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Location: point
Time Observed: 7/29/2016
Water Conditions: rollers
I think the fishing is poorer this year because there has been a large decline in the minnow population the last few years. Also because they continue to stock steelhead and they will continue to drive down populations of perch just like the smelt population until it was wiped out. Us old timers remember when smelt were here by the Zillions. I am not blaming them solely but they definitely keep the numbers from growing rapidly, with gill nets gone we should be seeing a lot larger rebound in the perch population. I still remember the old days of no limits and how easy it was to catch perch. So a 30 fish per day limit is not what is stunting the population.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7-29 7-30
Water Conditions: calm to 1-2s
7-29 I was told to try off the condos in 60-70 fow for walleye. Trolled for 3 hrs varied depths and lures no takers very frustrating. Heard 2 guys on the radio location unknown. One said they were on a school of fish al. least a mile long. One told the other to call him on cell phone. 7-29 Straight out of Walnut 53 fow wife and I caught 35 nice perch and 2 walleyes in 3 hrs. The wind picked up and we came in. We also caught 3 very small walleyes that's encouraging for the future. Anyone have knowledge where the walleyes are located.
Location: erie
Time Observed: always
Water Conditions: nice
well said
Location: Lake Erie, West, East
Time Observed: 7/12, 7 /19...
Water Conditions: Foot or less
Having a good Time on the Edward John so far. As many know, this summer has been slow For this lobster of the lake. Many therories mentioned but without biologic study, no real answers are coming to light. Still, getting out when you can is key since things are starting to gradually improve. I have been out With this Group With captains Brian And NIck so far. They were excellent! No, i did not limit. But that is not their fault. Experienced fishermen/ Women know well that you Cannot make this species feed. They Found them . We caught them. This magic limit of 30 needs to be taken off your mind And replaced With the Joy of catching when you can. This company WANTS you to catch perch. They WANT you to limit . They cannot promise it. Perch fishing is a skill that must be learned And you learned people know that. Even then, even when that dude is catching them next to you And you are doing nothing, is it a párty boat´s fault or the captains ? Come on now people . I love when Brian is on teaching people techniques And showing ways to Master it. I met the new Owner . She would love For people to be happy. John was great. But he learned Aliong the way. I can understand completely from complaints From out of towners . It is money spent after all. But send an email to them With your complaints . A true business person should do the right thing. I have no complaints but I live here. The first mates Jason And Marcus were great. I hope they DO get a chance to rest/ nap between trips. Those guys are out in sun And waves For hours! Study perching . It should be an art. It is. I did fine on my trips . Thanks EJ . You all rock !
Location: Shades,The Point,Beach 10
Time Observed: 7/28 7:30-11:30am
Water Conditions: 1' or less
Did 27 perch, 1 silver bass. Caught fish all 3 places, seems like the perch are finally showing up in decent numbers. 1big1
Location: Great Lake Erie
Time Observed: 7-23,24 &26th
Water Conditions: Nice
Limited out on perch in 54 ft. of water off the Lighthouse on Sat. Again on Sun. in 52 ft. Rained out Monday. Went back out Tues. only caught 2. Tried different depths, nada. Headed east between the Point and Shades in 55 ft. Caught 15 more nice sized perch before I had to head in. Hopefully things are picking up. Till next time :)
Location: 53 fow/ shorewood
Time Observed: 7/27
Water Conditions: 2 footers
Ran worm harness for walleye. Ended up with four keepers. Threw back 2 small ones. Also caught 3 nice perch while trolling for walleye. Marked alot of fish in certian areas. Think the perch might be schooling up. Will try for some tomorrow. Good luck to all
Location: The Mountain, Off The Point
Time Observed: 7/23
Water Conditions: Calm to Rough
The Mountain- Trolled for 8 hours, two hours for Lake Trout, two hours for Steelhead, two hours for Walleye, and two hours for Drum. 0 fish, not even a White Bass. That's the worst I've seen the mountain ever, I'll wait until Fall Lakers to head back there. Off The Point- Trolled for about one hour in 55-60 FOW for Drum and boated one nice fish, a 28" 12#. 3.5" Confusion spoon 45' down. Jigged for White Bass for 30 minutes afterwards and brought up a nice pair of 13" fish on 3/4 ounce cleos. Slow day to say the least, be back in 2-3 weeks.
Location: east side
Time Observed: sat/sun
Water Conditions: flat to 1to 2's
fished sat/sun ended up with 43 with the wife on sat did 28 on sunday 49 ft north
Location: North of Stacks
Time Observed: 7/19/2016
Water Conditions: 1-3 feet
Caught 5 walleye between 25"-29" 85 FOW..Lost one at the net. Fished 7 hours. One on crawler harness the others on plugs.
Location: 54' off Shades Beach
Time Observed: 7/21 9 til noon
Water Conditions: 1' or less
We boated 24 nice sized perch and 10 or so sheephead. Not great but better than it has been for us. 1big1
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7/21/16
Water Conditions: 1 Foot or less
Fished 42 fow. Boated one walleye and many silver bass. Still a great evening on the water.
Location: North East
Time Observed: 7/20/16
Water Conditions: Sunny South West wind with one footers or less
My grandson visiting from Georgia and I hoped we could get into some walleye. Started East of the marina towards state line. Picked up two eyes in 55 FOW before 8 AM. The biggest a 29.5 incher on rainbow trout Tail Dancer with 5 color LC off planner and the other, a 18 inch eye on perch Renoski with 5 color LC plus an additional 70 feet of braid. Ran a total of 6 lines, 4 with LC off boards and 2 with dipseys at 3.5 varying the length from 90 to 140 and various stick baits (deep and shallow divers), spoons and one dedicated worm harness rig. Despite running 50 to 94 FOW and on the water for 7.5 hours we only managed these two eyes and a hand full of silver bass.
Location: Lake, off the point
Time Observed: Tues 7/12 & Sun 7/17
Water Conditions: calm
Shot out Tues eve,perch bite was off. Trolled for a bit picked up 1 walleye. Tried again Sunday , word was perch at 46 ft. Bite was slow, managed to catch 8 nice sized perch. Some guys did better than others, watching the boats around. . Every time I was going to wrap it up to troll for a bit I would catch another perch, so I would stay put. Lol. Nice day on the water, till next time.
Location: 100-110 FOW
Time Observed: 7/16 - 7/17
Water Conditions: Calm for the most part
Headed out to 100-110 FOW Saturday and Sunday, not on any structure or near anything, really, just flat, open water. It was a grind to find biters both days but we boated a nice 9 fish mixed bag. Setup for Steelhead for most of the time out there and went 4/5 on them (14", 22", 24", 28"), 3/3 Pink Salmon made it to the boat at 3-4# each, had a nice 27" Walleye hitchhike on the left rigger for awhile before throwing him back, finally ended Saturday with a Laker troll in about 100' and was not disappointed with a nice 36" 23# fish, fought like a whale for about ten minutes and was the healthiest looking Laker I've caught in Erie. Catch & Release for everything but one gill-hooked Salmon.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 0717/16
Water Conditions: 1' to calm
Started off clay banks. Junk fish. Moved to 50' off walnut. Lots of boats did not see a lot of people yanking. Went off trout run to 50' ended up with 40 perch between three of us. My 9 yr. old nice caught a 26" eye. 5 1/4 lbs.
Location: Erie through the inlet
Time Observed: 7/15/16
Water Conditions: rough
Beware all positives reviews are from last year. New owners as of February 2016. My father came up from FL for my son's baptism and wanted to hit a perch trip. I am from Pittsburgh so we called and reserved 4 spots, was told on the phone that they have been on the bite. We towed our pop-up camper up to camp the night before. We checked the weather before bed, winds S-SW 10 to 15mph changing to W at 10 to 15mph. It was gonna be way to rough for my 16' footer. We hit the dock, they were still going out....great!!! We hit the water 45 min out we anchored sat for 1hr 15min on a spot not that far from shore. 4 fish in the boat and the captian calls it, says we are heading back, but wait we get a $10 coupon for a future trip. Are you kidding me? The o danny o didn't go out, when we were heading out I thought they didn't have enough people, no they called it. When we were on our way out the captain had NOAA on, it stated a small craft advisory from 10am on. So they knew it was gonna be rough, hell we knew the night before. Figured the captain ran out so we were good to go. On the way back in we talked to a guy that has a season pass, this was his 9th trip this year. He informed us that the boat was sold, also that it has been bad/slow all year. . But wait we were told on the phone that the bite was on. Then we get back to the dock. There was no way I was tipping the mate who did nothing, as he was starting to clean the boat captian tony came off and asked if he needed anything. Mate jason sayed nope, I'm good. Captain tony replied gonna go home take a nap and I'll see you at 4pm. Beware if you leave the dock you are out your money this is true for any party boat however any respectable operation would call the trip before you left, ask if you wanted to fish in rough conditions, or stay out and find fish. None of this was done, this was a total money grab and so will the afternoon trip. I wish i had the time to waste to wait and warn people but this is the best I can do. One fish for and a boat ride $140. Warning the general public......priceless.
Location: 55'-72' off cribs
Time Observed: 7/14/16pm
Water Conditions: FAC
Set-up and started fishing in 55' at about 6pm and then headed north to little deeper water. Hit several walleye 60' back and 40' down on riggers on spoons. Some on dipseys with spoons. All other s came on 3, 5, 7 color shallow renosky's. Total catch came in at 14 eyes between 17" and 29" and lots of silvers. Numerous shorts. Best fishing came right at around 830pm till dark.
Location: North East
Time Observed: 7/12/16
Water Conditions: Sunny South West wind with one footers or less
Started in 50 FOW between NE Marina and NY State line. Picked up 3 walleye, lost 3 heavy fish which did the typical eye head shake before becoming upbuttoned as well as several silver bass. Depths 57 to 84 FOW with most of the action in 80-84 range. Lead core 5 colors plus an additional 35 to 70 feet of braid with shallow divers and just 5 color with deep divers did the majority of work. Worm harness on dipsey diver at #3 setting accounted for only one eye.
Location: 52 Ft inside of perch pack
Time Observed: 7/11/16
Water Conditions: Light winds, calm seas
Fish from 6pm to 845pm, making a few long drifts. Picked up 30 perch, couple of whites, silvers and sheepers. Jigged a blue/silver Kastmaster and had numberous hook-ups. Drifted sabiki's tipped with goldens and trailed a Bear Claw flicker leader off sinker on bottom. Drifting is way to go when the bite is off. You cover more ground to find the small active schools.
Location: clay banks
Time Observed: 7/11/16
Water Conditions: 1' 2' then calm
Went to my spot. marked fish all over in 41'. tons of white perch early. Had to lay minnow right on the bottom. that's where the perch were. Caught 14 big perch but the hight lite of the day was the 25'' walleye I got in the boat, plus I lost 2 more that were bigger. one just got off. The other broke the line.
Location: The Lagoons
Time Observed: 7/9 - 7/10
Water Conditions: Rough on the Lake
Lake was very rough Saturday, trolled shallow just outside the channel for Drum with no luck. Decided to wade the lagoons for the rest of the weekend. Ended up with 21 Largemouth Bass, 5 Bluegills, 3 Pumpkinseeds, and 6 Yellow Perch Saturday. Sunday caught 2 Black Crappie and a 22-23" Bowfin. All the fish came on either crawlers, jigs, or flies.
Location: Trout run
Time Observed: 7-10-16
Water Conditions: 3-1
Lake layed down but no fish to be found. 1 - 24 inch walleye and 1 drum. 40 fow
Location: North East
Time Observed: 7/8/2016
Water Conditions: 1-3 then flat
Very difficult day on the lake out of north east one legal walleye 22 in 60 fowl 50 down...tried trolling for several hours inside mountain and out very few marks....didn't see any marks that would resemble perch either for you perch fisherman....tried several slow drifts over humps off of twelve mile where I can usually pick off a few walleyes nothing but drum and catfish...tried huskey jerks...meat and spoons trolling the single walleye caught came off meat
Location: walnut 50-60'
Time Observed: 7/7/2016
Water Conditions: 1-4 rollers
made numerous drops to no avail with the perch, 1 walleye 24" fished 11:30-7_30pm, bummer
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7-8-16
Water Conditions: 1 or less
Fished state line to elk. 39-42 fow. 10 walleye all under 20 inch. Lots of drum . All fish released. Lots of bait moving in the area but can't find the big fish this week.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 7-4 7-7 2016
Water Conditions:
7-4 went west near Elk Creek 35-40 fow caught 1 big walleye and 9 short walleyes . They were on the bottom. crawler harness. 7-5 went deep 65-75 pulled reef runners husky jerk varied the depths no luck very few marks. 7-6 fished off the condos 50 -60 fow. caught 3- 18-20 in fish kept them also released 4 shorts. 7-7 took the wife perch fishing one large school came under the boat caught 14 of them. Spent the next 3 hrs waiting nothing. nothing. Hope things improve soon.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7-7-16
Water Conditions: 1-3
Fished all day . Started west of the clay banks 40 fow. Lots of marks no takers. Went to state line 45- 50 fow. All small eyes. Went out to the first trench out side the nets. Dead sea. Spotted Alot of bait around trout run 40 fow. Try again.tomorrow
Location: North East
Time Observed: 6/4/16
Water Conditions: Sunny SE wind less than 1 footers
Took my two granddaughters out trolling for walleye. Between NE Marina and NY state line in aprox. 60 feet of water. Boated 3 eyes , 22, 25 and 29 inches lost another good fish and lots of silver bass and one sheephead. The eyes all on five color LC followed by 35 feet of braid and Renoski's. Use of Reef Runners, and Thunder sticks only picked up the other junk fish. One rod dedicated to wormharness failed to get a bite. Also headed out to Barcelona on 7/6/16 with initial SW winds and less than one footers but by noon 2+ footers with NW 10 -15 MPH ( my buddy had a wind gauge). Only able to pick up a 28 inch eye and a 18 incher as well as a few silver bass. Both eyes on Reef runner with 5 color of LC in 80 and 65 FOE respectively.
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 07/6/16
Water Conditions: 1' 2'
started in 41' off clay banks. fish all over the fish finder. 1 sheep head & 4 missed perch. moved to 43'. same thing fish all over the graph. picked line off bottom 1' to 2' off bottom. the perch turned on. caught 10 slabs & they were gone??? went by nets with the pack. 2 small perch thats it.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 7/6/16
Water Conditions: 1-2 ft
Fished 45-50 fow straight out for perch Nothing. Trolled 40 fow off of the clay banks, one small eye.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: Question
Water Conditions: Question
How is the boat ramp at Walnut going? I hear they are doing wall work on it. True?
Location: Elk Creek
Time Observed: 07/05/16
Water Conditions: 3 footers
30 to 35' 2 silver bass 15" walleye 18" walleye 4 big drum pic is smallest one All drifting with willow leafs
Location: Off The Point, Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 7/2 - 7/4
Water Conditions: 7/2: rough ; 7/3: calm ; 7/4: calm then rough
Off the Point- Fished north of the peninsula Sunday and Monday. Started in 55-60 FOW Sunday morning looking for dinner. Bagged a nice 9# Walleye in five minutes, with dinner on board headed another 8 miles out to 80-90 FOW for sport: Steelhead. Picked up two nice chromers but both jumped the hook 10-20' behind the boat. Also had two nice Walleye hitchhike on the downriggers for a while, 8.5# and 7#. Kept the 8.5# for the grill later this week, revived and released the 7#r. Monday headed straight out to 90-110 FOW to look for steel. Had three on, two once again flipped the hook out pretty close behind the boat. One I had ready to land, tried to grab it by the mouth over the side, mistake, fish got off. At least they're biting, and I put all the Trout back anyway, but why aren't the Steelhead staying on the hook this year!? Oh, and had a 7# Walleye on the board Monday too, same area, released. Lots of White Bass out there as well. Presque Isle Bay- Jigged with grubs for Drum Saturday but just picked up a nice 9" Pumpkinseed. Headed in to shallow water (4-5') and hammered Sunfish and small Perch fly fishing a pink scud below a wooly bugger. Fun time even on a 6 weight!
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Mon. 07-04-16
Water Conditions: 6 inches to 2 ft.
Went out to 50 ft , no boats, no fish, marking nothing , figured give it a try, nada. Headed northeast, trolled out past Shades. Picked up 1hog-eye. Went over with the boats off Shades, marked a few fish, caught nothing. Drifted back towards Erie (northeast wind), caught a big silver bass and that was it. Something is changing in the water or environment, perch fishing is rough again in Erie. Was perching yesterday also and caught nothing. Was wondering if that channel dredge is messing with the perch, they keep dumping that stuff around 45-50 ft. off the point. Anyway still a nice day on the water, till next time. :)
Location: walnut
Time Observed: 7/3/16
Water Conditions: 1' TO 3' then 1'
started off clay banks in 42" one eye threw it back in.only 14.5 inches. went off fish nets off waulnt. one 7lber. watched coast gaurd rescue 26' trophy. the boat did sink. all aboard were rescued.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Sat. 7/2
Water Conditions: ROUGH, 3' and 4' plus
North off the point to 50 ft. there was only 1 boat and the E.J. bouncing around, so we headed northeast, dropped 3 lines over, trolled and bounced for a few hours. We managed to boat 2 walleye and 1 nice perch. We got soaked, but had fun. Great to have Sparkplug and his buddy out on the water, till next time.
Location: Lake Erie
Time Observed: Sat. 7/2
Water Conditions: ROUGH, 3' and 4' plus
Sparkplug's buddy is home on leave from the A/F, and they wanted to go out today. We figured we would give it a try. Went north to 50 foot
Location: East of Elk
Time Observed: 6-30-16
Water Conditions: 1ft
Started in 38' fow using 3 colors of lead core one 27" in eye within the 1st15 min on a jr thunderstick. Began catching small walleyes around 14-16 in. Switched to reef runners and husky jerks. They still kept hitting the big plugs. Caught 13 total all released all except the big one. There were marks on the screen almost all the time at that depth. Also 5 silver bass. Moved deeper 60 ft nothing there.I also marked several perch schools. Most boats were straight out of Walnut
Location: WALLNUT
Time Observed: 6-30-16 8am-2pm
Water Conditions: big rollers to clam
fished 48-50 fow straight out. then went west to clay banks , turned & went east almost to condos . marked fish on & off all the way . ended up with 2 man limit ! NICE DAY