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skeinman Location: Pa.
Time Observed: 12/19
Water Conditions:
Just read a article about New York having a problem with steelhead die off. There has been a big die off of steelhead in the Salmon River. The dead fish started showing up around the third week of November and the NY DEC doesn't know why it's happening. Fisherman up and down the river are reporting gill lice on all steelhead. The Salmon River isn't the only river this is happening on either. The NY DEC is finding that this is in other Lake Ontario tribs also. The Syracuse newspaper had a big article on it. http;//www.syracuse...d-other-la.html. or search it on the web under NY DEC steelhead die off. Makes you sort of wonder if it has something to do with the poor runs in Lake Erie nowadays. Never fails, about the time things get good they turn around and crash.
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: All Creeks
Time Observed: Today
Water Conditions: High& Muddy
All creeks are high and muddy.
domfig1027 Location: Elk/Crooked Creek
Time Observed: 12/15/2014
Water Conditions: Elk: High, very stained. Crooked: Clear with color
Started off at Elk creek by Follys End, water was a little high and just a bit to muudy in most spots to really have a good chance at catching fish. On a whim, decided to check out crooked creek, and i'm glad I did. I landed around a dozen fresh steelies, mostly on egg pattern flies (Including this fat female). Definitely glad I explored more regional waters rather than going home.
fisherofmen376 Location: West side is da best side
Time Observed: 12/9
Water Conditions: Low and clear
Plenty of fish around but spooky. Had to switch presentations constantly to appease the fish. Overall a great day, but precipitation is needed to bring levels up.
SWPAFisherMan Location: Elk and walnut
Time Observed: 12/08
Water Conditions: Clear
Fishing was slow, saw some fish on elk but didn't catch any, didn't see anything on walnut, saw a few guys using bait getting fish but overall seemed slow
pawpawdan Location: upper elk, 7mi, 16mi
Time Observed: 12/5,6,7
Water Conditions: low, then blownout, then ideal
Fished Friday afternoon upper elk, saw VERY few fish, and caught one by the soccer field. Lamson still has an impassable beaver dam. Heavy rain blewout all streams for sat. Woke to perfect conditions sun. morning. I got 2 fish at 16mi. close to the lake, saw one caught upstream. Relatively light fishing pressure sunday at 16 mi. Could have stayed one more day, but didn't see any point. I only had 1 really good day in Erie this season.
hookedonsteels Location: Elk
Time Observed: 12/7
Water Conditions: up and stained
Fished Elk with the most disappointing trip in 8 years of steelheading. Tried everything saw very few fish caught. I caught 1 small brown. Conditions were fine and have caught many fish in the same conditions. Totally wasted trip and wasted money. Very disappointed.
AdventureMen Location: Walnut - Legion
Time Observed: 12/7
Water Conditions: higher than normal
We fished walnut in the AM, then the Legion. Flow was strong, water was stained brown. We saw 1 guy catch a fish on a purple woolybooger...we threw every fly we had and still nadda. Didnt see a single fish swimming. Dont be discouraged by this post, this was just one of those days for us, I'm sure others did well. Tight lines bros!
hogang Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 12/3
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Fished sunrise to 1030 at Manchester hole and did NOT crush them. Landed 5 on 5 different flies and light tippet. Water was so clear you could easily count the fish in each hole...not many except for the falls. Fish were very fresh and energetic.
rbfranklin Location: middle elk
Time Observed: 12/03/14
Water Conditions: low, green, fair
Wasn't going to fish due to low water conditions, but my wife talked me into fishing the morning. I can't understand why, but the fish were on the move and fairly active. Saw plenty of fish moving in pods past us. Hooked about 12, landed 5-6 nice fish. Seemed to be fresh fish. Left about noon, the water was clearing quickly. Rain scheduled this weekend should mean good fishing next week.
yoruready Location: East side trib
Time Observed: 11/29/14
Water Conditions: Clearing, good flow
Fished from sunrise to 10:30 a.m. & crushed them! Landed over 30 steelies, biggest fish was male 31 inches long weighing 11 lbs, kept him for the smoker. Fish were taking egg sacs early, then singles eggs, and a few on nymphs. Fished in pools and runs, fresh fish were fighting great! Tight lines!
mcgrath3 Location: 16 Mile
Time Observed: 11/30/14
Water Conditions: Clear with green tint
Only a dozen or so fish in the hole below the water fall at 16 Mile Creek. Just a few weeks ago there were hundreds in this hole. Hand tied red egg sacks produced this beautiful fish who fought for a full ten minutes, jumping, and zipping all over the hole. Later decided to release him as he was still fighting heavily while on the stringer. Great day with Atom and Dave. Later went to Cascade Creek and saw two fish. And on the way home the 79 hole was green and muddy not many fish to be found.
chili pepper Location: east end of south pier
Time Observed: Sun 11/30 after dark
Water Conditions: stained hopefully
All the conditions are right to get yourself a burbot tonight. After coming from the W/SW the wind is supposed to quit. They will still be lying there waiting for food being washed out the channel. Temps in the 50s. Easy walking. Big tasty fish. You won't get one sitting at home.
Steel Head Junkie Location: Walnut & Elk
Time Observed: 11/26
Water Conditions: decent flow & clearing
Started at the Fish Commission expecting piles of dice...2 holes above the Chutes held fish but there were 2 fisherman for each fish...went to the Legion hole and cracked the code...single eggs and bead head princes...great day...Happy Thanksgiving
TR67 Location: Elk
Time Observed: Tu 11/25
Water Conditions: Off color in lower river, clearing
Fished low, middle, high then low yday on Elk. Went 2/3. Fish took #12 olive Hares Ear & orange Krystal Meth. Clarity was good middle and above but didn't spot any fish. Best was lower section at end of day. Hopefully a run is moving up river? Never bothered to measure stream temp but did notice Conneaut temp jumped from around freezing to 41 midday Sun to midday Tue.