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Location: trout run
Time Observed: 5/23/16
Water Conditions: calm
52' off trout run. had my limit by 11:15. had to wait for my buddy (slow poke) to finish his 2 hours later! nice day on the lake!
Location: Presque Isle Lighthouse52'
Time Observed: 5/22/16
Water Conditions: Calm
Moved a few times and had the best luck at the above location. 4 of us caught around 70 perch on golden shiner tipped green Sabiki's from 9:30-1:30. All fish were released to my cooler to be enjoyed another day.
Location: The Mountain
Time Observed: 5/22
Water Conditions: Calm
Fished for about six hours this morning and went 4 for 5 on Lake Trout (8-16#, 22-29") plus a bonus 28" 10# Walleye. Most action in 80-90 FOW. Dodgers, Bay Rats, and Spoons all did the trick today with dodgers producing the most fish. Caught fish on downriggers, dipsies, and 10 colors of lead off boards. All fish were released by hand in the water.
Location: west of trout run
Time Observed: 5/22 16
Water Conditions: calm
started at 8 am fished 42 fow till about noon had 26 nice size perch sunny and warm nice day off work filled gallon ziplock bag
Location: North East
Time Observed: 5/20/16
Water Conditions: Flat to 1-3
Fish for a solid six hours inside the mountain and outside marked very few fish....only manage two lakers with two strikes....both fish where taken in about 70 ft....
Location: 50' off Beach 10 - 1st rockpile
Time Observed: 5/19- 8 till noon
Water Conditions: Light chop, nice
We moved around half the trip and finally ended with 12 perch, mostly average sized with one 14" jumbo. Nice day to fish, not so good to catch. 1big1
Location: godfrey
Time Observed: 5/18/16
Water Conditions: calm
went out 12:30 pm. fished till 7 pm. moved many times. gobeys were real bad. caught 15 nice perch. not as good as day before. but it was a great day.
Location: Presque isle bay
Time Observed: 5-18
Water Conditions: choppy to calm
Hit marina lake around 4pm hoping to catch the crappie bite. drifted around throwing jigs for an hour or so and decided to head back to the marina. Back in our slip (BHM), We started casting small rapellas and jigs at a bass we saw on a weed bed. The crappie attacked. Fished in our slip from 6:30-sundown and caught nearly 30 good to medium sized crappie. Also pulled up some NICE Pumpkinseeds and bluegill, Bigger than my hand. 2 small perch were thrown back and we kept mama. Never did get that bass though... Good day, hoping to go back tomorrow night to try for more crappie.
Location: godfrey
Time Observed: 5/17/16
Water Conditions: calm to 2' to 4'
marked fish in 41' anchored. started catching perch when sun came out. two man limit by noon. some nice perch caught.
Location: Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 5/13 - 5/14
Water Conditions: Rough
Fished the bay for an hour Friday night from shore and then from the boat for about 11-12 hours on Sunday. Trolled, jigged, casted, and bait fished with the only large fish being a 16" Largemouth and a 15" Black Bullhead, also landed a bit over half a dozen 5-8" Yellow Perch plus a few palm-sized Bluegill and Pumpkinseeds. Waves were tall and the wind was howling all day.
Location: 45' off the Point
Time Observed: 5/12/16
Water Conditions: Flat to 6" light chop
3 of us fished from 9am til noon, caught 18 perch. Most were decent sized with 2-12", 2-13" and 1-14" jumbo. No fish were released. 1big1
Location: NE
Time Observed: 5/7/16
Water Conditions: Flat
Fished for Lakers for about 3 hrs after a late start. Caught 2 out of 2. 1 was about 7# and the other was around 12. Both came off of the riggers about 5 ft off the bottom in 60 to 65 fow on green spin doctors and green fly's.
Location: The Mountain
Time Observed: 5/7
Water Conditions: Flat Calm
Trolled for Lake Trout on Saturday in 80-140 FOW on the mountain. Went 3 for 4 plus had one take 20 feet of line and pop the hook before I could get to the rod holder. Smallest fish was 30" 16 pounds and the largest was 34" 23 pounds. All on 3-5" spoons. Fished downriggers, dipsies, and boards, but all the fish came on riggers. All fish were released.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 5/7/16
Water Conditions: flat
caught 15 nice perch drifting. 1 27'' walleye lost a bigger one at back of the boat!
Location: Bay
Time Observed: 5/6/16
Water Conditions: Flat
Fished morning in Bay for bass. various spots. various baits. 3 bites. 1 smallmouth. water at 55F.
Location: Lake erie, gull point
Time Observed: 5/4/16
Water Conditions: Calm, 0-1ft
Went out around 7:30am from the chestnut launch. headed out into about 40fow off the point near a couple other boats. Sat for an hour with two lines in the water and picked up one decent sandwich size perch. he was the only fish we marked on the finder. everyone else was having bad luck and we all moved around for a while trying to mark something. nothing. gave up around noon. Went out again at 1 after lunch and tried the shorelines of PIB for some smallies. Fished the entire southern shoreline from Erie sand and gravel to the condos. not even a hit. perhaps the water needs to warm up a bit. Going out again Tuesday.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 4 30 16
Water Conditions: 2-3 foot
moved around for 2 hours then moved to 36 fow straight out of mouth of creek near anchored boat about noon caught 2 limits by 3 oclock no jumbos but mostly nice fish average 9-10 inch ene wind 10-15 mph a bit bouncey
Location: The Mountain
Time Observed: 4/30
Water Conditions: Calm in the morning, rough in the afternoon
Trolled the mountain for about 7.5 hours on Saturday and did pretty well. Went 5 for 6 on Lakers plus had a couple more get off before we could get the rod out of the holder. Smallest fish was 28" 14 pounds and the lunker of the day was 34" 20 pounds. The middle three fish were in the 18-19 pound range. Most on riggers, a couple on dipsies, all caught with 3-5" spoons in 60-70 FOW. Catch & release.
Location: The Mountain, Presque Isle Bay, and a Western Trib
Time Observed: 4/23 - 4/26
Water Conditions: Sunday: Perfect , Saturday, Monday, Tuesday: Rough
The Mountain- Trolled for Lakers on Sunday in 50-60 FOW. Caught 3 nice fish with the smallest being 28"x18" and 11.5 pounds, the largest was 35"x24" and 25.04 pounds. Two on the riggers and one on a dipsy. All on 3-4" spoons. Water temp Sunday was 42.0°F. Remember to release those Lakers, everyone! Presque Isle Bay- Trolled, jigged, and bait fished for Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday morning with no luck for bigger fish, just caught a couple dozen Bluegill back at the docks. Water temp Tuesday was 53.0°F. One of the West Side Creeks- Not much going on in the tribs now, didn't see any suckers or bass yet. Found a nice little hole that wasn't very easy to fish with a couple Steelhead left in it. Managed to land two nice fish (26" ~8# and 24" ~5#) on silver bladed spinners. Both released.
Location: Erie, Pa off GE stacks 50fow
Time Observed: 4/21 and 4/22
Water Conditions: 1 foot or less both days
Never fished for perch in April before. 2 incredible days of fishing. Could have had our limits both days but did not want to clean that many perch. Average size was 11 inches. 3-13 1/2" perch caught. Fishing was hot then a little lull in action then hot again.