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Location: The Mountain, Presque Isle Bay, and a Western Trib
Time Observed: 4/23 - 4/26
Water Conditions: Sunday: Perfect , Saturday, Monday, Tuesday: Rough
The Mountain- Trolled for Lakers on Sunday in 50-60 FOW. Caught 3 nice fish with the smallest being 28"x18" and 11.5 pounds, the largest was 35"x24" and 25.04 pounds. Two on the riggers and one on a dipsy. All on 3-4" spoons. Water temp Sunday was 42.0°F. Remember to release those Lakers, everyone! Presque Isle Bay- Trolled, jigged, and bait fished for Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday morning with no luck for bigger fish, just caught a couple dozen Bluegill back at the docks. Water temp Tuesday was 53.0°F. One of the West Side Creeks- Not much going on in the tribs now, didn't see any suckers or bass yet. Found a nice little hole that wasn't very easy to fish with a couple Steelhead left in it. Managed to land two nice fish (26" ~8# and 24" ~5#) on silver bladed spinners. Both released.
Location: Erie, Pa off GE stacks 50fow
Time Observed: 4/21 and 4/22
Water Conditions: 1 foot or less both days
Never fished for perch in April before. 2 incredible days of fishing. Could have had our limits both days but did not want to clean that many perch. Average size was 11 inches. 3-13 1/2" perch caught. Fishing was hot then a little lull in action then hot again.
Location: g.e. stack 40 feet
Time Observed: 4/18/16
Water Conditions: calm
started in the bay. went all over. marked very little. went out in main lake. saw 9 boats off the point. went there & two hours latter two of us had our limit. most perch were slabs.
Location: Shenango reservoir
Time Observed: 4 /14/06
Water Conditions:
Just heard no launch fees at shenango from now on. It's free.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 3/26-27
Water Conditions: clear
Made a last minute run to Erie for a chance at spring steelhead. Luckily we found a few. It's just to bad that the few other people fishing there were wading trough the holes and spooking all the fish. When are people going to learn that staying on the edge of the water will give you better chances of catching steelhead than being half way in the stream. Other than that it's nice not having all the crowds of the fall run. Took a few home for the frying pan.
Location: Presque isle bay
Time Observed: 3-22-16
Water Conditions: Windy to calm
Fished in 19 foot of water about 100 yards off Perry's landing marina. The two of us caught 42 perch in 3 hours. Most were jumbos. There was a pack of boats with us, every boat left around noon with limits. Very good day. Bite slowed down around 2 when the wind picked up.
Location: Walnut/Elk
Time Observed: 03-20-21
Water Conditions: Low
We fished hard from the mouths of both creeks up stream a few miles up. We saw a few fish and managed to catch 3 and lost 4 things are tuff this time of the year. We seen probly a dozen caught. The trip was wonderful had a good time looking forward to going back this fall. Good luck
Location: East Trib - 12,16, 20
Time Observed: 17-19
Water Conditions: Low Crystal Clear
Fished 12 from above the falls at Route 5 to the shore line on the 17th and 18th. My buddy and I counted 3 fish no hook ups. No fish counted from the first falls to the shore line on 16. A few fisherman on 20 from the Route 5 bridge to the shoreline. No fish between us and the other fisherman. Moved on to the Tomato Patch on 20 and worked it almost up to the Route 20 bridge. We landed 2 large fresh fish on the 18th and saw another 10 plus we had 2 breaks offs. On the 19th we returned and landed 5 fresh fish. Take your time, and you can find them. Saw a few other fish being caught. A great trip. Will return in the Fall.
Location: Walnut 18th - Elk 19th
Time Observed: 18-19
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Fished Walnut just above the parking lot, other fishermen saying there wasn't a single fish to be found, I counted 8 decent sized fish in the first hole fished - but only caught 6 Smolts...... Elk Creek on the 19th. Very windy and cold down by lower access. Went a couple miles upstream to another access and again was told by other fishermen that there were no fish at all to be seen... fished the first hole above the road and quickly realized that there were over 100 fish in front of me! some were Suckers, Some were Steelhead, and amazingly - even counted atleast 10 Smallmouth ranging from 2lb to what i'd say were 4lb or better. Managed to land a nice steel, lost about 6 others, and lost around 6 smallmouth that were quite the jumpers...... Very fun day after all.. Word to the wise: just because everyone is saying NO Fish, always take a look for yourself.
Location: Walnut and elk
Time Observed: 3/19/16
Water Conditions: Low and clear
walked a lot today. Not much fishing, just walking. No fish anywhere. The few fish that are Left are winter holdovers. I did go to the same hole that I went last week and the fish were gone. Found a hole with two but they weren't interested in the slightest way. Went down further and managed one. Sorry for the bad news but the spring run isn't coming. Looking forward to fall
Location: Lower Elk
Time Observed: Wed. 3/16/16
Water Conditions: very good
5 suckers on small white streamer. Saw a few other fishermen who had no success. Looked at Trout run to see steelhead numbers. Steelhead there but not in large numbers as can be witnessed in the Fall.
Location: tribs
Time Observed: now
Water Conditions: low clear
Filletanrelease nailed it really tough right now between 5 of us got 7 today lots of suckers. remember eat what you keep happy fishin everyone
Location: Marina Lake
Time Observed: 3-18-16
Water Conditions: Windy.
Hit the western corner of marina lake, fished along the drop off casting jigs and some bigger rapellas, no dice. trolled along the shoreline towards the pylons around the marina. Some folks on the dock were pulling up some small crappie, but nothing worth keeping. Fished around the First red channel buoy, and picked up one 9'' keeper perch, threw back a smaller one. wind shifted and it shut down. Water temp was 45.2, we were in 20ft of water. maybe better luck tomrrow.
Location: tribs.
Time Observed: 3/17&18/2016
Water Conditions: low
A little tough this year, water very low and fish super spooky. But we still managed 11 landed and more lost, always fun no matter what. Best of luck to all ??????
Location: Bay harbor marina public peir
Time Observed: 3/16
Water Conditions: calm
Went out around 11pm and fished for three hours, caught about 6 mooneye/carp lookin things on spoons. big fighters. had no luck anywhere else. Tried dobbins landing running some plugs and medium sized jigs. not even a gobie. no action in the actual marina's either.