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pawpawdan Location: upper elk 7, 16 mi. east to silver creek, ny
Time Observed: 3/24,25
Water Conditions: perfect
Called Poor Richard's Mon., and they said wait till midday for the slush to melt, but they were cleaning fish. I got to McKean tue. at noon, and got a holdover male in Elk. Fished 7mi., and 16, no luck. I got fish in Canadaway, and Silver Creek. The hen in the pic is 30". rain and wind kicked in wed. at ten. So in less than 24 hrs., I got 7, all on egg sacs. Grateful to Poor Richard's.
empty net Location: Lower and Middle Elk
Time Observed: 3/20 and 3/21
Water Conditions: decent Friday / murky Saturday
Started at the Elk creek access Friday morning. Water was a little off color but fishable. Managed to land two and noticed a few other fish caught by other anglers. Moved up creek in the afternoon. Fishing started off strong then went dead late afternoon. Fished mid Elk Saturday morning but the water was a tad higher and dirtier. Only thing I was able to land were four suckers before calling it quits at noon. All steelhead were caught on yellow egg sacks. Was great to be out on the streams again.
twillerd Location: Conneaut
Time Observed: 3-21-15
Water Conditions: dropping but still muddy
Great start to the season! Fished for a couple hours. Caught 3 missed 6. Bright glo bugs did the trick. My son missed 4. Sure was nice to be creek side and catching again.
popcycle Location: Folly's End, Upper Elk
Time Observed: 3/15-3/21
Water Conditions: Just about perfect
Water is good but no fish anywhere! Spent hours on upper and lower Elk this past week and zero fish. Found a few good pools and threw everything from streamers to wooly buggers in every friggin' color and not even a hit. Lots of guys by Elkcreek Inn, was going to stop but raining pretty good and creek starting to turn muddy again. There's always tomorrow I guess.
gerthome1 Location: Misery Bay, Erie
Time Observed: March 10,2015
Water Conditions: Ice
Well the Northern Pike are in. 27" Pike. Returned Saturday and saw another one caught in the same area. Shore ice going fast.
popcycle Location: 16 mile
Time Observed: 3/13/15
Water Conditions: good
Tired of sitting around, no plowing to do so I decided to dust off everything and head out to 16 mile to try some new flies I tied up.Water was great but very cold. I threw sucker spawn, egg patterns, 3 different types of streamers and a couple nymph patterns and nothing! Only saw 2 hook ups in about 3 hours, nice thing was there were only 3 of us spread out from the first waterfall to the mouth area. Might try again tomorrow.
openwater4444 Location: Chestnut boat launch
Time Observed: 2-14-15
Water Conditions: Hard Water
We had a small friends and family perch tournament with 27 participants. The weather was about as bad as any day I can recall while ice fishing. The fishing was very slow unfortunately complete opposite of prior week. The lucky angler to win first place was David Konieczki with a 12 1/8 inch perch caught on a silver swedish pimple. Nick Fetzer and Donald Calabrese tied for 2nd with 11 3/4 inch. The picture is of them holding up prizes donated by FishUSA America's #1 tackle shop. They were generous enough to help support our small friends and family outing. They have a new location at 6960 West Ridge Rd. Fairview, Pa. They just finished their showroom for walk in customers. It's very nice to be able to shop in a store atmosphere now. I would like to thank them on behalf of everyone who fished the event for there generous donation of 2 combos and 2 t-shirts.They always support the local anglers in big events as well as small. Remember anglers support those who support you. Good luck this weekend and be safe!
Walleyehunter6 Location: Pymatuning
Time Observed: 2-13-15
Water Conditions: 14 inches of ice
Fished for a few hours out by Manning with no bites.
Walleyehunter6 Location: Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 2-9-15
Water Conditions: 12 inches solid ice
Fished Presque Isle Bay, caught around 120 perch total. Threw lots of little ones back kept 35 good ones.
troutman22 Location: Elk
Time Observed: 12/30
Water Conditions: Low and no fish
After fishing yesterday I am totally done fishing for steelhead. I will admit I am a fly fisherman and will always practice catch and release. Seeing fisherman walking out with a stringer with 1 fish on them is a total joke. Not to mention I had 2 fisherman throwing rocks at seagulls that were floating in the stream in front of me. Between my two buddies and I we maybe saw 9 fish. The fish commission needs to figure something out because this "steelhead" game is getting out of hand.
rrrrr Location: 20 mile
Time Observed: 12-27-14
Water Conditions: Very Clear
Made my second trip up from the Burg. Only to find the creek very clear. Not to many fisherman and the ones that where on the creek were very friendly and courteous. Very little fish, walked within a mile of NY line.Four good hook ups landed only one. Fished a woolly burger with a drop line and size 16 pink egg sack. Everyone I talked to where asking where are the fish? But what a great day to out fishing the weather was as nice as you can expect in Dec. Hoping for a fresh run. Paid forward to a man that was out of tippet so I gave him some tippet and a hand tied egg sack and showed him my rig. I hope he caught some chrome.
hogang Location: West & East
Time Observed: 12/26
Water Conditions: Off color, but clearing - good flow
4 of us hit Walnut, Elk, Sixteen, and Twenty. Lots of fisherman on the water and not much catching. If you are one of those people that sleep in and then jump right on top of others in the holes and then proceed to snag all lines, please stay home. We landed a total of 20 fish - most of them on the small side (<6 lbs.). Beautiful day but sun on the water really made the afternoon fish weary. Recipe was bright small flies (fly fisherman) or skein (bait dunkers).
out4trout Location: west side
Time Observed: Saturday 27
Water Conditions: Fair to clear
I usually don't post reports ...... I fished a major trib on the west side and there are fish there , you got to fish to catch them , I get a kick out of the lookers , the chummers and the SNAGGERS . If you know how to steelhead fish you will catch them ,,,, shame on you SNAGGERS , you miaswell join team snow fence put a drive on push them out on the bank and just pick them up
fisherofmen376 Location: Westside
Time Observed: 12/25
Water Conditions: High and muddy
Finally got some rain, creeks are high now but should fish well tomorrow. Let's keep this as a REPORTS page and use the FORUMS for discussion.
skeinman Location: Pa.
Time Observed: 12/19
Water Conditions:
Just read a article about New York having a problem with steelhead die off. There has been a big die off of steelhead in the Salmon River. The dead fish started showing up around the third week of November and the NY DEC doesn't know why it's happening. Fisherman up and down the river are reporting gill lice on all steelhead. The Salmon River isn't the only river this is happening on either. The NY DEC is finding that this is in other Lake Ontario tribs also. The Syracuse newspaper had a big article on it. http;//www.syracuse...d-other-la.html. or search it on the web under NY DEC steelhead die off. Makes you sort of wonder if it has something to do with the poor runs in Lake Erie nowadays. Never fails, about the time things get good they turn around and crash.