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Location: east side/ west side
Time Observed: 10/6
Water Conditions: low and clear, no flow
Same story everywhere you went. A few terrified fish trapped in pools and getting harassed by a bunch of guys. This is the worst numbers of fish I've seen for early October in the ten + years I've been coming up. Its gonna take more than a little rain to get the creeks up and hope they figure out the reason for the big decline in fish the last few years. Save your precious vacation days and your gas for atleast a few weeks yet if you're more than an hour away and pray for a lot of rain and a miracle.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 10/3/15
Water Conditions: Low and Clear
Fished the Nut this morning. Low and clear conditions, but managed a few on size 16 nymphs. Lots of anglers throwing cannonballs and the fish were shut down, but still found a few that would take. Season is looking good.
Location: Walnut, Elk, 16 Mile, 20 Mile
Time Observed: 10/3 - 10/4
Water Conditions: Very Low
Walnut- Saw a few fish in the larger holes, but not many outside them. The holes that did have fish were packed with anglers and the low, clear water made the fish few and far between. Hooked up with one nice one in 6 combined hours of fishing Saturday and Sunday and as soon as it got close to the net it hauled upstream and jumped the hook. Elk- Saw a few schools downstream that weren't interested in anything, again, low water, we could see every detail of the fish and they could see us. 16 Mile- Didn't see a single fish. 20 Mile- Didn't see anything towards the mouth. Saw two WAY upstream in adjacent pools that were very skittish. Judging by how immensely far upstream they were I'm thinking they may have possibly been summer holdovers that found a nice, deep pool to hide in. Overall, water is too low and there aren't enough fish to make the crowds worth dealing with yet. Wait for some good rain before you take a trip up here. Be back next weekend to see how it is again.
Location: Walnut
Time Observed: 9-30-2015
Water Conditions: Stained, Good Flow
The run is on!!! Break out your rain dances https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYCdtN4VRYI
Location: Presque Isle Bay
Time Observed: 9/30/2015
Water Conditions: Calm
Fished 7am to 2pm at the convention center. Caught 10 perch 9"+ threw back alot of smaller white and yellow perch. Caught several nice pan sized gills as well. We were using night crawlers.
Location: Mouth of Walnut, Walnut Creek, The Bay
Time Observed: 9/26 - 9/27
Water Conditions: Started Calm, got Rough
Mouth of Walnut- Trolled off the mouth for steel Saturday morning with no luck. Only got a single sub legal (13") 'eye trolling plus a single jumbo perch and a pair of white perch bottom bouncing shiners. Got rough around noon so he headed back early to bay fish. Walnut Creek- About 4 hours Sunday morning resulted in zero fish. Hooked one about ~26-28" that quickly jumped a small waterfall and got off. Saw a few guys catching them, but not in numbers. Too early, not enough fish, and water too low. I'll be back in two weeks to see how it is then. The Bay- Bottom bouncing crawlers and shiners Saturday afternoon and got 7 average sized perch plus a pair of pumpkinseeds. Very slow action and lots of time in between fish for the bay but when we ran in to a school we'd hit two or three at a time.
Location: walnut, 16 mile, 20 mile
Time Observed: 09/25
Water Conditions: low and clear
Came up for maiden voyage of the season. Walnut has SOME fish in the usual holes, not big numbers but enough to cast to. 16 mile didnt see anything in lower stretch of stream, couple guys fishing at lower falls. 20 mile has some fish in lower stretch. In total went 8 for 11 on the day, on emerald shiner streamers, as well as white and black wooly buggers. Some video of the day: https://youtu.be/cggaVIPYRbk
Location: trout run
Time Observed: 9/24/2015
Water Conditions: 1 foot or less
1 fish in creek saw 2 fish caught, one foul hooked. way to early save the gas money
Location: Out of Walnut
Time Observed: Wedsday September 23, 2015
Water Conditions: 1ft or less
Took a day off and put my boat out on Lake Erie with 3 friends. BAD NEWS -- 2 motor mount bolts on by outboard broke. The repair shop can't fix it until winter. Well my fishing season is done. GOOD NEWS --- we limited out on perch!! 120! 56 FOW NW off Walnut.
Location: 4 mi., east to canadaway
Time Observed: 9/20/2015
Water Conditions: clear, medium flow
My first trip this year, got 3. Scouted 9 different streams, the only steel I saw were in 20mi., 4mi. @ Lawrence Park, and by the lake in Canandaway. You can see in the hen how early the skein is.
Location: The Point, The Bay, The Lagoon
Time Observed: 9/18 - 9/20
Water Conditions: Calm in the bay, very rough in the Lake
The Point- Trolled and anchored for a couple hours Friday night and caught one large perch by each tactic. Was marking tons of fish but they all had lockjaw I guess. The Bay- Bottom Bounced for several hours Saturday and Sunday and picked up almost two dozen smallish (5-10") Yellow Perch, large sunfish (6-8.5") and even a 26" 7 pound Steelhead in 18', that was one surprise of a catch for the bay for us. The Lagoon- Casted Jerkbaits and Spinnerbaits for Pike several hours Saturday and Sunday and got about half a dozen, most in the 14-16" range, a few were a bit larger.
Location: North East
Time Observed: 9/18/15
Water Conditions: Bright sun South wind choppy 1-2 footers
Headed NE of the marina in 114 to 118 FOW with only 2 eyes and some junk to show for it. One on Down rigger running about 60 feet down on Blue Berry muffin spoon and the other on slide diver with ring #2 setting 200 feet back on deep diver thunderstick.
Time Observed: FRIDAY 18 SEPTEMBER
Water Conditions: SOLID 2s to 3s
Thank you Fisher of Men. Planned on trolling today but bagged it to perch fish. Went to the previous posters marks. Very slow start, just a couple of small flurries of 2 to 3 fish. We waited them out and at 11:00 it was like the dinner bell rang. 3 limits caught today, we were finished by noon.
Location: Out of Walnut
Time Observed: Thursday September 17, 2015
Water Conditions: 2ft or less
Good day on the water. Perch fished NW of Walnut in 55fow. Caught 4 tickets. Bait laying on bottom. Just lifting and laying back down. Fished for walleye in 63ft and picked up 2 under 20". www.fisherofmen.net
Location: SHADES
Time Observed: WEDNESDAY 9/16
Water Conditions: 1s EARLY ON THEN FLAT
This was an afternoon/evening trip. Put in at Shades (which I'll never do again) and headed NE over the mountain. Trolled north, east, west and south in various depths and only boated 1 smaller eye and lost one monster due to a real cluster **** in my lead core down towards my lure. Lost the first 2 colors. Both fish on RRs. Boat that came in with us had one on his downrigger. Who was the genius that put docks in at Shades that jut out the sides?
Location: 20,16, nut , elk
Time Observed: 9-16-15
Water Conditions: low but I,ve fished lower
no fish at 20 or 16 mi. no fish in project waters on walnut,seemed to be a few along the wall but no action. 2 adults and a handful of small ones in trout run. saw about 8 or ten in elk along the rocks, none above the launch. Fished here for 30 yrs. never saw it like this! sorry to share this.
Location: Walnut Creek
Time Observed: 9/15/15
Water Conditions: clear
Less than 30 fish between the mouth and the falls. Had a nice walk but there we not many fish. Will go back again later in the year.
Location: Trout Run
Time Observed: 9/6/15
Water Conditions: Near flat
Went to Trout Run early this Wednesday morning. There were a few guys fishing, but I saw no action. One guy was out on a float tube. I was surprised to see no fish in the lower part of the stream before the wall, and I could see only two fish at the ladder. The stream is bent way off to the west. I put additional pictures in the photo gallery which you can see here: http://forums.fishusa.com/photo.aspx?photoid=1284&albumid=151
Location: Out of Lampe
Time Observed: Friday Sept 11, 2015
Water Conditions: 1ft or less
Fished off the point and just north of the mountain. Picked up 4 walleye largest over 28". Purple and pink plugs and black and purple harnessed. 5 colors with 5oz weight forward. 3 setting with ring on dipsy 250'. Other more experienced boats got limits.
Location: walnut creek
Time Observed: 9-8-15
Water Conditions: low, clear
Fished early morning just at daylight. About fifteen fish seen below parking lot, a few that ran in over night. Fished minnows and took a steelhead and two browns. Largest one 27 1/2''. Soon as thinks brightened up they dispersed back to the lake. Way to early yet, low waters and little ran in sight. Can only hope for for the best. Lucky first trip.
Location: Point
Time Observed: 09/08/15
Water Conditions: 1-2's, calm
Well I guess that I wasn't the only one that struggled on the walleyes. Had a nice lake, but couldn't find any fish. Pulled 2 and lost 1 steelhead in about 6 hours. Ran a slight northwest heading and set up on the end of the first trench. Worked our way out to 100 ft, then zigged and zagged our way East out to the Canadian boundary. Blank screens everywhere from 70-105 ft pretty much all day. Both fish on dipseys and stick baits, 3 setting @ 150 & 200. Nothing on the any of the board lines. Where did all the fish go??