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Location: The Trenches, Off The Point, Misery Bay, and Walnut Creek
Time Observed: 8/19 - 8/21
Water Conditions: Lake: Flat Calm to 6'rs; Creek: LOW and CLEAR
The Trenches- Fished 60-80 FOW Friday morning for Steelhead, only a sublegal Walleye and a nice White Perch brought to the boat. Decided to give it a try so I cooked up the White Perch later that night. To all of you who call them "trash fish", think again, it tasted just as good if not better than Yellow Perch! Give it a try sometime, very mild flavor and not many bones. Off The Point- Fished 60-110 FOW Friday evening and Saturday morning for Steelhead and Lake Trout. One 16" Walleye, that was it. Misery Bay- Fly fishing for an hour or so produced about a dozen small Yellow Perch and Sunfish. Small nymphs stripped slowly worked for me. Walnut Creek- No Steelhead to be found yet, but caught about a dozen nice River Chubs and a couple Common Shiners fishing nymphs. Fun time!
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 8/19/16
Water Conditions: Less than 1 ft
Fished 50fow. Marked lots of fish on graph. Not many willing to bite. Ended up with 12 nice size perch. Still slow but improving.
Location: Boating out of Walnut Marina
Time Observed: Friday August 19
Water Conditions: 2' or less
Went fishing for perch. The good news - they were easily seen on the fish finder at 50' straight out of Walnut. Bad news they weren't very hungry. The two of us got 11 nice size perch and two throw back walleye. Better than last week when there were none. I heard stories of limits on Monday August 15 and Thursday August 18. Heard radio reports of a few walleye being picked up Friday. Hopefully as fall approaches the bite will pick up.
Location: Lorain, Ohio
Time Observed: 8/18 and 19
Water Conditions: 1 to 3
Fished off of the power plant in 30 to 40. Caught 12 Thursday and 8 before noon on friday. 2 mph 50 feet back with deep husky jerks. Biggest was 29 1/2.
Location: North East
Time Observed: 8/19/2016
Water Conditions: 1-3 then flat
Fished 8hrs tough bite early pick up later in the day most on spoons and stick baits only one on meat..depths were from 100 to 125 fish at 50 and 55 feet done two of the bigger ones pictured of the eleven we picked up...
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 8/19/16
Water Conditions: 1' TO 3' then calm
Finally two of us limited out. 50' strait off walnut. graph was loaded with fish. started out getting white perch. had to lay minnow right on the bottom. then pick it up slow. if it felt like you had a extra sinker on set the hook. there were some nice perch!!
Location: 80 to 110 ft freeport
Time Observed: 8/17
Water Conditions: 1ft
Fished outside of mountain 4 hrs Wed nite. Only 1 small eye and few junk fish. Where they at?
Location: west of elk....20 fow
Time Observed: 8/11
Water Conditions: calm n clear
Ran plugs near ohio line in 20 ft. Caught 12 walleyes ranging from 14 -24 inches keep 7. Others were a tad small 14-16 inches.
Location: 60-68 fow east of shades
Time Observed: 8/3 a.m.
Water Conditions: less than 1 foot
Started fishing for walleye in 48-52 fow nothin. Headed west to pack of boats. Caught 6 eyes between 18 and 34 inches . Using worm harnesses. Also saw other boats netting fish. Needless to say all n all a good day. No perch where are they????
Location: trout run
Time Observed: 8/1/16
Water Conditions: nutty
started out in 50' off trout run. moved off walnut in pack of boats nothing. headed to my honey hole off clay banks. we saw pack of boats off trout run in 41'. we were pulling in & we saw people pulling in perch. 10 minutes after we started fishing the wind shifted to the north east. they shut off. we caught 5 perch in those 10 minutes. people who started there first thing in the morning did real good.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: sun. 07-31-16
Water Conditions: 2's plus
Went northeast out of Lampe to 55 ft. did not mark a fish. Moved west with the other boats, still not marking much. Gave it a try anyway, had to wait for the storms south of me to pass. Didn't catch anything, but stayed dry, lol. Till next time :)
Location: point
Time Observed: 7/29/2016
Water Conditions: rollers
I think the fishing is poorer this year because there has been a large decline in the minnow population the last few years. Also because they continue to stock steelhead and they will continue to drive down populations of perch just like the smelt population until it was wiped out. Us old timers remember when smelt were here by the Zillions. I am not blaming them solely but they definitely keep the numbers from growing rapidly, with gill nets gone we should be seeing a lot larger rebound in the perch population. I still remember the old days of no limits and how easy it was to catch perch. So a 30 fish per day limit is not what is stunting the population.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7-29 7-30
Water Conditions: calm to 1-2s
7-29 I was told to try off the condos in 60-70 fow for walleye. Trolled for 3 hrs varied depths and lures no takers very frustrating. Heard 2 guys on the radio location unknown. One said they were on a school of fish al. least a mile long. One told the other to call him on cell phone. 7-29 Straight out of Walnut 53 fow wife and I caught 35 nice perch and 2 walleyes in 3 hrs. The wind picked up and we came in. We also caught 3 very small walleyes that's encouraging for the future. Anyone have knowledge where the walleyes are located.
Location: Lake Erie, West, East
Time Observed: 7/12, 7 /19...
Water Conditions: Foot or less
Having a good Time on the Edward John so far. As many know, this summer has been slow For this lobster of the lake. Many therories mentioned but without biologic study, no real answers are coming to light. Still, getting out when you can is key since things are starting to gradually improve. I have been out With this Group With captains Brian And NIck so far. They were excellent! No, i did not limit. But that is not their fault. Experienced fishermen/ Women know well that you Cannot make this species feed. They Found them . We caught them. This magic limit of 30 needs to be taken off your mind And replaced With the Joy of catching when you can. This company WANTS you to catch perch. They WANT you to limit . They cannot promise it. Perch fishing is a skill that must be learned And you learned people know that. Even then, even when that dude is catching them next to you And you are doing nothing, is it a párty boat´s fault or the captains ? Come on now people . I love when Brian is on teaching people techniques And showing ways to Master it. I met the new Owner . She would love For people to be happy. John was great. But he learned Aliong the way. I can understand completely from complaints From out of towners . It is money spent after all. But send an email to them With your complaints . A true business person should do the right thing. I have no complaints but I live here. The first mates Jason And Marcus were great. I hope they DO get a chance to rest/ nap between trips. Those guys are out in sun And waves For hours! Study perching . It should be an art. It is. I did fine on my trips . Thanks EJ . You all rock !
Location: Shades,The Point,Beach 10
Time Observed: 7/28 7:30-11:30am
Water Conditions: 1' or less
Did 27 perch, 1 silver bass. Caught fish all 3 places, seems like the perch are finally showing up in decent numbers. 1big1
Location: Great Lake Erie
Time Observed: 7-23,24 &26th
Water Conditions: Nice
Limited out on perch in 54 ft. of water off the Lighthouse on Sat. Again on Sun. in 52 ft. Rained out Monday. Went back out Tues. only caught 2. Tried different depths, nada. Headed east between the Point and Shades in 55 ft. Caught 15 more nice sized perch before I had to head in. Hopefully things are picking up. Till next time :)
Location: 53 fow/ shorewood
Time Observed: 7/27
Water Conditions: 2 footers
Ran worm harness for walleye. Ended up with four keepers. Threw back 2 small ones. Also caught 3 nice perch while trolling for walleye. Marked alot of fish in certian areas. Think the perch might be schooling up. Will try for some tomorrow. Good luck to all
Location: The Mountain, Off The Point
Time Observed: 7/23
Water Conditions: Calm to Rough
The Mountain- Trolled for 8 hours, two hours for Lake Trout, two hours for Steelhead, two hours for Walleye, and two hours for Drum. 0 fish, not even a White Bass. That's the worst I've seen the mountain ever, I'll wait until Fall Lakers to head back there. Off The Point- Trolled for about one hour in 55-60 FOW for Drum and boated one nice fish, a 28" 12#. 3.5" Confusion spoon 45' down. Jigged for White Bass for 30 minutes afterwards and brought up a nice pair of 13" fish on 3/4 ounce cleos. Slow day to say the least, be back in 2-3 weeks.
Location: east side
Time Observed: sat/sun
Water Conditions: flat to 1to 2's
fished sat/sun ended up with 43 with the wife on sat did 28 on sunday 49 ft north