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Location: Elk, Walnut, Trout Run
Time Observed: 11/15-11/16
Water Conditions: Low & Clear
Fun day on the water! Managed to find a couple despite tough conditions. Super light presentation was the ticket. Also a recipe for break offs. Eggs minnows and fly patterns did well. Mix of fresh of fresh & old steelhead in the creeks. Lots of activity at trout run. Good luck, tight lines! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b7PWRJTKTE
Location: Elk Creek
Time Observed: 11/25/2015
Water Conditions: low and clear
Day 1 of our annual trip to Erie, and we accidentally left two fly rods on the roof of our car. Drove off and got about five miles away before we remembered it. Backtracked in hopes of finding them but no luck. We were fishing late afternoon at Follys Campground. By the time we got back to the car it was starting to get dark. We set the rods on the roof while we got out of our waders. Stupid. They most likely fell off right in the parking lot at Follys. The rods still had the reels attached and were strung up with flies. Still ready to fish. We went back last night and searched and went again this morning but no luck. I'm sure someone found them. Hopefully they turn them in to one of the tackle shops. If anyone finds them, please send me a PM. Reward will be given if we can get them back. Thanks.
Location: Elk Creek
Time Observed: 11/23&24
Water Conditions: Low clear
Fishing very tough fish are mostly in deeper holes and very spooky.Managed to catch 6 in 2 days mostly on plugs like flat fish,quick fish and some on tiny spoons 1/10 oz. Tight lines.
Location: walnut/elk
Time Observed: 11/14-11/15
Water Conditions: high muddy- stained
Fished Walnut Sat,waterfall above Manchester hole to mouth. Water was high after rainfall, good flow, bit muddy in morn to perfect in afternoon. Caught 6 on skein. Didnt see many caught or fish in stream,not in good numbers after good rainfall . Sun fished Walnut in morn, caught 5, couple Browns, some on skein ,couple on wax worms, pert much tried everything in vest. Didnt see many fish,or fish caught. Tried upper Elk on way home,didnt see fish ,saw couple on stringers. For the rainfall and creek conditions,very few fish were seen. Made a 5hr trip for the weekend,$ for room and gas.Would I do it again? probably,but not this year... Fish on !!
Location: Elk + 20 mile
Time Observed: 11/19-20
Water Conditions: Low and clear
Elk starting at streutchin flats on 11/19. Went upstream. There were plenty of fish but they were all pretty spooky. Managed to land two or three on size 14 pheasant tail on 4 or 5 X tippet. Anything with color or size got them running. Tried to go East but got caught in the accident mess on i-90. Lost an hour or more going less than a mile. Moved to Rick Rd. Pretty much the same thing as the morning. We went upstream and pulled two or three out of the fast water. Had to fish under branches and fallen logs to find fish that were willing to bite again on small pheasant tail. 11/20 started on 20 mile. Went from US 20 downstream and did not see a single fish except in the pool under the waterfall where I saw about six fish and one under a huge fallen tree. Went back to Elk at Sterretania and upstream from there. Again managed to pull out four or five nice fish out of primarily fast water. There were plenty in some of the slow pools but the only person I saw that had any luck consistently catching fair was a minnow fisherman using threaded minnows on a fly rod. Small natural flies on light tippet in fast water with enough weight to get down to the fish was the key. It leads to some tangles when get stuck on the bottom, but many people caught no fish fair.
Location: Various on Elk
Time Observed: 11/18 & 11/19/15
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Fish above Foley's off Rt. 832. 2 Fishermen caught two fish, hooked up and lost 6 more. Snagged 5 fish and released all landed. Also fished above the tube above Rt. 5. Only saw a couple of fish and caught none.
Location: 20 mile
Time Observed: 11-17-15
Water Conditions: clear
we did not see one single fish on 20 mile from the bridge down to the mouth so guys save your money, gas & time its the worst i have ever seen
Location: Elk Creek
Time Observed: 11/16-17
Water Conditions: on the low clear side and dropping
Just enough action to keep me interested in Steelhead Alley. White color was the flavor. "Small" white streamers for me. (and 1 on a "tiny" Emerald Shiner streamer) White sacs for the bait fishers. Some pounded, most waved their rods in hope.
Location: Mckean, east to Silver Creek
Time Observed: 11/15,16
Water Conditions: very good, dropping
Started Sun. at 1, fished Elk above I-79 for an hour and a half, only caught baitfish, and saw no steelhead. Fished all the honey holes, no other guys. Got 2 fresh fish @Rt.5 falls on 12mi., then 2 more above rt.5 on 16mi. Fished 2 hrs. Mon. above Rt. 20 on 20mi., and only got 1 smolt. Went over to NY, and got a lot of fish in chattaqua, and canadaway above I-90. All fish caught on egg sacs, this year's eggs. Snaggers, it's never too late to quit. You'll regain your self respect, and ours, too.
Location: elk
Time Observed: 11/15/15
Water Conditions: Nice!!!!
Lots of fish moving around. Some fresh fish up by folly's end. Good luck y'all, tight lines and God bless Btw. Peach glo bugs, white streamers, blue crystal flies
Location: West Tribs
Time Observed: 11/13-11/15
Water Conditions:
11/13- not worth fishing blown out. 11/14- Had the first fish landed withing 15 minutes. Water was swift with limited visibility but had plenty of hookups. And 20+ hookups between six guys including three first timers. Hits were on black streamers and minnows in the morning and anything white, creme or pale yellow in the evening. 11/15- Creeks are near perfect even more fish hooked and landed. Rods and Reels were breaking. Fish were spread out with good flow and 12-24 inches of visibility throughout the day. All fish were caught in the often over looked fast water in between the major holes. Hitting anything chartreuse or green including indicators a time or two
Location: West & east streams
Time Observed: 11/14/15
Water Conditions: Blown out dropping fast
Went to west streams first light. Terrible. Blown out. All of them. Even crooked creek. Stopped at Theresa's deli for the best lunch you can get. Went to smaller east stream. Crushed them. Tons of fresh fish caught today. Stream was high n muddy here also but clearing n dropping fast. Trick was slow drift. No weight or little weight 2 foot from bobber or less. Fish hit skein,rubberworms,minnows,egg sacs. Sunday 11/15 will be an epic day in Erie on any stream.
Location: lower elk
Time Observed: 11/12/2015
Water Conditions: high
Good day of fishing for father and son!
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 11/12/2015
Water Conditions:
Went up today without my buddy Phil...I was bangin em!!!!!!woolly buggers,power bait,skein,egg sacs ...had hits on them all...Landed three nice ones.....Can't wait for woody,Phil and Dick
Location: Upper Elk (flats)
Time Observed: 11/12/15
Water Conditions: tinted...windy...
Started fishing at daybreak. Caught one on small egg pattern and 4 on shiner like glittery streamer. Lost several. Hardly any fishing pressure. Very windy, which may even helped the fishing, Fresh fish. God bless.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 11/11/15
Water Conditions: perfect
water near perfect, many fishermen, all fish was caught by 10% of fishermen today, why? you got me. heard some people saying ( we better off stick with hunting), as for me, i caught well over 30 fish,it was none stop action from 7 am to 5 pm, fished from the stop sign to above manchester back and forth . if u were up there, I'm the one with the hat that have the american flag on it. took nothing but egg pattern and bugger.lots of fresh ones.leaves present but wasn't a big deal. video to follow.
Location: Follys
Time Observed: 11/11/15
Water Conditions: Great
Fished downstream of follys for a few hours after work. Water was great but no luck just a lot of leaves. Didn't see any other hookups either. Anyone have luck out there I'd like to get back out possibly tomorrow in the evening
Location: Wall at Walnut
Time Observed: 10/10/15
Water Conditions: Good
Fishing was slow and it looks like the end of the wall is undermined and literally falling into the lake. Really! The last 8 feet or so is about to drop into the lake. Watch yo step.
Location: upper elk creek
Time Observed: 11/7/2015
Water Conditions: low and clear
Pretty good weekend for this little fisherman! Hope to be back again next week!
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 11/7 - 11/8
Water Conditions: LOW & CLEAR
Nice weather on the tribs this past weekend. There are fish yes, however, very spooky and sprinkled with jewelry. Many anglers out & about. Some very friendly people out there. Saw a few nice hookups and got it done ourselves with a couple solid males. Early morning bite and light presentation was the ticket. Combined 7 between 2 of us on the trip
Location: elk and other
Time Observed: 11/8
Water Conditions: clear
Started above the legion hole at day break. A few pods of 4 and 5 scared fish laying against the dark rock ledges. Couldnt get a hook up. My girlfriend and i went to a smaller stream mouth in the afternoon. No one there and the wind was whipping. That helped us out stirring up silt and adding some chop to the surface. "Conventional" tactics weren't working trying everything casted a ball of floating powerbait suspended from the bottom in front of a few fish and with in 5 minutes had the first hook up. After the commotion of the first fish they hit drifted single eggs, powerbait, and white and pink wooly buggers stripped up stream or cross stream. Hooked 7 and landed 3. Needs rain and it's in the forecast. Tight Lines
Location: Upper Elk Creek
Time Observed: 11-7 to 11-8
Water Conditions: Low and clear
Went up Friday after work fish with my sister and brother in-law till Sunday.fished from 6am Saturday till dark had one hit at walnut creek took a ride to trout run not as many fish in it as last year the hatchery is usually stacked with fish from the water fall almost to the lake not that case this year on Sunday fish the upper part of elk until dark caught 1on a yellow sucker spawn and hooked 1 on a white wooly bigger then I turned from my fly rod to my noodle rod when my brother in-law had caught one on a emerald shiner it was freaky went from catch no fish to catching almost 15 fish between me my sister and brother in-law it was crazy still need rain and lots of it to bring more fish into the creeks might not be worth calling off work or taking action for
Location: Marina Channel
Time Observed: 11/7
Water Conditions: windy
Try for Panfish off shore all around the Marina or Channel. Lots of good fishin and close to the truck to get warm. Beats wastin a trip.Tight Lines
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 11/7/2015
Water Conditions: low and clear
started at legion hole..... very little water but caught fish... headed up stream .. caught a few as well...need water. All on olive buggers Check out the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xrL-OE0DOY Just started RippinSteel youtube channel, hope you enjoy
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 11/6-11/7
Water Conditions: Low and clear
Fished Friday and Saturday on lower elk. Went multiple spots and walked approximately 8 miles between the 2 days. Saw around 50 fish and 250 anglers. I've been going to Erie for about 15 years and it's just sad what's happened to that fishery in the last couple years. I would seriously recommend staying far away and saving your money if you're serious about fishing and are coming up to actually fish and enjoy yourself. If you're coming up and don't mind snagging, tangled lines, and not catching a thing. Good luck!! There did seem to be a decent amount of fish at Walnut but be prepared to have no elbow room.
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 11/4/15
Water Conditions: Oh there is supposed to be water there?
Hey Guys, caught a few yesterday on egg patterns. If you want to make a drive this weekend maybe the mouth is your best bet. Honestly we need rain bad. Fish are so spooky, Friday calling for little rain. But tight lines y'all, God bless.
Location: Lower and Upper Elk
Time Observed: 11-3-15
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Started out at Rick Road. Saw a few fish in the big pools but not many. Water was low and I could see the bottom of the stream in every hole. My buddy did manage to catch one fish on an egg pattern before we left and wend to the lower section. The lower section of Elk seemed to have less fish than the upper as I only saw one fish there. We need more rain...lots of it. Good luck to all.
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 11/3/15
Water Conditions: Crystal clear
Fish have made it up past elk creek inn. Water low but slaying on egg patterns. Single egg. More fish lower elk. Tight lines y'all! God bless.m
Location: Elk Creek
Time Observed: October 26
Water Conditions: low and clear
First Steelhead caught on Elk Creek! Not bad for a 8 year old! Good job buddy!
Location: Lower Elk Creek
Time Observed: 10/31/2015
Water Conditions: Stained, nice flow
It was a perfect trip for me as my wife caught her very first steelhead! (I can't get the photo to upload properly). I was able to catch one, and my other buddy caught two steelhead and a nice big brown. Tight lines to all!
Location: Godfrey , Lower Elk
Time Observed: 10/31
Water Conditions: lake had zero vis. Elk good
Started at Godfrey Run, Lake was muddy 15 guys no fish . One guy had a nice brown caught at night. Camp grounds lower Elk water was nice stained and good flow, popular spot. Saw a lot of fish landed also lots of fisherpeople. Congrats to the lady that landed her first steelhead, she is hooked now. O for me but still a beautiful day out.( WHATS THAT SMELL) ]]<<(((:>
Location: Elk
Time Observed: 10/31
Water Conditions: stained and good flow
Caught fish in many holes this morning all on egg patterns. Water was near perfect but maybe not as many fish as I expected still managed 15 to hand. Lets hope for more rain. Tight lines.
Location: 8mile,elk,walnut,12mile,16mile
Time Observed: 10/19,30,31
Water Conditions: too high then got much better
No fish in 12 or 16, bit high 29th, Walnut slow(except for 1 guy who had the honey spot and right sacs, pink I think, he climed 60 some hook-ups, I believe him as he had it going on when I was there) 1 for me. Elk 0 for me other guys did fair. Just ain't the numbers of fish yet imo. The jinx was on me!! It happens. Got to fav spot on Elk for the morning bite and other guys hooking up pretty good. Using same flies and colors. 0 for me. Bite slowed at around 9:00 it seemed and I had to head home. 3 days 1 steelhead on a Mickey Clouser and released.
Location: Erie tribs
Time Observed: 10/25 to 10/30
Water Conditions: clear to muddy
Monday and Tuesday,streams low and clear. We did fair. Did a lot of walking on the upper section of streams with the low water to check structure changes and to locate fish. Very,very few in upper sections. Wednesday 60 to 70mph winds and rain. Streams started to come up around 3pm. Thursday Elk was mud. Friday streams clearing light rain. Perfect conditions. Except low numbers of fish! This weekend will be the gauge as to what came in and what didn't. Hope things pick up,would like to make another trip.