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Location: Elk
Time Observed: 1/15/2017
Water Conditions: Perfect
My buddies and I fished a good hole on Elk. There were a lot of fish in the hole we were in. Each had 10+ hookups but only landed 9 between a few guys. Most fish were fresh. Even caught one female that was dumping eggs when we lifted her up. Fairly decent day. One of the better ones we've had in a while. Definitely worth the drive if you know where to find them.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 1/16/2017
Water Conditions: good color, flow
Beautiful day on the 'Nut, lots of walking, few fish, scuffled with all of them, caught 5+, missed 10+, soft bite, mostly fresh steel...great way to get the year started
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: Christmas
Water Conditions: Murky
Erie PA Winter Steelhead Fishing. Tight lines everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLVSHF3Z95s&feature=youtu.be
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 1/5/17
Water Conditions:
I made the 3 hour trip to walnut. Hahahaha, I now have bragging rights of fishing in the most deplorable weather conditions for fishing. Next year!
Location: Twenty Mile
Time Observed: 1/1/2017
Water Conditions: Clear
Fished from above I90 to the wire and caught one jack. I saw no fish in the stream. One guy had 3 on a stringer using a weighted spinner in a deep hole. Very few fishermen for such a beautiful day. I don't know what has happened to this stream. It has always been my favorite but just no fish the last few years. I suppose the same story as the other Erie tribs.
Location: upper Elk
Time Observed: 12/28-29
Water Conditions:
fished 28 PM & 29 AM--saw very few catches. water conditions were perfect on the 29th-landed 2 and had 2 more hook-ups. for the amount of anglers saw very little action. lost a minnow container on 28 PM and found it 29 AM about 300 yds downstream with the minnows very much alive.
Location: Upper Elk Creek
Time Observed: 12/28-29/2016
Water Conditions: Good
Fished two days with 4 hook ups and 3 landed. Very few fish are being caught. There are a few fish in the stream but not enough to warrant expense and long drives. Pa F&B has to do something. We are getting nothing for our Lake Erie permit. Three fish limit needs reduced. Time to start fishing Oh. & NY.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 12/23/16
Water Conditions: low and clear
Fished from the chutes to stop sign hole and only saw 12 to 15 fish. Caught 2 and lost one, where did all the fish go??? Two weeks earlier I counted 150 to 200 hundred.
Location: Misery
Time Observed: 12/22/16
Water Conditions: 3-4 Inches
Couple small gills, couple very small perch. Nice to be out! Lost my underwater camera on the walk from parking, pretty sure it fell out going over the pushed up ice on the east shore of misery by duck blind. If found I will give a reward. vembermember@msn.com
Location: Erie Tributaries
Time Observed: Fall 2016
Water Conditions: Low Clear, Good Flow
Season long steelhead highlight video. Tight Lines & Happy Holidays Everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAKyKYjJOk8
Location: Misery Bay
Time Observed: 12/20/16
Water Conditions: HARD
about 3-4" of ice and 7 huts on the water today when I checked...
Location: 4,7,12, 16 mile
Time Observed: 12/12-13
Water Conditions: medium flow, good color
Drove up through the ice, and snow Monday. There are fish in 4, and 16, none that I saw in 7, or 12. I left @ 1130 Tues., caught 3, and hooked 4 more on egg sacks w/small red hooks, 4lb. fluoro. very little fishing pressure right now.
Location: Walnut Basin
Time Observed: 12/5-12/6
Water Conditions: perfect
Fished the basin with my father Monday and Tuesday. As usual, the basin is loaded with fish. Father finished the trip with 8 fish and I had 2. All fish caught on black jigs with maggots. Good time and great place for someone that can't wade streams anymore.
Location: Upper elk
Time Observed: 12/6/16
Water Conditions: Low clear
Low and clear yesterday. Landed 3 had 3 other hook ups. Water came up this morning after rain last night. We are under a lake effect snow warning through this weekend. They are calling for feet of snow, not inches. Hopefully it will provide some slow melt off to keep the tribs up and nice and green. Please respect the rights of the property owners
Location: Elk Creek Mc Lean
Time Observed: 12/5/2016
Water Conditions: Perfect
Fished Mckean on Elk creek today. Water was perfect. My buddy landed 5 and I landed 3. We only fished a small area all day. Very light fishing pressure.