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Location: The Lagoon and Walnut Creek
Time Observed: 6/26 - 6/28
Water Conditions: Calm (in the back waters)
The Lagoon- Around 50 total fish with lots of nice Largemouth, a few Rock Bass, and plenty of hand-sized Sunfish (primarily Pumpkinseeds). Walnut Creek- A nice pair of 16-18" Smallmouth were caught using black jigs.
Location: Hammermill Stacks
Time Observed: 6/26
Water Conditions: 2/3-4 occasional 5-6
50 ft waterfirst drop caught my first ever Bourbot.8lb. great screen produced jumbos .2hr limit with bonus 8lb. walleye also.
Location: P.I. Lite to weather bouy
Time Observed: 6-20-6-24
Water Conditions: Variable
The weather again dictated fishing conditions. Sunday was a slow day. Monday was a "limit out" day. Tuesday "it was rolling." Wed. was a good numbers with many limits trips. Bonus walleye were a caught on most trips. The O Danny O is running two trips daily the rest of the week. Call us at 814-450-3571 for trip info.
Location: Off the Light @ 50ft
Time Observed: 6/24 7:30 til 1pm
Water Conditions: 1ft rollers 69 degree water
The first 3 hours we caught 8 perch, the next 2 hours we got 60. Bite quit at 12:45, mostly bigger fish, with about 10 silver bass mixed in. Nice day overall, except for the bugs, never saw so many this late in the season, hope they are gone soon. 1big1
Location: 52 ft. off point
Time Observed: Mon. 06-22-2015
Water Conditions: calm
Tried out with a few other boats, sun out and water was laying down nicely, breeze dying, beautiful day. The perch must have been enjoying it too, very slow bite. Caught 9, all nice sized, then the weather changed and we had to beat feet off the lake. Was fun while it lasted. :) till next time !
Location: Beach 9@ 53ft
Time Observed: 6/22 7:30-11:30am
Water Conditions: 1 to 2ft rollers 67 degree water
Once again, no early bite, followed by no mid morning bite, followed by no late morning bite, which led me to follow 79 south earlier than usual. Three of us caught 16 perch, worst trip of the year to date. Can't win em all. 1big1
Location: Weathher bouy to the dump
Time Observed: Fri to sunday
Water Conditions: Calm to Rough, changed daily
The wind and the weather after friday nite slowed the fishing down for the O Danny O for the rest of the weekend. A nice amount of fish were caught but no limits. The O Danny O will start its 7 days a week schedule tomorrow . For info about trips call 814-450-3571
Location: The Point, Misery Bay, Walnut Creek
Time Observed: 6/20/15 - 6/21/15
Water Conditions: Varying: Calm to Choppy
The Point (50-55 FOW)- a White Bass hammered a Michigan Stinger but more importantly caught a monster 30" 12 pound 'Eye on a Reef Runner. The Bay- a nice 24" 6 pound Drum and a trophy 20" 5 pound Smallie in an hour or so. Both on Emerald Shiners drifting with modified worm harnesses. Walnut Creek- trio of 6-7" Steelhead smolts on very small pieces of nightcrawler (in addition to the several chubs and gobies in between them). Smallies were abundant but hesitant to hit anything, eventually coaxed three in to pounding large jigs.
Location: off lighthouse
Time Observed: 6/20/15
Water Conditions: cloudy light wind
Joined the perch pack about 8am. Moved around for bit and did zilch. Danny O and the EJ were in search mode also. Deciding we had enough, we left the pack of about 40 boats in 52 for and headed straight toward shore. At 44 fowl the screen lit up like I hadn't ever seen before. It stayed like that for 3 hours while we boated 4 tickets. Best perching day I ever saw. were also in search mode.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 6/20/15
Water Conditions: calm to 1'
4 of us went to 48' off walnut. bite was slow at first. they picked up around 8 am. we left around 12:30 with 4 limits of perch. not bad for a east wind!
Location: 48'-50' off Lighthouse and 3rd Rock Pile
Time Observed: week of June 15th
Water Conditions: Calm
Fishing the afternoons has been good this past week. 2 private charters had limits of nice perch and a few white perch and silvers. The families from Mechanical Contractors Association had over 325 yellow perch for their group this morning June 19th. We will be back to our full schedule with 2 trips daily starting June 25th. Thanks to all who fish with Big Red.. Capt. John and family
Location: Misery Bay
Time Observed: 6/13/15
Water Conditions: Slight chop
Planned on trolling for lakers but large swells said otherwise so we headed back to the bay to do some rough fishing. Caught several trophy drum (>5 lbs) plus some yellow and white perch, a pair of nice rock bass, and two nice walleye around 24". All drift fishing with harnesses. Walleye still hanging around the shore at night as well and caught a keeper on a pier on a silver spoon.
Location: Beach 9@ 53'
Time Observed: 6/17 7:30 til 1pm
Water Conditions: Flat to 1' chop 64-64 degree water
We can't seem to get an early bite going this season. The first 3 hours we had 10 perch in the box, by 1:00 we had 75 and it was time to go. Left them biting. 1big1
Location: P.I. lite to weather bouy
Time Observed: June 17
Water Conditions: Calm to 1 - 2 East
Both of tOdays trips had limits or high numbers of all sizes of perch and a small No. of silver bass. Evening trip had full limits and onE 29" WALLEYE.
Location: around Beach 9
Time Observed: Sunday, 6/14
Water Conditions: calm, flat
Lousy numbers today. Started about 8 a.m. and finally got chased off the lake by the storm about 11:30. 4 of us maybe had a limit and a half among us. Both the DO and the EJ picking up and moving around this morning. The fish did seem to want to turn on just before the storm came in as I pulled in a quick 3 or 4 but we didn't stick around to find out.
Location: Point to Weather Bouy
Time Observed: Wed 10 to Fri 12
Water Conditions: Flat to 5 Footers
Good No.s of fish and some limits on all trips, boat limited out thursday nite. Fridays mornings trip caught good No.s of assorted sizes of fish with a lot of limits in 48' of h20 off of P.I. Lite with 2 bonus walleyes. The boat will be running two trips Sat. and Sun. o u i
Location: Beach 9 @ 53ft
Time Observed: 6/11 8am - noon
Water Conditions: -1ft rollers 58-60 water temp
The bite didn't start till 10am, then it was steady and when we left they we still biting. 3 of us got 74 perch, 1 white bass. They were hugging the bottom, 1ft off the bottom and the bait was out of the zone. Mixed sizes, mostly decent. 1big1
Location: 39'
Time Observed: 6-7-2015 sunday
Water Conditions: flat to 1'
Found the perch pack in 39 ft of water in front of trout run so we started there. Caught a mixed size limit of perch a few throw backs and one bonus 26" Walleye on a bottom bouncer with a worm harness about 10' off the bottom.... That made my day. Beautiful day out on the water.
Location: trout run
Time Observed: 6/7/15
Water Conditions: 1' chop
first trip of the year. started in 42' not much. moved in to 39' started catching nice perch. ended up with 14 slabs. threw back 10 small ones. chop got the best of the first mate so we went in.
Location: Beach 10, DUMP, SHADES
Time Observed: THIS WEEKEND
Water Conditions: CALM TO UNFISHABLE
Location: Trout Run 42'
Time Observed: 6/5/2015
Water Conditions: less than a foot
Started fishing for perch around 9am in 42 feet off Trout Run. Bite was slow so we moved slightly to the east in the same depth of water. At around 10 am the fish turned on and by 1pm we had a double limit. Fish would come and go. We'd catch 10 and then nothing for 20 minutes before catching another 10. Surface water temp was 56 degrees. Later in the evening we tried for walleye off Godfrey. Fished 40 feet down to 20 with willow leafs bouncing bottom. No luck.
Location: 53 ft. off the point
Time Observed: Fri. 06/06/15
Water Conditions: calm
Went out where the other boats were. Perch bite was SLOW, Sparkplug and I managed to hook 3 nice ones (Better than a big fat 0...lol). According to the radio, the guys fishing east of us were doing a lot better. Maybe next time, still a great day.
Location: Beach 10@51ft
Time Observed: 6/4 8 til noon
Water Conditions: 1ft 58 degree water temp
Water was stained and 6 degrees cooler than last week. Two of us netted 14 medium sized perch, bite was slow to say the least. 1big1
Location: erie chute
Time Observed: 2 weeks ago
Water Conditions: wake from odannyo
OdannyO just a reminder its a no wake zone in the chute !