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thunds2 Location: Erie
Time Observed: 8/28
Water Conditions:
Wondering if anyone is needing a guy to fish with for walleye or perch this weekend Saturday-Monday. Working in the area and unfortunately didn't bring my boat down. Very experienced Lake Michigan angler. Willing to pay for gas. Call me or text 9206640303 or email
Pope Location: Off the Light 56ft
Time Observed: Tuesday 8/26
Water Conditions: 2ft capping
The two of us caught 32 perch in 3 1/2 hours fishing, not too good, but better than zero of a week ago. We had wind out of South, waves out of West, under current out of East, made line control near impossible. Fish were all on the smaller side, no jumbos. 1big1
Trader Jack Location: North of Presque Isle
Time Observed: Edward John - 8/26/14 AM Trip
Water Conditions: 1-2's to calm
Edward John Perch Fishing - 8/26 AM Trip - Started off with a pretty heavy chop (1's to 2's) and brisk SSE wind (15-20 mph)., Capt. "One-Drop" Justin and 1st Mate "Joey" parked the big red boat in 58' of water all alone west of the perch pack. The bite started off pretty steady and really picked up after a half hour. Everyone was catching and several doubles and triples were brought over the rail. The entire perch boat pack was surrounding us by that time. By noon the bite dropped off and the winds died but not before 35 anglers brought 505 perch over the rail. Great fishing, lots of fun today. Keep on bitin' . . . <*(((((><
Lovgren69 Location: NorthEast
Time Observed: 08/25/14
Water Conditions: 1-3's
Headed out and ran west to the area where we had good marks last week. Roughly 12 mi northwest of harbor. Empty screen for miles! What a difference a week makes! Searched to the west from 90-105 fow and found more of the same-empty screen. Moved in closer and scouted 75-80 fow and found very sparse marks so set lines and continued to troll west. Pulled 2 hogs (29" & 30"), dropped 1 (20'), and loads of white bass. Very slow day and very few fish marked. Ended up 22 miles west of the harbor when we pulled lines. Very long boat ride back into the waves. Guess the fish are scattering and headed back west
highroller Location: Out of walnut
Time Observed: 8/24/14
Water Conditions: 1-3 then 3-5
Started out north to the perch pack in 54fow only got a few. Wind picked up so we trolled east towards the point in 62-64 fow picked up 2 walleye and lost 1. Then the wind picked up so we started drifting and picked up more Perch and lost a small eye at the boat 8oz weight with worm harness and spoons off of the down riggers 55ft down. Fun day out on the big lake.
Grouse2028 Location: beach 11 then west
Time Observed: 8/24
Water Conditions: 1-2 then flat then2-3
Started at perch pack off point plenty of boats but few marks. Caught 2 fish then moved west several miles. Caught 75 keepers between 4 anglers. Nice class of fish. Only 1 white bass and it was huge. Wind blew us off anchor so we quit.
Fisher of Men Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Friday August 22
Water Conditions: 1ft or less
Got a late start. Perched NW of Walnut in 54 FOW. Got 2 limits easily. Very few white bass. Lots of dinks thrown back. Lake like glass. Heard most walleye fishermen getting 4 or more in deeper water. Be safe on water.
gypsum fisher Location: lampee
Time Observed: 8-23-14
Water Conditions: 3-5ft
near shore bouy said 1-2ft got to lampee to see white caps and 3-5 fts...almost all boats that came to launch .turned and went home ..we stayed for 3hrs to see if things calmed down before we went home
Fisher of Men Location: Boating out of Conneaut, Oh
Time Observed: Monday, August 18
Water Conditions: 2ft or less building to 1-3s
My crew got there late due to work. Perch fished in 59-60 FOW straight north of harbor. Began at 9:30am, ended around 2pm with 5 tickets and a 28"+ 7lb+ walleye on a perch rig. Threw back lots of dinks. Only a few white bass. Heard lots of radio reports of limits on walleyes in 70' FOW and deeper. Be safe on the water. Blessings;
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: Point&North East
Time Observed: Mon,Tues
Water Conditions: Chop to flat
2 days perchin and total of 5 yes 5 perch between 2 guys.Moved numerous times,with total almost 10 hrs fishin.I'm with 1big1 whats the problem?
do wa diddy Location: 54' just west of the point
Time Observed: 8/17 Sunday evening
Water Conditions: near flat
Joined the small pack about 4pm and the bite was on. All perch, NO junk fish! 52 total for 2 of us. Several over 13" but all good size.
Pope Location: 60&57' off the light
Time Observed: Monday 8/18 am
Water Conditions: 2' rollers 71 degree water temp
We had one of the most unforgettable days of perch fishing ever, record breaking actually. 3 guys, 3 1/2hrs,0 fish. When I say zero, that means no fish of any kind, unbelievable. Conditions couldn't have been better. Marked fish all morning, I can't figure out why they wouldn't bite. 1big1
highroller Location: Walnut creek
Time Observed: 8/16
Water Conditions: 3-7's
Went out north/west slowly to 68-74 ft got 1 eye before the 7 ft waves scared us off the lake. Seen many limit's of walleye caught at the marina when we got back. Most fish caught early. The early bird gets the worm they say we started later in the morning.
Fisher of Men Location: Olcott, NY
Time Observed: August 7-11
Water Conditions: 2 ft or less
Fished out of Olcott NY 4 days. Weather has really messed up their season. The water is too cool. Kings are few and far between right now. Caught one legal king, 1 14lb Steelie and another one 12lb 12 oz. Plan to go up in May next year. Be safe on the water
wormburner Location: Erie out of NE Marina
Time Observed: 8/8/14
Water Conditions: ESE wind change to NE 1 footers to almost calm
Boated three eyes and lost one at the boat. 29.5 incher on DD at 2 1/2 160 feet out on chartreuse/purple spoon and the one lost on this setup. 2 - 27 inchers, one on DD 2 1/2 with yellow flash Renoski 200 feet out and one on 5 color LC followed buy 30 feet of braid with RR in purple. Fished 107-109 FOW
Pope Location: Off the light 57'
Time Observed: Friday 8/8 am
Water Conditions: 1ft to too flat 74 degree water
Started strong, then the lake went flat and so did the bite, caught 46 perch between the two of us. Nothing real big or small, average sized fish. Not much junk either, ho-hum trip. 1big1
BARRYGOFISHIN Location: Point 78ft
Time Observed: 8/7-8
Water Conditions: Flat
2 days 2 limits by 10:00am.Deep divers w/5 color lead.Spoons & harnesses.Reefs w/ 3oz.
pikepredator2 Location: 60 FOW JUST WEST OF POINT
Time Observed: THURSDAY, 7 AUGUST
Water Conditions: 1 to 3 FOOTERS
Started off in 58ft off beach 9 with the rest of the pack. started catching immediately, then bite just shut off. moved farther east to 60ft just west of the point and 2 of us had our limits by 10:30. alot of nice sized perch plus what I thought was another huge sheephead turned out to be a 26in, 6 3/4lb walleye. that was fun on an UL perch rod.
eyemonger Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: 8/4
Water Conditions: light west wind 1-2ft
A group of us headed out on the Edward John, excited to catch perch! Rode out saw the perch pack off to our right. The other boats we passed were catching fish left and right. Just when we thought we were going to anchor they turned wide left and ran down the lake a mile. Dropped anchor for an hour, nothing! Pulled anchor rode in a big circle came right back to previous spot and dropped anchor again. Still no fish! Played this same game 3 more times until 11:30 (typically when the bite slowes down), then they took us over to the perch pack, road around the perch pack for another hour so we could watch the other boats catch fish. Then finally at 12:30 anchored up so that a full boat of paying fisherman could pull 15 perch! I owned my own perch boat for years friends, I know the program. Don't waste your time or money with these clowns! What used to be a good fishing trip on a decent priced head boat is now nothing more than a money trap!!!!!
wormburner Location: N. East Marina
Time Observed: 8/4/14
Water Conditions: 1 footers SW wind
Finally got a day I could get out and weather cooperated. Fished West of the marina in 50-55 FOW with LC 5 color followed by 70 feet of braid on a Renoski off planner board landing one and losing another eye. Landed 4 more on dipsey 140 feet back with chartreuse and purple spoon. No real hogs. Bunch of junk as well on these and various other lures.
Pope Location: Off the light 57ft
Time Observed: Monday 8/4 am
Water Conditions: 1 to 2ft 73 degree water
Another beautiful day on Erie, 3 of us caught 78 perch and half as many junk fish, not too bad. Lots of boats out for a Monday, about twice as many as Friday. From what I heard on the radio everyone one was catching fish. Bite shut down @ 11:00, we left 11:30. Good times. 1big1
10bears Location: walnut
Time Observed: 8/3/14
Water Conditions: calm
two of us went just east of walnut in 59' to 65'of water. we marked tons of fish. we only trolled for 20 minutes & we had a eye on. most people were in 70' plus of water west of us. we ended up with 9 eyes. we lost 4 more eyes. all were caught on meat. watermellon gold & yellow & black & green willow leafs. 55' down on riggers was our best producer. #1 dipseys on 3 1/2 setting 175' back. nice day on the calm lake.
Pope Location: Beach 9- 57'
Time Observed: Friday 8/1 am
Water Conditions: 2' rollers
We finally caught more perch than junk, 53 for 2 guys. The fish were all nice sized with only 2 dinks. The bite shut down at 11, pulled anchor at 11:30. A real nice day to fish, no bugs, nice water, cooperative fish. 1big1
Fisher of Men Location: Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: Thursday July 31, 2014
Water Conditions: 2-5ft waves
NOAA forecasted 2ft or less. Right! Try 2-5ft waves. Saw a couple water spouts starting. I took 4 Amish friends perching. We caught 2 white bass for every perch. But we did land a couple of walleye. One 21inch and the other near 31 inch!. Weather on Saturday is suppose to be less than 1ft waves. I am looking for a couple more people to go perching with me. if interested email
Trader Jack Location: 58 fow aboard the Edward John
Time Observed: 7/31 AM Trip
Water Conditions: 3-5's rough
7/31 AM Trip. Lake Erie was anything but calm with 3-5's to start the day while dropping to 3-4's later and a continuing brisk w/sw wind which made the EJ rock-and-roll all morning. But, Capt. "One-Drop" Justin and 1st mate Joey parked the EJ in 58 ft. of water over a cooperative combined herd of silver bass and yellow perch. The perch were a bit "fickle" to start and the silvers were attacking everything. By mid-morning the perch became more aggressive and were able to "beat-out" the silvers for our bait. 27 anglers brought 260 yellow perch over the rail along with double that amount of silver bass. There were two limits of perch and a few others in the high 20's. Forgot to mention that Mike Giles also caught a walleye along with his perch. An enjoyable day "catching" on a rough Lake Erie. <*(((((><
Matt2616 Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7/26/14
Water Conditions: Calm
I fished with the group from the post before. The poster forgot to mention his potential new long line record. He hauled a 28" walleye in from 497' behind the boat (10 colors of lead core and the rest braid w/ a deep diving reef runner). U talk about an arm workout. If anyone has a story to beat that I'd like to hear it.