur, hooked 4 on egg sacs under the tree @ the parking lot on 12, saw 6 more upstream, but smolts and chubs hit. No suckers there. Had good action down on 7 mi., but suckers were mixed in. pa streams were all clean thur,ny were high, and it poured overnight. Fri. in ny, got 8 close to the lake in a small trib. About 20 guys were fishing the city pier at Dunkirk, catching fish. I kept one male, and he had not yet spawned.
littlguppy Location: Trout Run
Time Observed: 4/7/14
Water Conditions: calm
Didn't fish, just photos. Noticed HUNDREDS of gulls and mergansers, thought maybe smelt were running (like they did 50-60 years ago) turns out it was the stockers (smolts) and they were getting slammed by the bigger fish and pushed to the surface where the Gulls were waiting. Closest thing to a saltwater bait blitz I've ever seen in the lake. Dark Rapala ought to work well, I may even go try it.
JeffCoHunter Location: ELK CREEK
Time Observed: 4/6/14
Water Conditions: FAIR
Fished lower Elk Creek first thing in the morning. Picked up 3 fresh steelhead and had a few other hook ups. Water level good but pretty cloudy. Fished upper Elk in the afternoon. No action and a bunch of smolts. Lower section seems more productive.
jlearsi67 Location: Presque Isle areas
Time Observed: 4/6/14
Water Conditions: Calm
Started first thing at Stink Hole to get in on the crappie/perch action. Wading wasn't the ticket for us today. Should have brought the boat. Headed up to Water Works, Marina, Misery and the lagoon area and struck out in all locations. Incredible amount of bait fish schools at Water Works and lagoon areas. This is typical for my first time out after ice out for crappies - 2 weeks or so too early. Headed to Eaton Res. and it is still iced over for the most part. I guess cabin fever got the best of me - again. Great day out at the penninsula anyways.....
jigginperch31 Location: stinkhole
Time Observed: 4/6/14
Water Conditions: calm
Well the size of the perch are up thats for sure. There were 7 of us on 3 different boats and we got around 60 perch. Mostly nice jumbos 12+. It was still slow and I caught the least amount of fish. The fish are there. Go get em! P.s if anyone hears anything about the north or south pier please post! Thanks.
marshrabbit Location: Misery BAy
Time Observed: 4/5/14
Water Conditions: 39 and sunny
Fished Misery from shore yesterday afternoon. Sunny and cool only 2 boats out. Fished for about 1.5 hours and caught 1 largemouth and 1 shad by the tail. Anyone else doing anything out there?
AdamsDry1 Location: Trout Run
Time Observed: April 3rd
Water Conditions: flat water out to the ice sheet
Forgot to mention in report below I also watched from my vehicle and stood in the water by about 8 other fishermen. For about a half hour total. Nothing going on so I headed to Walnut. But the southeasten guys had a lot of steelhead as per below. I just didn't find the right spot. Lord willing I'll be back at it one more time this spring.
AdamsDry1 Location: U Elk, L&M Walnut, L 20,ConneautCrkPA
Time Observed: 4/1-3
Water Conditions: Up&Dropping,Conny too high didn't wade scary
3rd day one spawned-out female put her back many smolts higher up on Walnut barbless hooks. Attempted to fish PA Conneaut 3rd day also. At hotels fish cleaning station 2 groups of fishermen from southeast PA had field days and took home pounds of steelhead fillets. Asked for advice. No clear info from them but got the idea they were fishing the mouths of the smaller creeks. ? 3rd day L Nut saw one fisherman. To me in general. Catching seemed possible but sparse and not alot of anglers around. Worst trip of this season for me.
thetruth54 Location: Elk/walnut
Time Observed: April 2
Water Conditions: Walnut perfect. , Elk up a little but good color
Pretty good day, did better on walnut than elk but caught a few from both , mostly were caught on white and pink jigs , 20 hook ups , 14 landed biggest being a 28 inch hen , only fresh looking fish I caught were 2 jacks on lower elk , didn't seem like many have came in yet. Hopefully the wEather warms up and brings some in , the fish are there but very spread out gotta do some walking if you want to get into a couple here and there , tight lines and good luck !
ChromeBandit412 Location: West Side
Time Observed: April 1
Water Conditions: Good flow and color
Hooked into a few old hogs on crooked creek. Shure had a good time. Also saw a good amount of fresh fish at another small creek. Chrome is making a comeback. Tight lines!
pikepredator2 Location: ELK
Time Observed: TUESDAY 1 APRIL
Water Conditions: UP, NICE COLOR
Struggled all morning. creek was up nice and stained but faster than I first realized. could have been slower, and I fought the winds all morning with the fly rod. numbers were up on the guages but decided to give it a try anyways. just couldn't get a decent cast or drift. alot of hang-ups and lost flies. needless to say, no fish. do believe they're calling for winds the next day or so.
grshuntr Location: ELK
Time Observed: MARCH 31,
Water Conditions: WET
for those who can't wait to go north, wait, I fished elk above folly's. the water was fishable but murky to say the least, all of the ice is gone except on the banks, and as the day went on, with the sun out and the melt, the water was actually coming up and getting muddier, I left about 4. I did catch two old males, one of which was foul hooked, and a fresh hen that took an egg pattern. with the weather forcast , I can not see fishing till sunday at the least.
pawpawdan Location: mckean to silver creek
Time Observed: 3/21,22/2014
Water Conditions: colored, good flow
Came up fri and got 1 old hen quickly under a bridge near Mckean. Lots of guys. There are not a lot of old fish, compared to past years. However, fresh fish are arriving daily. Caught 2 jacks and 1 adult on the ny. side that were chrome. Stream had a nice opening in the ice at the mouth, fishable. Got 2 old males on upper 20 mile. All old fish had already spawned. Where your warm socks.
empty net Location: Walnut & Elk
Time Observed: 10/22 - 10/23
Water Conditions: all
Started Sat morning at Walnut and picked up two quick ones at the Manchester pool, then nothing. Did not seem like a lot of fish were around and did not see much happening at the project waters. Lower Elk was muddy. Ice jam at the legion is no more. Did a lot of walking on upper Elk. Didn't see many fish until the evening and finally found one hole with a few fish and managed to land two. Slept in due to cold temps on Sunday. Fished large pool on lower Elk from noon until six. Water was green and the fishing was good. Not any slush despite very cold temps. Jigs with wax worms seemed to work best.