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bigfishdaddy Location: Stinkhole
Time Observed: Week of Jan 19 til Jan 23
Water Conditions: About 12 in of ice
In 18 ft of water, Monday no good at the stinkhole. Lots of bites and caught all small no keepers. Tuesday same spot, caught 24 keepers. Wednesday same spot, 14 keepers. Thursday same spot, only 3 keepers. Today, Friday, nothing! All keepers were Perch. Large schools on the underwater cam but seemed like they would hit for 5 -10 mins and quit. Then did the same again about an hour later. Using minnies and green jigs. Going out again tomorrow but out farther to deeper water.
troutman22 Location: Elk
Time Observed: 12/30
Water Conditions: Low and no fish
After fishing yesterday I am totally done fishing for steelhead. I will admit I am a fly fisherman and will always practice catch and release. Seeing fisherman walking out with a stringer with 1 fish on them is a total joke. Not to mention I had 2 fisherman throwing rocks at seagulls that were floating in the stream in front of me. Between my two buddies and I we maybe saw 9 fish. The fish commission needs to figure something out because this "steelhead" game is getting out of hand.
rrrrr Location: 20 mile
Time Observed: 12-27-14
Water Conditions: Very Clear
Made my second trip up from the Burg. Only to find the creek very clear. Not to many fisherman and the ones that where on the creek were very friendly and courteous. Very little fish, walked within a mile of NY line.Four good hook ups landed only one. Fished a woolly burger with a drop line and size 16 pink egg sack. Everyone I talked to where asking where are the fish? But what a great day to out fishing the weather was as nice as you can expect in Dec. Hoping for a fresh run. Paid forward to a man that was out of tippet so I gave him some tippet and a hand tied egg sack and showed him my rig. I hope he caught some chrome.
hogang Location: West & East
Time Observed: 12/26
Water Conditions: Off color, but clearing - good flow
4 of us hit Walnut, Elk, Sixteen, and Twenty. Lots of fisherman on the water and not much catching. If you are one of those people that sleep in and then jump right on top of others in the holes and then proceed to snag all lines, please stay home. We landed a total of 20 fish - most of them on the small side (<6 lbs.). Beautiful day but sun on the water really made the afternoon fish weary. Recipe was bright small flies (fly fisherman) or skein (bait dunkers).