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Location: Walnut/ 4 Mile
Time Observed: 11/25/2016
Water Conditions: Dirty
Made the daytrip up for some chrome. Decent day on the streams, went 6 for 8, chartreuse and white crystal meth, Jeff Blood style blood dots, and prince nymphs were all effective. The streams are high due to snowmelt, so the water temperature is dropping, fish won't move far to take a fly. Find a deep run with some current, and bounce the bottom with your flies, baits, and other offerings.
Location: east side
Time Observed: 11/24
Water Conditions: n/a
FYI: The PA fish commision has not stocked any steelhead in 16 or 20 mile for a few years now. That is why there is NO FISH anymore. Everyone who has fished these streams in past should submit a complaint on the fish commissions website. They ruined this fishery and didn't even put up a sign so people dont waste there time chasing nothing...
Location: Elk, Walnut, upper Conneat
Time Observed: 23 24/11
Water Conditions: Clear to muddy
Fish my first 2 days of vacation. Had one hook up in 2 days. Yesterday water was low and clear on Elk and Walnut. Almost no fish upper Walnut. Today very slow and the leaves where everywhere on the Elk. Almost nobody caught fish. Very slow start....
Location: Walnut/ Upper Elk
Time Observed: 11/19/2016
Water Conditions: Low and clear
Decided to make the trip and sneak in some chrome fishing in the calm before the storm. Flipped between Walnut and the Mckean section of Elk, there are fish around on both. Woolly buggers, zonkers, single eggs, mop flies, and small nymphs were successful. Don't be afraid to try experimental patterns.
Location: Conneaut Creek(PA)
Time Observed: 11/19/16
Water Conditions: Stained
I was throwing texas rig creature baits along a log hoping to land a smallie and after the second or third cast, I landed a nice steelie girl. This threw me for a loop with everything I've been told about fishing for them(which I haven't had much luck with). I was using 10 lb fluoro leader on 12 lb braid and a big 3/0 hook. She must have been hungry or defensive. It was challenge to run down the steep banks of this creek to land her, get her off the hook and back into the water. Needless to say I got pretty muddy, but it was well worth it.
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 11/19/2016
Water Conditions: Low and clear
Took a group of 40 new anglers and fished elk from the tunnels, to the mouth with little success. We had one landed and two other hook ups but that was it. We did see small pods of fish near the waterfall. Not many others out fishing although a local guy landed 3 at the mouth. Its tough fishing at Elk this year. The fish just aren't there like they used to be...but there are some fish without the crowds. Overall we had a great day on the stream with a fantastic group of folks.
Location: Western tribs
Time Observed: 11/19
Water Conditions: Clear to green tint
Started out crystal clear, precipitation started falling all morning resulting in that perfect green tint. Only problem is the fish were locked up tighter than the white house. Threw everything under the sun, as well as everyone else who was on the water, to no avail. Managed to squeak 3 out very early a.m. Same song and dance, spotty pods here and there. Very few people out today was about the only positive note. Be back at it after this front passes over.
Location: Elk and Walnut
Time Observed: 11/17-11/19
Water Conditions: Low and clear
Fished lower walnut and sections of elk. Hooked a couple on single eggs and landed one. Ran into these five guys on walnut and poor Richards. They said they had over 100 hookups a day. I didn't believe them but their coolers were full. Anyone have similar luck or are these guys full of it?
Location: Upper Elk
Time Observed: 11\15\16
Water Conditions: low and clear...
Saw some fish....caught 2 on small egg patterns. not many fisherman. Beautiful day. God bless.
Location: Tribs
Time Observed: 11/12 - 11/13
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Another slow weekend, only went 1/2 in a day and a half. The landed fish was very nice, however, at 30" and 10-11 pounds. Stripped leeches caught both fish. Need rain, badly, hardly fish anywhere other than the usual circuses. I might also add that stream ettiquette was more than usual out the window this weekend, especially at Walnut, sad. Make the trip up or stay home, I don't really care what you guys do, but I'll be waiting until a very good downpour before I make my next trip up. Catch & Release
Location: 20 mile,16 mile, and elk
Time Observed: nov.9-12
Water Conditions: low and clear
Tuesday night made the trek from Allentown area. we hit heavy rain on rt.79. to bad that rain moved south as it went east. never effected 16& 20 mile creeks. the four of us started fishing the mouth of 20 mile on wed. the stream was low and gin clear. caught one small fish. some fish in the last 150 yards of the creek. didn't see any fish from there up to the bridge. probably why there were no fishermen in that part of the stream. left there and we headed to tomato patch where there was a favorable report on here a day prior. I see now that that post was taken down. good job as#hole. wish I would have got posted his screen name so you all would know who not to believe next time he posts. next time I will copy n paste the bogus report. 2 of us went up to the rt. 90 bridge and 2 of us went down to the posted wire. we had 3 hook ups no landed fish. we counted 10 fish that we saw between the 4 of us from rt. 90 bridge to the posted wire. sure we missed a few, but not many. the water was so clear and low. ended up at the mouth of 16 mile for the end of the day. stream was low and clear also. the mouth was not holding fish like other years. i did manage to hook 1 at the first falls. 16&20 mile creeks need rain. headed to upper elk creek Thursday. water was stained and in good shape. couldn't see the fish but the 4 of us managed to catch fish. Friday the water was clearer and you could see the fish in the stream. there were plenty of fish there. Saturday the water was clear and the fish did not want to cooperate. best of luck to all. until they get rain, don't waist your time on 16&20 mile.
Location: Everywhere
Time Observed: 11/12
Water Conditions: Wet
Many brought to hand. MANY hookups. Jk. Walked 3 creeks, most locations very few fish... youd get a pod of fish surrounded by double the amount of people. Slow bite. Slow fall thus far. Not trying to steer people away but unless your not too concerned about money and more in for it the weekend getaway, or just love to fish, Then save your trip or vacation days. No im not a "local" and no im not trying to hog the fish. BTW south end of walnut wall is closed again.
Location: East side tribs
Time Observed: 11/12/16
Water Conditions: Fair
Fishing catch and release is the best fishing a man can practice. Love to see guys letting 'em swim again...
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 11-11-16
Water Conditions: muddy
For anyone thinking about going to the wall at Walnut, the entire thing is closed...yes, even the south end. Made the trip yesterday to find it completely closed. Best to call first as I don't know if the south end will be reopened this year. Was up Friday, Nov 4 and fished the south end, saw no notice of upcoming closing, but the public sector seldom provides the public any courtesy.
Location: Walnut/elk
Time Observed: 11/11/16
Water Conditions: Good color
Walnut is hot right now... The fish are up to veterans park. Caught a good number there. Stopped by elk near mckean and saw a lot of disappointed fishermen. Not sure what's going on with elk this year but it sucks.
Location: Walnut/Elk
Time Observed: 11/10/16
Water Conditions: Low and clear
The nut is still producing fish and fisher folks all the way up to the waterfalls. Not much going on at elk again. Whats up on that? Tight lines!
Location: Tribs
Time Observed: 11/6-11/9
Water Conditions:
Made trip number two to the tribs. Don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to go up to start the trip on a Sunday. Wasn’t able to find a place to fish until after lunch. Managed a couple on #16 prince nymphs. Each day got a little tougher with receding clear water,but managed to battle a few fish everyday. We got rained out for our last day. Fish are scattered through out the creeks. Walnut probably has the most fish if your into combat fishing. What is always sad,some anglers stream etiquette. From intentional snagging,trying to force an angler out of an spot for themselves and litter. Another gentleman went to Folly’s to call the PFBC about the snaggers. Don’t know if they ever showed up and caught the pigs? I’ve been doing this sport for thirty years and I also can’t understand why a angler has to look for or see a fish! Guy’s,read the water and the lies. FISH the the water. Storming into the middle of the hole like cattle dying of thirst,THEN,put on your polaroid's and then say,nope,don’t see any. Duh!
Location: upper 20 mile
Time Observed: 11/9
Water Conditions: Pretty nice
Forget about upper 20 more guys than fish by about 10 times!
Location: east side
Time Observed: 11 8 16
Water Conditions: low water
fished mile creeks today no fish worst fish count in 20 years where are the steelheads there were not even any fishermen in any numbers
Location: allstreams
Time Observed: 11/7/16
Water Conditions: decent
Hey you out of towners, no need to wait any longer.........fish are here....and in numbers,fish on, so COME ON , FILL UP YER OLD GAS TANK AND CATCH SOME STEEL.
Location: 16&20
Time Observed: 11-7-16
Water Conditions: clear
bad news guys 16 & 20 couple fish above the posted area no fish from the bridge down 16 mile no cars no fish & the water is really clear so save ur time , money & gas
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 11/4/16
Water Conditions: Stained
Had my best day of steel head fishing in a long time. Caught 8 in 4 hours. 2 of which were in a fin. Quite a few fish but didn't see a ton of people catching anything. I had hits on different flys, white wooly buggers and small black beadhead nymphs were probably the best though. It was a great day to be out on the water with friendly people and great weather.
Location: elk and 20 mile
Time Observed: 10/31 to 11/2
Water Conditions: clear
Don't know what is going on in Elk. Some fish but not like whats going on in 20 mile and Walnut
Location: Elk/Walnut
Time Observed: 11/04/16
Water Conditions: Decent
Started at Elk - water was a little dark but flow and height was nice. Not much action for us or from others, we didnt see many fish...so we left and went to Walnut for full contact fishing. Folks were hooking up left and right it was pretty insane up at the waterfalls with a solid line of people all the way to the stop sign hole. Tight lines!
Location: Middle Walnut
Time Observed: 11/2/16
Water Conditions: low and clear
First trip up for this fall, had a good day, managed to get a dozen hookups and brought home 3 big steelies, one of them was 29 inches and 13 lbs. I agree with an earlier post, not nearly as many fish in this first big run, but the fish are big. Fish taken on single eggs, and egg sacs. tight lines all.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: Nov.1
Water Conditions: High and cloudy
Traveled 2 hours for the 4th time this year for steelies. Usually go up on a Sunday but thought we'd try a Tuesday. Today was the must crowded I seen it so far this year.we always fish at walnut. Down below the bridge. It was side by side fishing today.., but very tolerable everyone was considerate of others. Although the water was high and cloudy and you couldn't see many fish til mid afternoon. I ended up catching 2 very nice ones. 24 & 25 inches! And that was fishing from the same spot all day!